Georgia Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Georgia in 2024
Welcome to Georgia

Welcome to Georgia

Georgia offers stunning scenery, delectable cuisine, friendly people, and vibrant cities. It’s time to travel there! This little nation is surrounded by the Black Sea and is situated where Eastern and Western Europe converge. In our in-depth travel guide, you can find all the details you require before your trip to Georgia, such as suggestions for your itinerary, information on obtaining a visa, and the best time to go.

Document checklist for Georgia

Sufficient funds

Visa (if applicable)

A valid passport (valid for no less than three months beyond the intended stay)

Return airline ticket

Travel Insurance

Essential Georgia travel information

Currency – The Georgian lari (GEL) is the currency in use officially. 1 GEL is comparable to around 0.37 USD.

Daily budget for one person – GEL 70 (USD 26) per person.

Languages – People speak Georgian, English, Russian, and Azerbaijani in Georgia.

Socket type – There are two plug kinds that are related to Georgia: C and F. Georgia uses a 220V supply voltage and a 50Hz frequency.

Time zone – Georgia Standard Time (GMT+4),

Top 3 cities to visit – Batumi, Mestia, and Tbilisi.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – The Narikala Fortress, the Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, and the Bridge of Peace

Visa information for Georgia

Visitors from several countries must get a visa to enter Georgia. To obtain a Georgia eVisa for travel or business, VisaBud helps applicants.

Typical costs and budget for Georgia

Daily spending per person – GEL 70 (USD 26) per person.

Meals – You can spend as much as GEL 19 (USD 7) per day on a typical budget.

Transport – The daily cost of public transportation might reach GEL12 (USD 5.50).

Hotel – Depending on the level of luxury, a private room for one person might cost anywhere from GEL 25 (USD 9) to GEL 51 (USD 19).

The price of a weeklong trip for two people to Georgia is around GEL 978 (USD 364).

Transport and best ways to travel around Georgia

Georgian cities may be reached via long-distance services as well as intercity buses.

“Marshrutkas” is another name for this kind of public transportation. To go to Georgia’s most isolated locations, inhabitants frequently use this mode of transportation. Unfortunately, the yellow minibusses stop on the street or along significant roads; they don’t adhere to a timetable. So ahead of boarding, be sure that you verify your destination.

For quick excursions, Georgia offers highly reasonable and pleasant taxis. However, before leaving, it is advisable to haggle with drivers about the price of your journey.

The train is a fantastic opportunity to see the country’s stunning beauty while traveling across it. Major cities and towns are connected by trains. Even overnight trains are available between Tbilisi in central Georgia and western Georgia and Turkey. Purchase tickets at the railway station or online.

Safety in Georgia

Georgia is generally a very safe place to travel and conduct business. Minimal instances of crime exist. However, to prevent problems, you should constantly exercise caution when traveling. In Georgia, ladies traveling alone shouldn’t have to fear. At night, it’s best to avoid traveling alone in remote locations.

Political upheaval makes it necessary to avoid travel to territories bordering Russia, especially the separatist republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Weather in Georgia

It’s important to know when to go to Georgia. The weather might play a significant role in choosing the best time to go, depending on your plans, such as climbing in the Caucasus Mountains, discovering Kakheti’s wineries, or skiing.

May through October is the finest time to explore Georgia’s scenery. While the winter is considerably more frigid, the summer is much warmer and typically sunny.

From June to August, when traveler lodging rapidly fills up, is considered the high season. As a result, the lowlands and the nation’s capital, Tbilisi, may get hot. Nevertheless, now is a great time to visit mountainous regions because snow-free hiking in the Caucasus is assured.

Popular Cities and Towns in Georgia

Batumi: Beautiful European and Asian architectural designs may be seen in Batumi, the second-largest city in Georgia.

Tbilisi: Home to world-class musicians, coworking spaces, and street art, Tbilisi has a rich cultural history. Due to the Georgian Orthodox Church, the Great Synagogue, and the Jumah Mosque close proximity, it is also an important religious site.

The Caucasus Mountains’ central city, Mestia, is home to several nearby UNESCO-listed settlements.

Must do and see on a Georgia trip

Appreciate the Gergeti Trinity Church, which features a towering enclosed chapel. It is the nation’s most recognizable cathedral, mainly seen from a distance against a striking backdrop of snow-capped and angular peaks.

Trek the Caucasus Mountains; Georgia is a top location for hiking. Georgia’s mountains have plenty to offer everybody, whether you’re seeking strenuous long-distance walks through inaccessible areas or simple day hikes beneath breathtaking snow-capped peaks.

Visit Vardzia, one of the most breathtaking regions in rural Georgia, renowned for its churches, caverns, and sanctuaries carved out of sandstone. The locations have been occupied since the 12th century.

Typical Georgian food to try

Churchkhela: A collection of nuts coated in grape juice syrup makes up the Georgian confection known as churchkhela.

Among Georgian cuisine’s most widely recognized meals, Khinkali is regarded by many as the country’s national meat dish. It is made of dough pieces packed with a broth made of veal and pork.

Georgian bread (Puri) is made in a clay oven, much like Indian naan. This kind of bread goes with the majority of Georgian cuisine.

Vaccine information for Georgia

Before entering Georgia, it’s essential to comprehend the Covid vaccine requirements as well as any other requirements. See the CDC website for the most recent health recommendations for your travel to Georgia.

Fun facts about Georgia

  1. Georgia is home to the deepest cave in the world. The western Caucasus region’s Gagra Mountain range conceals the Veryovkina Cave.
  2. Georgians consider visitors to be a blessing from God.
  3. Tbilisi, the nation’s capital, gets its name from the Georgian word “warm.” This is a reference to the 5th-century discovery of natural hot springs.
  4. Georgia was the birthplace of the first Europeans. During an excavation in Dmanisi, the Caucasus’s oldest human skulls were discovered.
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A Georgia visa is a legitimate document that permits the holder to enter and remain in the nation for the designated number of days.

Indian citizens visiting Georgia for short-term purposes, such as vacations, sightseeing, business trips, or quick family visits, should apply for a Georgia visa. The kind of visa you need to enter Georgia may vary depending on your nationality, the reason for your trip, and how long you intend to stay.

The eVisa is suitable for 120 days after the date of issuance, during which time you are allowed to stay in Georgia for up to 30 days.

We advise you to apply for an eVisa online at least ten days before you want to enter Georgia. Applying, however, cannot be done earlier than 30 days before your entrance into Georgia.