For Muslims worldwide, including those in India, doing Umrah is a spiritual pilgrimage. This in-depth tutorial offers thorough insights into the Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa application procedure for Indian nationals in 2024. This guide attempts to help Indian pilgrims organize a successful Umrah journey, including everything from eligibility requirements to necessary paperwork, fees, processing timeframes, and extra advice.

Umrah Visa Overview

  1. Purpose and Significance

Umrah, meaning “to visit a populated place” in Arabic, is a non-mandatory pilgrimage to Mecca’s Masjid al-Haram, a revered act in Islam. Primarily performed during Ramadan or the preceding lunar months, Umrah signifies a time of heightened divine mercy and increased rewards for worship. Open to Muslims of any age, there’s no lifetime limit on Umrah, but guidelines apply to female pilgrims. Those under 45 require a mahram, while those over 45 can travel without one. Historically, the first Umrah pilgrimage was led by Prophet Muhammad after the Migration to Medina. Focused on the Kaaba, the House of God, Umrah transcends cultural and social boundaries, uniting believers in a spiritual journey of devotion to Allah—a testament to the inclusive nature of Islamic faith.

  1. Visa Requirement for Indians

Indian citizens planning to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia must obtain a valid Umrah Visa. The application process involves specific steps and eligibility criteria.

Umrah In Different Seasons

  • Springtime : It’s comfortable because of the mild weather, but pilgrims will be in large numbers.
  • Summertime : Few pilgrims during this time of year; more affordable, but be ready for the heat.
  • Fall : September through November brings a humid atmosphere, fewer crowds, and cheaper costs.
  • Winter : It’s a popular and more costly period for Umrah, but there are benefits, like the pleasant weather and the extra spiritual importance of Ramadan.

Umrah Visa Application Process

Knowing about the Umrah Visa application procedures is important for Muslims of India who want to perform this holy journey since doing the Umrah is an important spiritual journey for Muslims. Below is a thorough explanation of every step :

Application Channels

  • Authorized Travel Agencies : Umrah visa applications for Indian citizens are exclusively processed through approved Saudi Umrah Operator Travel Agents. These agencies simplify the application process and provide a range of Umrah packages. Additionally, they furnish applicants with a reference number vital for the subsequent stages of the visa application.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Portal : Upon securing the Umrah package, applicants are directed to the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. This centralized platform is the hub for Umrah visa processing, ensuring efficiency and transparency throughout the application.


Required Documents

  • Colored Scanned Passport Copies : Submit valid passports with a minimum validity of six months beyond the travel date. Colored scans are recommended for enhanced document accuracy.
  • Passport-sized Photo : Include a recently colored, scanned passport-sized photo with a white backdrop and precise measurements. Attention to these details significantly improves the overall accuracy of the application.
  • Umrah Visa Fee : The Umrah Visa fee, totaling Rs 17,500 and includes insurance coverage, is critical. A thorough understanding and adherence to the financial requirements are imperative for a successful application.


Processing Time

  • Regular Processing : The standard processing period for Umrah visas, encompassing Fridays, Saturdays, and KSA holidays, spans three to five working days. Those opting for regular processing should plan accordingly, allowing sufficient time within this specified timeline.
  • Express Processing : For individuals seeking expedited services, express processing offers a remarkable 48-hour turnaround time. Express processing is unavailable on Fridays, Saturdays, and KSA holidays. Submissions for expedited processing are only accepted between 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Eligibility Criteria for Umrah Visa for Indians

It is important to know the Eligibility criteria of Indian Nationals for Umrah visas. Below is a detailed list of the specifications needed :

A. How Indians Can Get Umrah Visa

  1. For GCC Residents :
    • Who Can Apply : If you live in Gulf countries, you can apply online or for a tour package.
    • How to Apply : Choose between the easy online process or get help from travel agencies with tour packages.
  2. For US, UK, EU/Schengen Residents :
    • Who Can Apply : If you’re from the US, UK, or EU/Schengen countries, you may have more options like visa on arrival or tour packages.
    • How to Apply : Pick between visas on arrival or go for a tour package from approved travel agencies.
  3. For Others :
    • Who Can Apply : If you don’t fit any of the above mentioned categories, apply through an authorized travel agency using an Umrah tour package.
    • How to Apply : Book a tour package for a supported Umrah visa application.

B. Indians and Saudi Arabia Tourist e-Visa

  • Online Application Limitation :
    • Not Eligible : Unfortunately, Indian citizens can’t apply online for a Saudi Arabia Tourist e-visa.
    • What to Do : Look into other options, like authorized travel agencies providing Umrah tour packages.


C. Tour Package Option

  • Booking Umrah Packages :
    • How to Apply : Indians can get the Umrah Visa by booking tour packages from approved service providers.
    • What’s Included : These packages cover visa help, accommodation, transportation, and other services, making it easy for pilgrims.

Umrah Visa Application Tips

Below are the detailed tips to look for before starting your journey to Umrah :

A. Choosing the Right Travel Agent

  1. Find a Travel Agent : Look for a Saudi Umrah Operator Travel Agent who knows their stuff and is allowed to help with Umrah visas for Indians.
  2. Get Some Backup : Pick an agency that helps you during the visa application process. Having someone on your side makes everything clearer.

B. Getting the Visa Done

  1. Apply Early: Be a timely person. Apply at least two months before you plan to leave. This support makes everything easy and smooth.
  2. Present Correct Information: When filling out the forms, Give your information correctly and accurately. Check it twice so there are no mistakes that can create issues.

C. Staying Safe and Healthy

  1. Follow the rules: Do what the Saudi government says to stay safe. If there are any COVID-19 rules, follow them effectively.

D. Money is important.

  1. Cash Check: Ensure you have enough money to cover your travel and stay in Saudi Arabia. Having enough cash eases your journey.

E. Keep an Eye Out for More Requests

  1. Listen to Your Helper: Be ready to show more papers or go for an interview if the Saudi embassy asks. Your helper should tell you what to do, so don’t stress too much.

Umrah Visa Document Requirements : What You Need to Know

  1. Umrah Visa Application Form : Complete the form with accurate details. Take your time to read the form carefully to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  2. Passport Photo : Present your recent passport-sized photograph. Use online services to update your photo if needed.
  3. Passport Validity : Check the validity of your passport. Your passport should be valid up to 6 months after your planned return. Check the expiry date before leaving.
  4. Flight Tickets : To show your commitment to the Umrah journey, show your non-refundable tickets.
  5. Solo Female Travelers : Show your proof of relationship if traveling alone. Be aware of any special rules for female travelers.
  6. Health Insurance : Health insurance covering COVID-19 is needed. Put your health first and make sure you have full coverage.
  7. Meningitis Vaccination : Vaccinate yourself at least ten days before your trip. Make certain that the immunization certificate is at most three years. Encourage safety and well-being the entire way.

Umrah Visa Costs

Below are the Visa costs for umrah, which can vary from package to package and country to country.

  • Visa Fee : $380 to $490 (depending on the country).
  • Total Cost : The Umrah trip package costs $1000–$2,000.


Umrah Visa Prices from India

  • Single-Entry Umrah Visa : Cost: INR 15,500 per person. Ideal for individuals planning a one-time Umrah pilgrimage.

Multiple-Entry Umrah Visa (Within a Year) : Cost: INR 24,000 per person. Suitable for those intending to perform Umrah multiple times within a year.

Umrah Visa Validity and Processing Time

  1. Validity : Two weeks are allotted for the official Umrah visa—special considerations throughout the holy month of Ramadan.
  2. Processing Time : Depending on the nation of residency, this usually takes five to ten days.

Tips for a Successful Umrah Trip

  1. Physical and Spiritual Preparation : Exercise physically and use prayer to strengthen your spiritual bonds.
  2. Registering an App : When you arrive in Saudi Arabia, download the Eatamarna/Nusuk and Tawakkalna applications.
  3. Ritual Understanding : Learn about the Umrah customs and become acquainted with Saudi government regulations.
  4. Cultural Respect : Respect regional traditions and customs by dressing modestly.
  5. Health and Safety : Follow safety precautions, have a first aid kit on hand, and drink plenty of water.
  6. Patience and Positivity : To overcome obstacles, have patience and an optimistic outlook.
  7. Spiritual Focus : For the greatest advantages during Umrah, focus on the spiritual side and establish a prayerful connection with Allah.


This thorough guide aims to empower Indian nationals who intend to perform the Umrah in 2024. Pilgrims can set off on their spiritual journey well-prepared and educated if they know the prerequisites for obtaining a visa, the required documents, the expenses involved, and some advice for trouble-free travel.

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