Barbados Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Barbados in 2024
Welcome to Barbados

Barbados Travel Guide

Barbados is the perfect place to spend an exotic vacation! The ideal Barbados vacation includes everything, from stunning landscapes to gorgeous beaches and clear seas.

Discover everything you need to know about this breathtaking island haven with the help of our comprehensive Barbados travel guide.


Document checklist for Barbados

  • Visa – if your country requires one
  • Barbados E.D. Immigration Card completed (COVID-19)
  • Passport – must be current for at least three months beyond the intended stay.
  • Enough money to pay for your accommodation
  • Airline return ticket or evidence of a further journey

Essential Barbados travel information

Currency: The Barbados dollar is the official currency. (BBD). USD 1 is equal to BBD 2.

Daily budget for one person: The expenses for lodging, food, transit, and events should total $150 per day.

Languages: Although English is the formal language, Bajan, a creole language, is also commonly used.

Number of travelers per year: Annual tourist numbers to Barbados are around 1 million.

Socket type: Barbados uses type A and type B power outlets like those found in North America.

Time zone: With a 4-hour time difference from Greenwich Mean Time, Barbados is in the Atlantic Standard Time (AST) zone. (GMT-4).

The top 3 cities to visit – are Holetown, Oistins, and Bridgetown (the capital).

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – The Parliament Buildings, St. Nicholas Abbey, and Harrison’s Cave

Visa information for Barbados

It is advised that you verify and clarify the visa criteria for your country if you are not a U.S. or E.U resident.

Even if they don’t need a visa to travel, all visitors still require an E.D. card.

The Barbados ED Card

Before visiting Barbados, all visitors must complete the ED Card, which is a requirement. In addition, to maintain everyone’s safety and health in Barbados, it gathers information about your trip itinerary, health history, and any COVID-19 immunization records.

Utilizing VisaBud makes the ED Card completion procedure fast and simple. However, you are advised to complete it at least 24 hours before your journey to Barbados.

Typical costs and budget for Barbados

Travelers can engage in various activities and encounters on the lovely Caribbean island of Barbados.

Daily spending per person – Depending on your spending patterns, you should budget $150 per individual per day on average.

Meals – The average expense of a meal at a nearby eatery is $15 per individual. So you can expect to spend around $40 per person at a more expensive eatery.

Transport – The most practical mode of transit on the island is a taxi, which costs about $20 to travel between two main cities one way. The cost of renting a car varies based on the kind of vehicle and how long the hire is.

Hotel – Depending on the season and area, lodging costs can differ widely in Barbados. However, on average, you can pay about $150 per night for a low-cost motel.

Without factoring in transportation, you should budget about $2,100 for a one-week vacation for two people. However, remember that costs can change based on your trip choices and itinerary.

Transport and ways to travel around Barbados

For those who need to get to their accommodation swiftly, taxi services are accessible, and the airport is simple to traverse. Checking visa criteria before leaving is essential because some tourists can only obtain a visa on arrival.

The bus system, a dependable and affordable means to travel the island, is the most popular mode of transportation in Barbados. According to their routes, buses are color-coded, and passengers can pay with currency as they enter.

A fun and environmentally responsible method to tour the island is to hire a bike or scooter. However, it’s significant to note that many traffic accidents in Barbados involve visitors, so it’s imperative to drive carefully when using any mode of transportation.

You can also take a cab or rent a vehicle, though driving can be difficult due to the minor roadways and left-hand traffic. The cost of taxis can vary, but they are widely accessible. The use of ride-sharing services like Uber or Bolt, which are available in Barbados, is another option for tourists.

Safety in Barbados

Having a lower than average crime incidence compared to other Caribbean countries, Barbados is usually considered a safe place for tourists. However, tourists should still use common sense and take safety measures by following this advice:

  • Avoid traveling alone in unknown regions at night and stick to well-lit, populated areas.
  • Keep your items near at hand, and make sure not to leave everything important.
  • Additionally, guests should exercise caution when taking beverages from outsiders and avoid leaving their drinks unattended.
  • It’s advised to inform a buddy of your plans and anticipated return time when you go out.
  • Utilizing reputable taxi services or ride-sharing applications while letting a friend know where you’re going is a smart option.
  • Although you are not required to have travel insurance to visit Barbados, we still strongly advise that you do so in case of crises.

Finally, be mindful of your surroundings – lean on prudence if something doesn’t feel right.

Weather in Barbados

Barbados experiences two seasons: a wet season from June to November and a drier season from December to May. The dry season, when temps are more comfortable, and there is minimal rainfall, is the ideal time to explore Barbados.

The cyclone season runs from June to November, and Barbados occasionally encounters tropical storms and hurricanes. Therefore, watching the weather forecasts is advised, and visitors should be ready to change their plans if required.

Barbados has consistently mild weather, making it a favorite vacation spot for beachgoers and sunbathers.

Must do and see in Barbados

Learn about the local cuisine: Barbados is renowned for its mouthwatering cuisine, which includes fresh shellfish, jerk chicken, and the island’s iconic flying fish and cou-cou. Visitors can taste regional cuisine at eateries and outdoor food stands located all over the island.

Visit the Animal Flower tunnel: The Animal Flower Cave, in the island’s northern region, is a natural marvel with lovely rock shapes and a gorgeous marine tunnel. The natural pools, the cave, and the breathtaking coastal vistas are all open to visitors.

Explore Bridgetown’s historic center: it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to several interesting historical structures and sites. St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Garrison Savannah, and the ancient Parliament Buildings are all open to visitors.

Visit the gorgeous shores: Barbados has lovely beaches like Crane Beach and Miami Beach. Visitors can participate in aquatic activities like surfing, fishing, jet skiing, diving, and sunbathing.

Typical Barbadian food to try

Macaroni pie: A baked pasta meal made with macaroni and cheese, macaroni pie frequently includes herbs and spices like thyme and paprika. It is similar to traditional mac and cheese in that it is made with macaroni and cheese.

Fish cakes are well-liked Barbados delicacies prepared from salted cod or other seafood, herbs, and flavors. Typically, they are cooked and provided with a dipping condiment.

The national cuisine of Barbados, flying fish and cou-cou, comprises mildly battered flying fish served with a portion of cornmeal and okra. Visitors to the island should try this delicacy.

Bajan black cake: This local delicacy is a sweet treat at festivals like weddings and Christmas—a rich cake made with molasses, seasonings, and fruit steeped in rum.

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Whether traveling by plane, cruise ship, or private boat, Indian citizens who desire to visit Barbados for a holiday or for business must first acquire a visa. The visa application must be made by the British High Commission in India.

Using VisaBud to submit an internet application for a Barbados visa is straightforward.

Three months before the scheduled flight date is the earliest time to apply for a Barbados visa. However, it is advised that all visa applications be made four weeks before departure to give enough time for visa processing.

Indian citizens can obtain a single-entry or multiple-entry passport from the British High Commission. A multiple-entry passport lasts six months, whereas a single-entry visa is only valid for three months.

The typical processing time for visa applications is 15 working days.