Bahamas Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Bahamas in 2024
Welcome to Bahamas

Bahamas Travel Guide

What’s not to adore about the Bahamas? There’s sunlight all year, gorgeous sandy beaches, and turquoise seas. But there’s more to this popular vacation destination’s island chain than first greets the eye. So let’s experience the Bahamas, from the thriving culture to the excellent eating and shopping!

With helpful advice and must-see sites for these paradise islands, this comprehensive Bahamas travel guide will enable you to make the most of your travel there.

Document checklist for the Bahamas

Visa (if applicable)

Current visa – As of the date of departure from the Bahamas, the current passport must be good for at least six months

Ticket for departure or return

Essential Bahamas travel information

Currency – B$, or Bahamian dollars. The Bahamas’ currency is also extensively used and linked to the U.S. dollar ($)

Daily budget for one person: Spend at most $200 daily.

Languages: English is the national language of The Bahamas. Many individuals speak an English-based creole language. About 25% of people worldwide speak Haitian Creole.

Number of travelers per year: The Bahamas saw more than seven million tourists in 2022, indicating that tourism has recovered from the epidemic.

Socket type – 120V source power, 50Hz, and Types A and B.

Time zone – Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

The top 3 cities/islands to visit are Elbow Cay, Nassau, and Harbour Island.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – The Cloisters, Pig Beach, and Great Exuma

Visa information for the Bahamas

You may require a different visa depending on your identity and residence. Citizens of nations besides the U.S. and Canada must show a legitimate passport to visit the Bahamas, and some nationalities also require a Bahamas visa.

Typical costs and budget for the Bahamas

Daily spending – Around $200 per person per day. This includes:

Meals – A meal should cost about $45 per person.

Transport: Depending on how you intend to get around, daily costs for local transit could reach $32.

Hotel: In the Bahamas, a pair can stay in a motel room for an average of $199. A weeklong vacation to the Bahamas for two individuals can cost up to $2,800 on average.

Travel options in the Bahamas and the finest modes of transportation

You can readily travel between small islets. Airline companies like Bahamasair, Pineapple Air, Western Flight, Flamingo Air, and Coco Bahama Seaplanes provide both scheduled and private flights.

Ferries and other vessels are used for transportation between various locations and even to and from Florida, USA.

If you’re going by private sailboat, you can find well-equipped marinas all over The Bahamas with all the necessary sailing and docking amenities for boats of all kinds and stays of any duration.

Safety in the Bahamas

Although visiting the islands of the Bahamas is usually secure, some are less so than others. Therefore, the first step to traveling wisely and averting problems is understanding the safety condition in each location.

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June to November, so be aware of the weather, particularly if you’re going by boat or tiny aircraft.

Use insect repellent and mosquito screens to shield yourself from mosquitoes, which can spread the Chikungunya virus.

Although the assaults are less directed at visitors, there have been armed robberies in some neighborhoods, such as the Freeport in Grand Bahama.

Weather in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are best visited in late April or November when the weather is excellent, and there aren’t as many tourists. Still, you won’t be in the formal hurricane season, which stretches from June to November.

The Bahamas experience mild weather all year long with only minor periodic changes, ranging from 24°C to 29°C. The mornings and nights can be a little chilly between December and April, but the sun is always shining, and the water is still enjoyable to swim in.

When college students are on break, March through early April is the busiest time for tourists from the Northern Hemisphere.

Must do and see in the Bahamas

The aesthetically beautiful Pink Sand Beach is one of the Bahamas’ most well-known beaches. This rose-colored beach is on the eastern shore of Harbour Island, not far from Dunmore Town. On Cat Island, another pink sand shoreline is a little less busy.

The Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounters program allows visitors to swim with the most clever marine animals!

The approximately 33,000-acre Blue Holes National Park, on the island of Andros, is home to stunning diving blue holes and freshwater lakes. Snorkelers and scuba swimmers can explore intricate undersea caverns made of limestone.

The Cloisters are the remains of a French Monastery from the fourteenth century and are situated on Paradise Island in Nassau, the city of the Bahamas. Additionally, it provides a stunning mountaintop perspective of Nassau.

It’s understandable why the swimming hogs of the deserted island of Big Major Cay are such a big draw. They are very adorable!

Typical Bahamian food to try

Cracked conch – the flesh inside these shells is delectable. Conch is breaded, crushed, and fried before being served curried or with a Creole marinade.

Souse is a well-known Bahamian meal that is a stew prepared with onions, lime juice, celery, peppers, potatoes, carrots, bay leaves, and meat like poultry, oxtail, or even pig’s feet!

Guava duff is a delectable treat made by boiling guava fruit in pastry dough and serving it with a rum custard filling.

Johnniecakes: Johnniecakes are similar to cornmeal and is frequently served with soups or curries. They are prepared from wheat, milk, butter, and sugar.

Pigeon peas and rice are popular side meals in the Bahamas, prepared with pork, pigeon peas, celery, rice, tomatoes, and thyme.

Vaccine information for the Bahamas

Ensure you know the necessary vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions before making travel arrangements. Additionally, travelers no longer need to submit a pre-travel COVID-19 test, regardless of their vaccination status.

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For Indian citizens, the British High Commission grants single and multiple entrance visas. A multiple-entry visa is valid for three months, six months, a year, and three years, whereas a single-entry visa is only valid for three months.

The type of entry that is allowed must be meticulously noted. Unlike numerous entries, which would enable multiple entries, a single-entry passport only allows its bearer to enter and exit the Bahamas once.

Three months before the intended date of the journey to the Bahamas is the earliest date to apply. However, it is advised that all visa applications be filed at least two weeks before departure to give enough time for visa processing.

The registration must be submitted at least four weeks before departure to a British Embassy in India.

Yes, a scheduled meeting is required to provide your fingerprints and file your immigration paperwork for a Bahamas visa.

To provide your biometrics and submit your immigration papers for a Bahamas visa, a planned appointment is necessary