Cameroon Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Cameroon in 2024
Welcome to Cameroon

Welcome to Cameroon

Africa’s beating heart sits in Cameroon, a humid mix of active volcanoes, white-sand beaches, thick rainforest, and breathtaking desolate landscapes. The peculiar Sahel rock formations separate it. It is one of the best vacation locations available. So, our guide walks you through everything you’ll need for your trip to Cameroon and your time there.

Document checklist for Cameroon

  • Visa
  • Valid passport
  • Return airline ticket
  • Sufficient funds
  • Yellow fever card

Essential Cameroon travel information

Currency– the Central African CFA Franc BEAC (XAF) is the main currency in Cameroon at an exchange rate of 1 USD for 616.534 XAF

Daily budget for one person– the daily budget for one person is XAF 28 925 (USD 47)

Languages– English and French are the official languages in Cameroon

Socket type– Cameroon has plugs C and E sockets at a supply voltage of 220V and 50Hz.

Time zone– time zone is (GMT+1)

Top 3 cities to visit– Yaounde, Douala, Kribe

Top 3 landmarks– Monument de la Réunification, Foumban Royal Palace & Museum, La Nouvelle Liberte

Visa information for Cameroon

Foreign nationals can apply for a Cameroon visa at their country’s embassy or consulate.

Foreign nationals with sure diplomatic or service passports in good standing at the port of entry can receive a Cameroon visa.

For instance, Canadian people can apply for a Cameroon visa online.

Cameroon visa requirements are;

  • Copy of passport. At least six months must pass after the return date for your passport to remain valid.
  • Two finished and signed applications from Cameroon.
  • Passport-size images taken within the last six months
  • An itinerary for a flight.
  • Card for yellow fever.
  • Evidence of accommodation.

Typical costs and budget for Cameroon

  • Daily spending per person-You will spend around XAF 28,952 (USD 47)
  • Meals- For meals, XAF 3, OOO(USD 5)
  • Transport- local transportation costs around XAF 11,704 (USD 19)
  • Hotel- for one person, it is approximately XAF 14,168(USD 23)

Transport and ways to travel around Cameroon

Train service from Yaoundé to N’Gaoundéré is the most well-liked and practical means of getting about.

In Cameroon, shared cabs are the most affordable and efficient way to travel between cities. However, they are not the safest because most motorists need to follow the law. Inner-city trips often have fixed prices. Longer journeys should be discussed in advance.

The nation’s buses are upscale and comfortable, and some longer-distance coaches even have air conditioning (a rarity).

The giant Elysian Airlines and the national carrier Camair-Co offer domestic flights. In Cameroon, domestic air travel is quick and moderately priced.

Safety in Cameroon

In the far north, terrorist organizations are active. This comprises the region bordering Nigeria and Lake Chad.

Particularly in the Far North, Northwest, and Southwest regions and close to the Nigerian border, kidnapping and continuous violence are concerns.

On rural routes and in residential areas, violent crime is widespread.

Occasionally, protests take place and have the potential to become violent.

Weather in Cameroon

The weather in Cameroon is tropical, semi-arid in the north, and humid and rainy elsewhere. Mostly everywhere has a dry season in winter and a wet season in summer. However, some showers may be along the coast, even in winter. The driest region of the nation is located on the Lake Chad shoreline in the far north.

Famous cities and towns in Cameroon

Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, is undoubtedly one of them. Yaounde’s distribution over seven hills was meticulously planned. Stretches of beautiful green and rising topography divide its city’s various skyscrapers. Those who enjoy culture will enjoy these government structures.

In Cameroon, Douala is the most visited city. It is home to Douala International Airport, the largest port in the region. The capital of Cameroon’s economy is Douala. Many beaches and local marketplaces make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Africa.

Maroua is an excellent location to learn about Cameroon culture. Maroua has some of the best bustling marketplaces. In addition, the Mandara Mountains in the country’s north may be reached from Maroua, a perfect starting point for travelers looking for the top Barbados cities to visit.

The best beaches in Cameroon are found in Kribi. The water is very pure, and the sand is lovely. Due to its stunning sandy beaches, Kribi is hugely well-liked. Tara Plage is a beach with rough Atlantic surf that is located to the south of this city. The Chutes de la Lobé waterfall is close by and falls into the river directly.

Must do and see in Cameroon

Typical Cameroon food to try

Accra Cassava is a typical street snack in Cameroon. It has a crunchy outside and a chewy interior. Cassava and salt are the only two ingredients used to make Accra Cassava. Nevertheless, if you have a sweet tooth, you may also sweeten it by adding an overripe banana.

Ndolé, regarded as “the unofficial food” of Cameroon, is one of the best Cameroonian dishes. Ndolé is a flavorful spinach dish from Cameroon cooked with bitter greens.

In ekwang, grated cocoyams are cooked in cocoyam leaves with various types of meat, dried fish, crayfish, and palm oil.

Poulet DG combines a stir-fried chicken dish and a traditional French stew with chicken, plantains, and vegetables. Poulet DG is ideal for celebrations and parties because it can be prepared in various ways according to the situation.

African cuisine, known as jollof rice, is highly well-liked and consists of rice and veggies cooked in a delicious tomato-based broth.

Vaccine information in Cameroon

Here you can get more info about covid 19, other medical facility requirements, and the travel insurance you need to enter Cameroon. Just click on the CDC website to find out everything about it.

Cameroon has excellent natural resources.

Natural resources are abundant in Cameroon, particularly in the agricultural, mining, forestry, and oil and gas industries.

Cameroon has 9 National Parks, which include the following: Bénoué, Bouba Njida, Boumba Bek, Campo Ma’an, Faro, Korup, Lobéké, Nki, Waza National Parks.

Fun facts about Cameroon

  1. The oldest forest in Africa is found here.
  2. The Korop National Part Forest is the oldest existing forest in Africa and is 60 million years old.
  3. It has one of the world’s wettest places. One of the wettest spots on Earth is Debundscha Point, which is tucked between Mount Cameroon and the Atlantic Ocean. It receives more than 10.3 meters of precipitation on average each year.
  4. Some of the world’s most essential and unusual creatures call it home.
  5.  For example, the Goliath Frog, the giant frog in the world, is found in Cameroon. It can get as big as 3.2 kg and 34 centimeters long.
  6. The region was nicknamed Río dos Camares by Portuguese explorers (Shrimp River). This quickly changed to Cameroon in English.
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