Bangladesh Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Bangladesh in 2024
Welcome to Bangladesh

Bangladesh Travel Guide

One of South Asia’s loveliest nations, Bangladesh, provides a rich culture that demands to be discovered by tourists looking for something different. So take advantage of the perfect balance between exploration and excitement and the luxury and relaxation you earn while on holiday.

With valuable and motivational advice, this comprehensive reference to Bangladesh will help you get the most out of your journey.

Document checklist for Bangladesh

  • Visa (if applicable)
  • A current visa whose validity is at least six months after the date of submission and contains two blank sheets
  • Enough money to pay your travel expenses
  • Ticket for departure or return

Essential Bangladesh travel information

Currency – Bangladeshi taka (৳). $1 is equivalent to approx. ৳ 104.

Daily budget for one person – Spend utmost ৳ 4600 ($44).

Languages – Bengali is Bangladesh’s most popular language. (also known as Bangla). A lot of people speak English as well.

Socket type: 50Hz, 220V source power, and socket types A, C, D, G, and K.

Time zone: Bangladesh Standard Time (GMT+6) is the local time zone.

Top 3 cities to visit: The top 3 towns to explore are Cox’s Bazar, Srimangal, and Chattogram.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments: The National Martyrs’ Memorial, Shahid Minar, and Saith Gambad Masjid are the top 3 landmarks.


Visa information for Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi government permits people to submit tourist visa applications if they travel for leisure, visit friends and family, or attend seminars or classes.


Typical costs and budget for Bangladesh

Daily spending – Around ৳ 4,600 ($44) per person per day. This includes:

Meals – You may spend about ৳ 1,140 ($11) for three daily meals.

Transport: Depending on your intended travel plan and level of comfort, local transportation may cost up to ৳ 625 ($6) per day.

Hotel: Bangladesh’s standard per-couple rate for lodging is ৳ 5,372 ($52). The typical expense of a weeklong trip for two people to Bangladesh is ৳ 63,562 ($612).

Transport and best ways to travel around Bangladesh

Long-distance vessel-traveling on Bangladeshi waterways is common. Traveling by launch in Bangladesh, particularly the nighttime launch from Dhaka to Barisal, is legendary. The cost varies with the degree of luxury.

For brief distances, you can flag down motorized, CNG, and bicycle rickshaws in Bangladesh. It is a cheap and practical way of getting around cities and villages. However, before you board, haggle and clarify the fare.

In Bangladesh, taking the train is very common. First, purchase a train ticket in preparation for Dhaka’s major railroad stop. Then, allow yourself enough time to travel to the station, buy a ticket, and board your train because the area around the train station can be hectic.

Another reasonably priced method of getting from city to city is by bus. Numerous buses leave every day for all destinations, so reservations are unnecessary. Major tourism hubs are lined with booths selling tickets from trip operators. Although more costly than other buses, air-conditioned vehicles are worth the extra cost.

Safety in Bangladesh

You can anticipate a pleasant welcome if you visit Bangladesh because the people are so friendly. However, a high level of care should be exercised, as there are some security dangers. Keep your assets spread out and avoid flashing expensive jewels or equipment in public.

Natural catastrophes like earthquakes and storms are common in Bangladesh. Watch the local weather and follow local media to inform yourself about possible risks. Avoid walking alone in the streets at night, particularly if you’re a lady.

Be on the lookout for schemes and pickpockets. Verify every exchange once more and conduct thorough prior negotiations.

Weather in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is best explored during the dry season, which runs from November to March and is comfortable and sunny. Around this time of year, Dhaka enjoys pleasant temperatures of 25°C (77°F).

Thunderstorms are sparked by high humidity and temperatures reaching 40°C (100°F) between March and May. The long rainy season begins at the close of May and lasts until October.

Must do and see in Bangladesh

Explore the Sajek Valley, a newly developed tourism destination nestled among the hills of the Kasalong mountain range with plenty of forests, small waterways, and mountain roadways.

The only shore in Bangladesh where you can see dawn and dusk is Kuakata, one of the country’s most picturesque coastlines.

Visit the Sundarbans, where the Brahmaputra and Ganges converge at the tip of the Bay of Bengal, to look for tigers. Stunning fauna, including Bengal leopards, can be found there, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Relax on St. Martin’s Island, a coral island with unmatched beauty and crystal blue waters that create a tranquil environment that will soothe any person’s mind.

Typical Bangladeshi food to try

Biryani is a widely consumed food in the entire Indian region, and Bangladeshi biryani is frequently cited as the finest in the world. In Bengali food, mutton, goat, poultry, and beef are commonly found, but there is a vast selection of biryani dishes.

The national cuisine of Bangladesh is hilsa curry. It is prepared with Hilsa fish that has been marinated in a paste of turmeric and chilies and then gently cooked. Rice and mustard sauce are served alongside it. A spicy blend of sweet and sour tastes is the end product.

Coconut milk, flavorful seasonings, and prawns or shrimp are used to make the creamy, delicious shellfish stew known as chingri malai.

Vaccine information for Bangladesh

Before planning your journey, it’s crucial to understand what regular vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions are needed to enter Bangladesh. In addition, it is essential to visit the CDC website to learn more about all vaccination regulations, suggested guidelines, and medication lists.


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For Bangladesh, all citizens of India must apply for a visa before their planned departure date.

Only leisure and recreational activities are permitted in Bangladesh with a tourist visa. You have no right to a job or to look for work.

In Bangladesh, people who want to attend business seminars, meetings, etc., are the primary target audience for the Bangladesh business visa. In Bangladesh, those with visas are prohibited from laboring or looking for a job.

No. Bangladesh only issues single- or double-entry tourist permits. Only business visas have the possibility of numerous entries.

You are allowed to remain in Bangladesh for up to 60 days on a tourist visa for relaxation or recreational activities.