Bermuda Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Bermuda in 2024
Welcome to Bermuda

Bermuda Travel Guide

The fragrance of cedar and spice berries, the sound of gombey whistles, and clicks on a Crown and Anchor board may all be found in Bermuda, as well as pink-sand beaches and party boats – an atmosphere unique to islands. Expect friendly greetings and wide grins. You may experience spectacular natural beauty, thrilling adventures, a fusion of cultures, and a sense of mystery when visiting this region, which spans 21 square miles. You will get all you need from our guide to explore Bermuda.

Document checklist for Bermuda

Valid Bermuda visa depending on the purpose of your visit and duration of stay.

A passport that expires in at least six months.

Confirmed return or onward tickets.

Details of accommodation.

Travel itinerary.

Foreign currency.

Essential Bermuda travel information

Currency – The Bermuda Dollar has the same sign ($) as the U.S. dollar and is accepted as legal currency on the island. 1BD$=1US$

Daily budget for one person – Plan to spend around BM$245 ($245) daily.

Languages – Bermudian English is widely spoken in Bermuda.

Socket type – There are two related plug types, types A and B, for Bermuda. Bermuda uses a 120V supply voltage and a 60Hz frequency.

Time zone – UTC -3

Top 3 cities to visit – Hamilton, Saint George, Tucker’s Town.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Royal Naval Dockyard, Front Street, King’s Square.

Visa information for Bermuda

Bermuda requires a visa for bearers of Indian passports. The British High Commission or Consulate in India can provide visas to enter Bermuda. Depending on your nation, the purpose of your trip, and how long you want to stay, a different visa may be required to visit Bermuda. All Indian travelers entering Bermuda must have a valid visa, passport, or another kind of travel authorization, as well as onward tickets and enough money to cover their expenses while there.

Typical costs and budget for Bermuda

Daily spending – Around BM$245 ($245) per day.

Meals – Expect to spend about 10–20 BMD per person.

Transport – The price of local transportation might range up to 50 BMD each day, depending on your itinerary and level of service.

Hotel – 80 BMD – 125 BMD per night.

Transport and ways to travel around Bermuda

Bermuda offers a variety of practical and secure methods to get about. Rentable eco-friendly electric cars, motorized scooters, and pedal or electric bicycles are available to visitors. All year long, buses and ferries provide dependable transportation and beautiful scenery. And to transport you and your party from A to B, cabs, private tour buses, and ride-hailing services are available.

Safety in Bermuda

Take safety measures to protect yourself and your belongings. The most frequent crime that strikes foreign tourists is petty crime, such as pickpocketing or purse snatching, so be on the lookout and store your belongings in a secure place. Bermuda has always been regarded as a safe travel destination, especially when compared to other Caribbean nations.

Weather in Bermuda

Bermuda’s spring season swiftly raises the ocean’s temperature and atmosphere, signaling the start of the hot summer. May highs average 76 degrees Fahrenheit before rising sharply to the high 80s from June through October. Even though this might not seem like a lot, when traveling, check the U.V. index and humidity levels. During the height of summer, the sun is fierce. Therefore you should use sunscreen whenever you are outside. It can be difficult to even take a brief stroll along the beach due to the high humidity, which ranges from 80 to over 100 percent from June to September.

Must do and see in Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach: Horseshoe’s blushing sand is lovely all year round, but from September to May, the water is icy, so unless you want a significant plunge, you should avoid the tide after Labor Day. However, Horseshoe is a lovely place for a romantic stroll down the beach, even in winter.

Royal Naval Dockyard: A beautiful change of scenery from the beaches with pink sand is the Royal Naval Dockyard. If you go to Bermuda in the colder months, it may be the highlight of your stay.

Historic St. George: The Old State House, King Square, and the Unfinished Church should all be on your schedule, even if there is much to see in the hamlet. In addition, visitors cite Town Hall Square as a must-photograph location.

Vaccine information for Bermuda

Entry into Bermuda does not require a COVID vaccination passport or certificate. The testing requirements will no longer apply to Covid vaccination certificate holders. AstraZeneca, Pfizer BioNTech, Serum Institute of India, Jansen, Moderna Sinopharm, and Sinovac are acceptable vaccines. If you have received a SARS-Cov-2 vaccination in its whole at least two weeks before your trip, you are regarded as having had a shot.

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All Indian travelers entering Bermuda must have a valid visa, passport, or other kinds of travel authorization, as well as onward tickets and enough money to cover their expenses while there.

Applications should be submitted three to one month before departure. Three months before your intended departure date is the earliest you can register. In most instances, you’ll get the results of your application within 15 calendar days.

Up to 21 days may be spent with visitors. Extensions are rarely occasionally given and are only done so by the Bermuda Department of Immigration. Your mode of travel will determine the entrance type, which the High Commission will select.

What kind of entry is allowed must be meticulously noted. In contrast to multiple entries, a single-entry visa only enables its bearer to enter or exit Bermuda once. Multiple entries visas allow repeated entries.

Indian nationals traveling to Bermuda for leisure, tourism, or quick visits with friends or family must get a tourist visa.

Indian nationals traveling for brief stays, such as conferences or business meetings, should use a business visa.