China Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit China in 2024
Welcome to China

Welcome to China

China is a treasure trove of historical landmarks and ancient treasures, with a vast history similar to India’s. China is a bustling, modern nation brimming with energy and excitement, despite its ancient traditions dating back thousands of years. Many people want to visit China from India to see its impossibly enormous and astoundingly diversified landscape. By offering top-notch tour itineraries and practical travel guidance based on our many years of expert experience in the Chinese tourism industry, we want to assist you in planning your journey to China.

Document checklist for China


Valid passport

Sufficient funds to cover the trip

Return ticket

Essential China travel information

Currency– Chinese Yuan at an exchange rate of 1 dollar for 6.87 Chinese Yuan

Daily budget for one person-¥459 ($67) per day

Language-Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin, Tibetan, Putonghua

Socket type– plug types A, C, and I at a supply voltage of 220V and 50Hz

Time zone-(GMT+8)

Top 3 cities to visit– Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong

Top 3 landmarks/monuments– Tian Tan Buddha, The Bund, The Great wall of Badaling

Typical costs and budget for china

Transport– ¥92 ($13)

Meals– ¥132 ($19)

Hotel-¥235 ($35)

Transport and ways to travel around china

Bus- Long-distance buses are frequently the only choice for traveling to more rural areas of China and tiny villages. Buses range from rapid coaches to minibusses and overnight sleeper buses, and they are generally more comfortable than rail or airline tickets. Bus travel is also typically much less expensive.

Air- There are now more than 240 airports in China, with one in almost every provincial capital and large city. The country’s aviation business has expanded quickly during the past ten years. Because China’s aviation industry is still relatively young, most airports there are sleek, contemporary, and simple to traverse.

Train: Regarding comfort, practicality, and sustainability, using the train is the most excellent way to travel around China. About 2300km/1429 miles long and widely used, China’s high-speed railway system is the most prolonged and extensive worldwide. In addition, many smaller towns are connected by slower express, local, and overnight trains.

Car – Since only Chinese drivers can rent cars in China, most foreign tourists cannot go on road trips there. However, it is possible to rent a private vehicle with a driver in more distant areas of China, especially in the far west, to travel to places that are challenging to access on foot. Usually, a neighborhood hotel, hostel, or travel company may arrange this.

Safety in China

As in any other nation, there are occasional scams, and tiny crimes can occur anywhere, but crowded places are especially vulnerable.

Violent crime is still infrequent and generally safe for women alone at night.

Nonetheless, Chinese people are amiable and eager to assist, so your vacation may be completely incident-free.

Weather in China

The annual cycle of China masks significant geographical diversity. While the mountainous regions of Southwest China receive more temperate temperatures, Southern China has a tropical climate with high temperatures and frequent rain, especially during the summer (May to September). The environments of Tibet and Inner Mongolia are substantially harsher, with frigid winters and winds that are especially fierce in high-altitude areas. In central and eastern China, less severe weather occurs, yet summers are notoriously humid. As a result, climate variability is higher in north China than in the south, where increased unpredictability results in less predictability.

Popular cities in China

Beijing– Whether you enjoy exploring modern or ancient China, Beijing has plenty for you to discover. There are numerous historic sites and landmarks of the highest caliber in the city. While maintaining the location of Olympic Park 2008, it also features stunning new architecture.

Xian-The Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located in Xian, one of China’s oldest cities and most well-known ancient capitals. Bike riding around the Ancient City Wall offers a fantastic view of Xian’s modern innovation.

Shanghai-One of the most visited cities in Asia, Shanghai, is known for its crowded retail malls, opulent modern skyscrapers, vibrant contemporary culture, and exciting nightlife. Are you considering a trip from Shanghai? Suzhou, Mount Huangshan, and Hangzhou are all accessible.

Hong Kong-Indian families adore Hong Kong because of its Disneyland Park, upscale shopping areas, delectable cuisine, and intriguing mingling of Eastern and Western cultures.

Guilin and Yangshuo-The adage “Guilin scenery tops those elsewhere, Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin” is well known. This is because they are China’s top natural scenic locations.

Must do and see in China

Visit a panda base to watch the pandas eat and enjoy fun on the playground, or sign up to volunteer to look after the adorable pandas for a day.

A stroll around Broad & Narrow Alleys or Jinli Old Street for a variety of regional delicacies and trinkets

By bullet train, it takes one to one and a half hours to reach the Leshan Big Buddha and Mt. Emei, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites from Chengdu.

Typical Chinese food to try

Fried rice (chofàn) is a mainstay in Chinese cuisine, according to Yinn Low. “Chinese fried rice is a filling lunch for the whole family. Ingredient combinations can range from veggies to proteins (chicken, pork, and shrimp) (carrots, mixed vegetables). Dinner is a nutritious meal. Aside from being easy and quick to prepare at home, leftover rice works best for fried rice, according to Yinn Low.

Stinky tofu (chudufu) is fermented tofu with an aromatic scent; it is considered that the more pungent the smell, the greater the flavor. Like cheese is fermented, tofu is brined in a concoction of fermented milk, vegetables, meat, and aromatics. Depending on the area, it can be prepared using various techniques and served cold or fresh with chile and soy sauces.

Chow Mein-Noodles, rather than rice, are a staple in Chinese cuisine, according to Yinn Low. “Chow mein comes in countless varieties, just like fried rice. Busy parents can easily make the complete family dinner using this straightforward recipe. Additionally, you can substitute prepared pasta for the typical Chinese egg noodles or chow mein noodles if you need help locating them.

Vaccine information

You get more info about medical facility requirements and other travel insurance you need to enter China.

Natural resources in China

  1. The most important holiday in China, the Chinese New Year, lasts for approximately 15 days, from the new moon that happens between the end of January and the end of February to the next full moon.
  2. The Forbidden City in Beijing is a collection of royal buildings with about 9,000 rooms rich in artifacts, history, and culture.
  3. The Forbidden City is one of China’s last three remaining historical castles. It is a place that UNESCO recognizes.
  4. If you are in Beijing, try the Peking Duck. It is a traditional imperial meal that was first made in the kitchens of the palace, where Forbidden City chefs created specialized recipes for monarchs.
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