Belarus Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Belarus in 2024
Welcome to Belarus

Belarus Travel Guide

With a population of roughly 10 million and a land area of about 30,000 square kilometers, Belarus is a reasonably small nation. On the Svislach river is where the nation’s capital, Minsk, is situated. Until the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, Belarus was a component of it. There are many museums, galleries, and shows for those engaged in art and culture. In addition, there is a sizable stadium, soccer grounds, and an ice hockey rink for sports enthusiasts. Many outdoor activities are available in the summer, including equestrian riding, cycling, and trekking. All the data you require to plan your journey to Belarus can be found here in this comprehensive travel guide!

Document checklist for Belarus

  • Health statement
  • A valid visa
  • A current passport (at least six months)
  • Sufficient resources
  • Airfare for a future flight

Essential Belarus travel information

Currency – Belarusian ruble (BYN). Approximately 2,53 BYN is equal to 1 USD.

Daily budget for one person: The daily funding is approximately BYN 175 for one individual. (USD 69).

Languages – The formal languages of Belarus are Belarusian and Russian, but there are also three acknowledged minority languages: Yiddish, Polish, and Ukrainian.

Socket type: There are two related plug kinds, categories C and F, for Belarus. 50Hz and 220V voltage are used in Belarus.

Time zone – (GMT+3).

Top 3 cities to visit – Brest, Nesvizh, and Minsk.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Great Patriotic War Museum, Nesvizh Castle, and Brest Fortress

Visa information for Belarus

To visit Belarus, citizens of many nations require a visa. Short-term and long-term transit visas are available from this nation based on your purpose for travel and the length of your stay. In addition, it provides permits with single, double, and numerous entries.

Almost all nations can access Belarus without a passport using the Minsk Airport, except for trips to and from Russian airports.

Typical costs and budget for Belarus

Daily spending per person: The daily budget is approximately BYN 175. (USD 69).

Meals: The average daily expenditure on meals is BYN 45. (USD 18).

Transport: Local transportation is around BYN 29 (USD 11).

Hotel: A motel room costs about BYN 69 (USD 27,30) for a single individual and BYN 139 (USD 55,00) for a pair.

The typical expense for one individual to travel to Belarus for one week is BYN 1,225 (USD 484,67). As a result, a weeklong journey for two people to Belarus costs about BYN 2,451 (USD 969,73).

Transport and ways to travel around Belarus

Bus: You can take a private van or bus to Belarus. The travel expense can range from 5 to 15 rubles, based on you and your income and the route. You can reserve a simulated ticket and prepay the chauffeur.

Train: The most common mode of transportation for trips within Belarus or to neighboring nations, it has an extensive network of regional connecting lines that will get you there swiftly and pleasantly. While admiring the country’s stunning natural landscape, you can relax on a peaceful train journey. Whether it is for business class or economy, the ticket price varies.

Using the international airport in Minsk, you can fly into Belarus. Due to its tiny size, the United States has few operating domestic aircraft. However, trips to the terminals in Gomel, Grodno, and Brest provide frequent flights to the Russian city of Kaliningrad.

Safety in Belarus

Belarus is typically a secure place to visit. There are, however, basic safety measures you should adhere to. The following are some tips you need to understand before going to Belarus:

  • You won’t encounter any issues if you refrain from discussing the country’s political climate, the resistance, and the administration.
  • Marijuana and other substances are prohibited in Belarus, so you shouldn’t bring any with you on your journey.
  • Ask the local authorities if you need clarification; they are helpful and will assist you if you need it.
  • Avoid being alone late at night and keep your things nearby.
  • Always bring your passport, foreign health insurance, and other necessary trip papers.
  • If you require information on foreign matters or diplomatic help, contact them.


Weather in Belarus

Since Belarus has a lengthy, frigid winter, the ideal time to visit is during the country’s warm summer, which lasts from June to September and averages 22°C/ 71.6°F. A temperate-continental environment, characteristic of Central Europe, prevails in Belarus and is marked by moderate temperatures.

Famous cities and towns in Belarus

Your journey ought to begin in Minsk, one of Belarus’s main towns and capital. Excellent bathing holes can be found in Minsk, along with lovely parks and gardens for strolls, like the Central Botanic Garden. Additionally, if you enjoy history, you should visit the National History Museum to learn more about Belarus.

One of the earliest towns in the entire Slavic area and the oldest city in Belarus is Polotsk. The initial center of the nation was Polotsk. Its primary draw is the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, the country of Belarus’s first stone-built church, which gives it unmatched significance as a cultural landmark.

Grodno is an excellent and lovely Neman River metropolis close to the Polish and Lithuanian boundaries. There are still signs of the Soviet period here, such as Lenin monuments, because it was a well-liked location then. Additionally, you can visit the Tower of Fire, the Castle of Grodno, and other historical sites to transport yourself back to a more glorious time.

Must do and see in Belarus

The most well-known tourist destination in Brest is the Brest Hero-Fortress, which represents Soviet defiance during World War II. It was designed to commemorate the valiant defense of the stronghold during the 1941 fascist assault. For 28 days, this location withstood the German assault. It is a colossal illustration of the historical catastrophe that the fallen advocates experienced.

Another of Belarus’s most well-known building marvels and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is Nesvizh Castle. Its stunning Renaissance artwork and the Baroque, Classical, and Modernist architectural styles make it a unique destination for tourists who want to experience Medieval-era ambiance.

Another of Belarus’ most famous institutions is the Belarusian State Art Museum, which was established in Minsk in 1939. You can find works of Soviet social realism here that portray the nation’s past, such as one by artist Valentin Volkov that shows the Red Army’s entry into a city in ruins.


Typical Belarus food to try

The delicacy that represents Belarusian food the most is draniki. Its main components are shredded potatoes and shallots, though occasionally, it also has cheddar, bacon, meat, and mushrooms.

If you want to commence with a small meal, try the appetizer known as tsibriki. It is composed of potatoes and a cooked cheese filling.

Summertime consumption of the soured beverage kvass is customary. This beverage has existed ever since and is made when bread naturally ferments. It has citrus, berry, or raisin flavors.

Vaccine information for Belarus

Before your journey, we advise you to visit the CDC website to obtain all the information you require regarding the Covid vaccine and other health needs, such as your travel insurance.

Fun facts about Belarus

One of Belarus’ state emblems is the bison. More than 600 European Bison can now be found in the forests of Belarus. These creatures were on the brink of extinction.

About 40% of Belarus is covered in forests. So one of the arteries of Europe might be this country.

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Yes. Before visiting the Republic of Belarus, Indian nationals must acquire a visa. Visas are available from the Belarusian Embassy in India. Please confirm the sort of passport you can apply for before applying.

The online Belarus passport application procedure with VisaBud is simple and seamless.

Three months before the intended date of the journey to Belarus is the earliest date to apply. However, all visa applications should be made four weeks before departure to give enough time for processing.

This visa has validity for 90 days. However, the consular officer has the authority to extend the duration of the visa process and decrease the number of entrances allowed and the time of the visa’s validity.