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Maldives Visa

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Type of Maldives Visas

Tourist Visa on Arrival

Stay Period: 30 days

Entry: Single entry

Visa Fees: Free

Extension: Up to 60 days

Ideal for: Indian nationals who want to vacation and go on vacation in the Maldives

Business Visa on Arrival

Stay Period: 30 days

Validity: 1 month

Entry: Single Entry

Visa Fees: Free

Extension: Up to 60 days

Ideal for: Indian nationals visiting the Maldives for professional reasons, such as to attend a meeting, conference, exhibition, or seminar.

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The Requirements to apply for Maldives Visa are as follows:

No pre-arrival visa is needed for Indian nationals traveling to the Maldives for tourism. However, when Indian people arrive at the Male airport, a tourist visa for the Maldives is provided to them. This visa has a 90-day maximum validity.

Indians won’t likely experience rejection. The documents mentioned above are nevertheless required for entry into the nation. You risk having your visa rejected and being prevented from entering the country if you fail to present any of the required documents.

Completing all paperwork and receiving a visa upon arrival typically takes around 20 minutes. However, depending on the busiest travel season, the timing may change.

All applicants are highly advised to secure travel insurance to safeguard their trip against unforeseen events like medical emergencies, plane cancellations, luggage delays or losses, etc.

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