Bahrain Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Bahrain in 2024
Welcome to Bahrain

Bahrain Travel Guide

Bahrain is a 33-island archipelago bursting at the seams with breathtaking natural beauty, a fine buildings, rich history, and a wide range of cultural traditions. Bahrain should be your next stop if you’re interested in traveling to the Middle East—the Arabian Gulf’s emerging leader in Bahrain. Compared to the more well-known Dubai, it is smaller and less busy.

Document checklist for Bahrain 

  • Health statement document
  • Genuine visa (valid for at least six months from the date of arrival)
  • Adequate resources
  • Flight-back tickets

Essential country travel information

Currency – the Bahraini dinar serves as the nation’s legal exchange unit. $1د.ب is roughly $2,67.

Daily budget per day for one person: You should allocate BHD48 ($128) daily.

Languages: Arabic is Bahrain’s formal language, but English is also commonly used.

Kind of socket: Type G. 50Hz and 230V input power.

Time zone: GMT +3 (Arabian Standard Time).

Top 3 cities to visit: Manama, Riffa, and Juffair are the top three towns to explore.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments: The Bahrain National Museum, Manama Souq, and Beit Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa are the top 3 sites.

Visa information for Bahrain

There are numerous different visas available for Bahrain, including school, job, tourist, and business visas. In addition, you may apply for a visa in various ways depending on your country and your stay in Bahrain.

Typical costs and budget for Bahrain

Meals – BHD17 or ($45) on meals

Transport – BHD 9.14 ($24) on local transportation

Hotel – BHD 22.24 or ($59) daily

The typical expense of a one-week trip for two people to Bahrain is BHD 677 ($1,795).

Transport and ways to travel around Bahrain

Although cabs are frequently used for transportation, you could save a lot of money using them if you’re cautious. Cabs in Manama have meters, but if you don’t verify beforehand, some drivers may not use the meter and overpay you when you’re forced to pay. Only accept the cab if the driver instantly starts the meter. A trustworthy taxi business is Radio Meter Taxis, licensed and controlled. In addition, you can depend on Bahrain Limo, a division of the same company.

Numerous areas of the island are also served by shuttle buses. However, despite the low cost of bus tickets, finding bus timetables and maps can be challenging for visitors, making it challenging to comprehend the system.

Bahrain’s bus system used to be a nightmare, and outsiders were forbidden from using it. Buses to famous locations or shopping centers were nonexistent, and the ones that did appear were frequently late. Thankfully, that isn’t the situation anymore.

If you want to travel to several places, consider renting a car. The daily cost, which includes public transportation around the island, ranges between 10 and 20 dinars.

Despite the country’s tiny size, traveling from one part to another can be challenging without a plan or GPS because traffic signals may be in short supply.


Safety in Bahrain

Although crime rates in Bahrain are usually low, petty theft is a severe problem. Terrorist attacks have also occurred, so it’s essential to be vigilant.

Wherever you are on the island, heed the counsel of the local officials and pay attention to your surroundings.

It’s important not to wear expensive jewelry or display items such as high-tech gadgets and cameras when leaving your accommodation. It is part of Bahraini law to carry a photographic ID. Also, use only reputable cabs to travel through Manama and other Bahraini cities at night, as there have been incidents of illegal cab drivers harassing women.


Weather in Bahrain

Bahrain has long, sweltering, arid summers, comfortable, dry, breezy winters, and primarily bright skies all year. Rarely falling below or surpassing 106°F/41°C, the typical yearly temperature ranges from 58 °F/14 °C to 101 °F/38 °C.

Must do and see in Bahrain

On Bahrain’s west coast, where date trees and blue lagoons border the coastline, is the small town of Zallaq. Al Jazaer Beach in this region of Bahrain is well-known for its white dunes, and the glistening arch is one of the area’s most well-liked public beaches. Here, engaging in water activities like jet skiing and kiteboarding is common, and the shoreline is lined with barbecue areas.

If you need more time to travel around Bahrain, the Bahrain National Museum is the best location. The nation’s capital, Manama, is home to this cultural facility jam-packed with relics, images, and interactive displays covering 5,000 years of local history.

Bahrain has many stores, but Manama Souq shopping is much more enjoyable because of its distinctive kiosks, endearing vendors, and confusing network of side streets. Following your scent will lead you to places where you can find Persian saffron, Indian chai, and Arabic incense. You can also buy hand-woven carpets and eye-catching kaftans.

Isa Town: Isa Town initially gives the impression of being made up only of opulent houses and whitewashed cottages. But if you delve beneath the surface, you’ll find a busy market filled with vibrant bazaar booths offering fabrics and traditional Bahraini goods. Additionally, it’s a great location to find a seat in a café and unwind while taking in the local chitchat while drinking a cup of mint tea.

Typical Bahrain food to try

Bahrain is one of the many countries where people enjoy the Indian treat known as biryani. Most traditional restaurants and street food vendors now offer a broad range of biryani, from Kerala’s bamboo biryani to Mughlai butter chicken biryani.

A triangle-shaped portion of thin pastry called a samboosa is packed with different ingredients like cheese and meat. It is deep-fried to create a mouthwatering, crunchy, golden compartment. This starter is available throughout the entire archipelago. You can also consume it at any time of day, including breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Having Persian roots, mehyawa is a condiment. Mehyawa is made by combining anchovies with herbs and spices like anise, coriander, and cumin after they have fermented for a few days to give them their unique taste. After that, it is blended to create a consistency akin to the sauce typically spread over other dishes.

All year long, excellent neighborhood eateries are crowded with customers ordering luqimat. These delicious, crispy, and sugary dumplings are the perfect bite-sized delights. They are prepared from a sweet dough that consists of yeast, wheat, sugar, saffron, and a tiny bit of cardamom.


Vaccine information for Bahrain

Before making travel plans, it’s crucial to understand what standard vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions are needed to access Bahrain. For more information on all vaccine needs and suggested medication lists, it is essential to visit the CDC website.


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Unless you have a passport from a Gulf Cooperation Council member state, you will need a visa to visit Bahrain.

There are various visa classifications depending on the reason for your visit, the necessity of sponsorship, the location of issuance, and the anticipated number of visits. Indian travelers typically choose vacation or work visas. Indian nationals need a tourist visa to enter Bahrain for sightseeing, recreational pursuits, or family trips. At the same time, Indian citizens who want to attend business talks with Bahraini firms should use business visas.

You don’t have to send in actual papers to get your visa. Indian citizens can obtain a paperless passport for Bahrain via email. Your visa does not have a sticker.

You may apply for a passport one month before your intended departure date.

The visa is typical of the single-entry variety. However, if you choose a multiple-entry visa, you can travel to the nation more than once while your passport is still active.