Spending time with our families has become difficult with modern living. But travel is something that can bring you closer and give you enough time to celebrate the unity, the special bond, care, and love each member shares.

When you think of a family-friendly destination, Malaysia stands out with a land where vibrant culture meets stunning landscapes, creating a unique experience. In the year 2023, Malaysia captured the hearts of nearly 1.5 million tourists from China and 9 million from India, and this year, you have to be one of them. So, pack your bags, set out on this Southeast Asian adventure, and create a memorable treasure with your family in Malaysia to cherish lifelong.

  • Penang

Penang is a place where every moment is crafted for joy and discovery. Begin in the heart of the island, George Town, a cultural gem best explored on foot with a baby carrier. Immerse yourself in street food delights and captivating street art. Move on to the golden sands of Batu Ferringhi for classic beach fun, followed by an exploration of vibrant night markets. Find solace in nature at the Botanical Park and Youth Park, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and kiddie-friendly activities. Delve into the wonders of wildlife at Penang’s bird and butterfly parks, where a riot of colours awaits. Conclude your journey with a visit to the Interactive Museum, an engaging space for creative exploration with older kids. Penang ensures a thoughtfully structured and unforgettable family getaway.


  • George Town – Cultural Exploration:

    Explore the charming city on foot, indulging in street food and street art.

  • Batu Ferringhi – Sun, Sand, and Sea:

    Enjoy a classic beach experience with sandcastle building and a visit to vibrant night markets.

  • Nature Retreat – Botanical Park and Youth Park:

    Escape to the tranquillity of Botanical Park and engage in kiddie-friendly activities at Youth Park.

  • Wildlife Wonders – Bird and Butterfly Parks:

    Witness the vibrant colours of exotic birds and butterflies up close.

  • Interactive Museum – Creative Exploration:

    Immerse in creativity and education with interactive exhibits suitable for older kids.

  • Sunway Lagoon

A visit to Sunway Lagoon promises an exhilarating theme park experience, making it a must-include destination when travelling to Malaysia with kids. Spread across 80 acres, the park is ingeniously segmented into five distinct zones, ensuring there’s something for every member of the family.


  • Water Park:

    Dive into the Water Park, featuring wave pools and surf beaches for refreshing aquatic fun.

  • Scream Park:

    For those who enjoy a thrill, explore Scream Park, catering to horror lovers with spine-chilling experiences.

  • Extreme Park:

    Feed the adventurous spirit in the Extreme Park, offering adrenaline-pumping activities for the daring at heart.

  • Amusement Park:

    Delight in the Amusement Park, where pirate ships and carousels promise classic family fun.

  • Wildlife Park:

    Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Wildlife Park, home to more than 90 species of animals, providing an educational and entertaining experience.

  • Langkawi

Langkawi is a Malaysian gem renowned for its family-friendly offerings. From luxurious five-star resorts to charming rustic retreats, Langkawi caters to diverse preferences. The island’s pristine and safe beaches provide an ideal playground for children of all ages, allowing parents to unwind by the shore. Beyond the beach, adventure awaits with the famous glass-bottom Skycab cable car, offering an exhilarating ride over lush jungles and towering mountains. For a grounded yet equally breathtaking experience, explore the SkyBridge. Families with younger children can engage in cultural activities at the nearby village, while rice paddy and mangrove tours provide a sense of the island’s rich tapestry. Langkawi promises an enchanting blend of relaxation and adventure for the whole family.


  • Luxurious Resorts and Pristine Beaches:

    Choose from a range of resorts, ensuring a comfortable stay for the family, while the pristine and safe beaches offer a delightful retreat for children.

  • Skycab Cable Car and SkyBridge Adventure:

    Experience the thrill of the Skycab cable car, soaring over jungles and mountains, and explore the grounded beauty of the SkyBridge, providing stunning panoramic views.

  • Cultural Village and Activities for Smaller Children:

    Immerse the family in local culture with a visit to the cultural village, offering activities tailored for younger children.

  • Rice Paddy and Mangrove Tours:

    Gain a deeper understanding of Langkawi’s natural beauty with tours exploring the lush rice paddies and fascinating mangroves, creating lasting memories for the entire family.

  • Malacca

For a delightful family getaway, look no further than Malacca, a vibrant coastal town that seamlessly blends history, culture, food, nature, and indoor adventures. Perfect for a short trip, Malacca caters to every family member’s interests, ensuring parents and children alike can relish the experience. Begin your journey by immersing yourselves in the rich cultural sights, and then treat the kids to exciting hours at Kidzoona or Jumpers Land indoor playgrounds. For an adrenaline rush, swing through the treetops at Skytrax, providing a unique perspective of this charming town. Dive into a hands-on experience at Mamee Jonker House, where kids can create their own instant noodles. Alternatively, make a splash at the thrilling Melaka Wonderland waterpark. For a cultural twist, explore the Shore Toy Museum, a delight not only for the kids but also for comic-loving parents. In Malacca, every moment promises a harmonious blend of family fun and historical charm.


  • Cultural Exploration:

    Immerse yourself in the rich cultural sights that Malacca has to offer, providing a historical backdrop for the entire family.

  • Indoor Playground Adventures:

    Reward the kids with playful hours at Kidzoona or Jumpers Land indoor playgrounds, ensuring laughter and joy for all.

  • Skytrax Treetop Adventure:

    Experience an adrenaline rush as you swing through the treetops at Skytrax, offering a unique and thrilling perspective of Malacca.

  • Mamee Jonker House Noodle Crafting:

    Engage in a hands-on experience at Mamee Jonker House, where kids can create their own instant noodles, adding a delicious twist to your visit.

  • Melaka Wonderland Waterpark:

    Make a splash and cool off at the Melaka Wonderland Waterpark, providing thrilling water adventures for the whole family.

  • Shore Toy Museum:

    Explore the Shore Toy Museum, a cultural delight for kids and a nostalgic trip for comic-loving parents, showcasing a diverse collection of toys.

  • Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a lush hill station designed for relaxation and family bonding. Providing a welcome break from the tropical heat, this destination offers an array of kid-friendly outdoor activities immersed in nature. Explore strawberry farms, where the allure of tea and scones enhances the experience, and engage with the captivating world of butterflies and honey bees in dedicated farms. A visit to a tea plantation offers a scenic retreat and introduces the family to local culture. Delve further into the cultural tapestry with temple tours and visits to hill villages. For a touch of adrenaline, head to Holiday Park, featuring carnival rides that promise to exhaust even the most energetic youngsters. Cameron Highlands ensures a perfect tranquility and excitement for a memorable family retreat. 


  • Strawberry Farms and Outdoor Delights:

    Experience the charm of strawberry farms, offering delightful treats like tea and scones, and explore the captivating world of butterfly and honey bee farms to engage the kids with nature.

  • Tea Plantation and Cultural Exploration:

    Immerse the family in the scenic beauty of a tea plantation, providing a tranquil retreat and introducing local culture. Further cultural exploration can be achieved through temple tours and visits to hill villages.

  • Holiday Park Adventures:

    Add a dash of adrenaline to the trip with a visit to Holiday Park, featuring carnival rides that promise endless fun and opportunities to wear out the most energetic kids.

  • Kuching

Unique and vibrant family adventure in ‘Cat City,’ also known as Kuching, for an out-of-the-box experience in Malaysia. Nestled on the island of Borneo in the Sarawak State, this coastal city offers a relaxed urban atmosphere, distinct from the bustling Kota Kinabalu. Enjoy the convenience of Kuching, which is a great walking city, with taxis readily available when needed. The riverfront promenade stands out as a key attraction, adorned with shops and restaurants offering picturesque views. Nature enthusiasts can indulge in hiking and rainforest trekking, providing a perfect dose of the outdoors. For school-aged children, cultural villages offer educational and immersive experiences. And, of course, no visit to Kuching is complete without a trip to the Cat Museum, a whimsical and must-visit destination in town.


  • Riverfront Promenade and Urban Exploration:

    Stroll along the riverfront promenade, filled with charming shops and restaurants boasting scenic views, offering a perfect blend of urban exploration and relaxation.

  • Hiking and Rainforest Trekking:

    Immerse the family in nature with hiking and rainforest trekking adventures, allowing you to discover the rich biodiversity of the region.

  • Cultural Villages for Educational Experiences:

    Explore cultural villages for an educational and immersive experience specially tailored for school-aged children.

  • Cat Museum:

    Embrace the quirkiness of ‘Cat City’ with a visit to the Cat Museum, an absolute must-see destination in Kuching, celebrating the feline charm that adds a unique touch to the city’s culture and history.

  • Port Dickson

For a perfect short getaway in Malaysia without venturing too far, Port Dickson, affectionately known as ‘PD,’ stands as an enduring family favorite. Boasting expansive and inviting beaches, PD is a haven for beach lovers seeking a relaxing retreat. The destination offers a blend of family-centric attractions, including a captivating 3D art gallery, an engaging ostrich farm with a petting zoo, and an intriguing army museum. Accommodations range from beachfront to overwater resorts, providing a variety of options to suit different preferences. With an abundance of fresh seafood, Port Dickson is an ideal destination for a laidback holiday where you can unwind without the pressure to fill every moment with activity. Embrace the tranquility of the beaches, indulge in family-friendly attractions, and savour the leisurely pace of Port Dickson for a memorable and rejuvenating family escape.


  • Wide, Inviting Beaches:

    Immerse yourself in the serenity of the wide and inviting beaches of Port Dickson, providing a perfect backdrop for a relaxed family retreat.

  • Family-centric Attractions:

    Explore family-centric attractions, including a captivating 3D art gallery, an engaging ostrich farm with a petting zoo, and an intriguing army museum, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

  • Diverse Accommodation Options:

    Choose from a range of accommodations, from beachfront resorts to overwater retreats, catering to varied preferences and enhancing the overall holiday experience.

  • Abundance of Fresh Seafood:

    Indulge in the local culinary delights with an abundance of fresh seafood, adding a flavorful touch to your laidback holiday in Port Dickson.

  • Laidback Holiday Atmosphere:

    Experience the charm of a laidback holiday where you can unwind without the pressure to fill every moment with activity, allowing for true relaxation and family bonding.

  • Perhentian Islands

For families seeking a beach-filled adventure, the Perhentian Islands emerge as an idyllic destination for a memorable trip in Malaysia. Nestled a bit off the beaten track, these islands are particularly well-suited for families with older children who can swim independently. With a focus on aquatic experiences, immerse yourselves in the wonders of the water through snorkelling excursions and boat tours to vibrant coral reefs. Opt for a village stay or engage in an eco-tour to instil in children the significance of sustainable travel practices. Depending on the chosen island, indulge in jungle treks that provide a deep immersion in the natural beauty that surrounds you. The Perhentian Islands promise an enchanting blend of tropical splendour and adventurous exploration for families with a love for the beach and a taste for the extraordinary.


  • Aquatic Adventures:

    Dive into the crystal-clear waters with snorkelling excursions and boat tours, offering glimpses of mesmerizing coral reefs and diverse marine life.

  • Ideal for Families with Older Children:

    Tailored for families with older children who can swim independently, the Perhentian Islands provide a safe yet thrilling environment for water activities.

  • Village Stays and Eco-Tours:

    Opt for a village stay or participate in eco-tours to introduce children to the importance of sustainable travel, fostering an understanding of responsible tourism.

  • Jungle Treks for Nature Immersion:

    Depending on the chosen island, embark on jungle treks that immerse the family in the lush greenery and rich biodiversity, offering a unique perspective on the islands’ natural beauty.

  • Desaru Coast

For families seeking a lively escape, Desaru Coast on Malaysia’s southeastern shores offers a vibrant leisure development with a plethora of attractions. Conveniently accessible from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, it stands as the perfect destination for a short Malaysia trip, providing a much-needed break from bustling city life. The expansive beaches and water sports cater to active kids, offering an outlet for boundless energy. A highlight is the waterpark, promising endless family fun and excitement. Beyond the sun and sand, cultural trips and farm excursions provide valuable insights into different ways of life, creating educational yet enjoyable experiences for kids. For a magical touch, a firefly tour awaits, captivating the entire family and adding a unique dimension to your Desaru Coast adventure.


  • Wide Beaches and Water Sports:

    Indulge in the vast beaches and water sports, providing active kids with the perfect playground to burn off energy and create memorable moments for the whole family.

  • Family-Friendly Waterpark:

    Dive into the fun at the waterpark, ensuring laughter and enjoyment for the entire family with its array of exciting attractions.

  • Cultural and Farm Trips:

    Immerse the family in cultural trips and farm excursions, offering a delightful blend of education and entertainment as kids learn about different ways of life.

  • Firefly Tour Magic:

    Experience the enchantment of a firefly tour, captivating the whole family with the mesmerizing beauty of these luminescent creatures.

  • Kuala Lumpur: A Family-Friendly Delight in Southeast Asia”

As the bustling capital, Kuala Lumpur stands as an ideal destination for a short family trip in Malaysia, especially for those in Southeast Asia. Known for its cleanliness, efficiency, and reliable transportation, Kuala Lumpur ensures a seamless experience, even when travelling with infants. The city offers a diverse range of family-friendly activities, making it a perfect getaway for all ages. Explore the vibrant bird park, witness the panoramic views from the iconic Petronas Towers, experience the thrilling slides of Sunway Lagoon, and let your imaginations run wild at Kidzania, a role-playing city with air-conditioned comfort. For younger children, Berjaya Times Square boasts an indoor theme park and playground, while Aquaria KLCC provides an immersive ‘underwater’ adventure with see-through tunnels for an up-close encounter with sharks and rays. Kuala Lumpur guarantees a delightful blend of excitement, education, and entertainment for the entire family.


  • Bird Park Exploration:

    Immerse the family in the vibrant bird park, offering a fascinating encounter with a diverse array of feathered friends.

  • Petronas Towers Panorama:

    Show the kids the breathtaking views from the iconic Petronas Towers, a landmark that defines the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

  • Sunway Lagoon Slides:

    Enjoy the thrills of Sunway Lagoon, where exciting slides and water attractions promise a day of family fun and excitement.

  • Kidzania Role-Playing Adventure:

    Let imaginations soar at Kidzania, a unique role-playing city designed for children that provides both entertainment and education.

  • Berjaya Times Square Indoor Theme Park:

    Set younger children loose at Berjaya Times Square, boasting an indoor theme park and playground for hours of endless enjoyment.

  • Aquaria KLCC’ Underwater’ Adventure:

    Treat the family to an ‘underwater’ adventure at Aquaria KLCC, featuring see-through tunnels that offer an up-close encounter with sharks and rays.

As you have now sorted the best places to visit in Malaysia, it’s time to look into your Holidays and book the tickets. Since one gets to explore a unique blend of culture, adventure, and relations, your family will praise you for choosing this destination for sure, and the previous year’s tourist statistics are evidence of the same. Whether you’re strolling through the vibrant streets of Kuala Lumpur or relaxing on the pristine beaches of Langkawi, each moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Hurry up, your adventure awaits – make it a reality!

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