Gibraltar Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Gibraltar in 2024
Welcome to Gibraltar


The Neanderthal era is part of Gibraltar’s long and rich history. Many nations have fought for control of it throughout history, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Spanish, and British. As a result, the nation’s architecture, cuisine, and language all exhibit a distinct blend of cultural influences.

Despite its small size, Gibraltar offers tourists a distinctive blend of commerce, nature, culture, and history. Gibraltar is a popular tourist destination since it has something to offer everyone, including street markets, Barbary macaques, and the Rock.

Document checklist for Gibraltar

  • A valid passport: valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay.
  • Visa
  • Travel itinerary
  • Flight ticket
  • Accommodation details
  • Travel Insurance
  • Health documentation

Essential Gibraltar travel information

Currency – The Gibraltar pound (GIP) is the official money of Gibraltar.

Daily budget for one person – £100-120

Language – English is Gibraltar’s official language and is extensively used across the territory.

Top 3 cities to visit – La Línea de la Concepción, San Roque, Jimena de la Frontera

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – The Rock of Gibraltar, St. Michael’s Cave, Moorish Castle

Socket type – Gibraltar uses Type G electrical outlets. Gibraltar has a 240-volt voltage and a 50 Hz frequency.

Time zone – Central European Time (CET), (GMT+1)

Visa information for Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. Hence visitors from India need a visa to enter. Gibraltar, however, has its visa policies and is not a part of the Schengen region.

Typical costs and budget for Gibraltar

Daily spending – £100-120

Meals – £20-30

Transport – £5.

Hotel – £60-80 per night

Transport and best ways to travel around Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Bus Company runs an up-to-date and effective public transportation system in Gibraltar. The airport, the border with Spain, and the city center are among the majority of Gibraltar’s popular tourist destinations serviced by buses. Tickets may be bought on the bus, and the fares are reasonable.

In particular, for individuals who want a more individualized service, taxis are a practical method to navigate Gibraltar. Furthermore, in Gibraltar, prices for metered taxis are affordable. Therefore, negotiating the fee with the taxi driver before the trip is advised.

Renting a car is a terrific alternative to see Gibraltar at your leisure. Gibraltar is home to several automobile rental agencies, all providing affordable pricing. However, parking may not be accessible everywhere in Gibraltar, so it’s vital to bear that in mind.

Safety in Gibraltar 

Travelers can feel secure visiting Gibraltar. Low crime rates are present, and an effective and efficient police force. However, just as with any place they see, visitors should exercise some common-sense safety measures:

  • Keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid dark, lonely regions at night.
  • Avoid bringing a lot of cash with you or wearing pricey jewelry, and keep your valuables in a secure location, such as a hotel, safe.
  • Pickpocketing can happen in crowded places like marketplaces and public transit, so be cautious and aware of your surroundings.
  • If you intend to rent a vehicle or a bicycle, abide by the rules of the road, wear a helmet, and pay attention to other road users.
  • Given the variety of cultures in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, it’s crucial to respect regional traditions and customs.

Weather in Gibraltar

Gibraltar experiences moderate winters and hot summers due to its Mediterranean environment. However, the ideal months to visit Gibraltar are April through October because of the mild, sunny weather. With temperatures ranging from 13°C to 21°C in the spring, Gibraltar is a terrific place to travel. Although there are sporadic showers, the weather is mild and pleasant.

Gibraltar experiences its busiest travel season in the summer when temperatures range from 22°C to 27°C. There are sporadic heat waves along with bright, pleasant weather.

With temperatures ranging from 17 to 23 degrees Celsius in the fall, Gibraltar is a fantastic place to travel. Although there are sporadic downpours, the weather is still warm and sunny.

Gibraltar’s winter, when temperatures range from 11°C to 16°C, is considered the low season. Although it rarely rains, the weather is mild.

Famous Cities and Towns in Gibraltar

The largest and capital city of Gibraltar is called Gibraltar City. It is the location of several top tourist destinations, such as the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, St. Michael’s Cave, and the Rock of Gibraltar.

On the eastern side of Gibraltar is a little cove called Sandy Bay. The beach is well-liked by locals and visitors, providing stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

On Spain’s side of the Gibraltar border is the town of La Linea de la Concepcion. It is a well-liked day-trip location from Gibraltar and provides a bustling ambiance with various stores, pubs, and restaurants.

On the east coast of Gibraltar, there is a charming fishing community called Catalan Bay. The community is well-known for its vibrantly painted homes, seafood eateries, and lovely sandy beach.

Must do and see in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Nature Reserve protects a sizable portion of the Rock of Gibraltar. It provides lovely hiking paths, breathtaking scenery, and the chance to see the renowned Barbary macaques.

The most recognizable feature in Gibraltar is the Rock of Gibraltar, which provides breathtaking views of the African coast and the Mediterranean Sea.

On the Rock of Gibraltar is a limestone cave called St. Michael’s Cave. It has stunning stalactites and stalagmites in addition to a vibrant light display.

The Great Siege Tunnels are a network of galleries and tunnels constructed in the 18th century during the Great Siege of Gibraltar. They provide an exciting look into Gibraltar’s military past.

Typical Gibraltar food to try

Grilled sardines: An everyday seafood meal in Gibraltar is grilled sardines. The sardines are grilled until crispy and golden, seasoning with salt, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Torta de Acelgas: The ingredients for torta de Acelgas are phyllo dough, spinach, onions, garlic, and pine nuts. This vegetarian meal is well-liked in Gibraltar.

Calentita: Traditional Calentita ingredients include chickpea flour, olive oil, water, salt, and cumin. It is usually eaten as a snack or a side dish and is roasted till crispy.

Rosto: The popular dish Rosto includes braised beef, red wine, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. This substantial and tasty dinner is served with rice or potatoes.

Vaccine information for Gibraltar

The government of Gibraltar does not demand that visitors have a COVID-19 vaccination before entering the territory. However, it is always a good idea for visitors visiting Gibraltar to review the most recent travel advice and recommendations given by the Gibraltar government and the appropriate health agencies before departing. Additionally, it is advised that travelers receive a COVID-19 vaccination before departure, as this can help protect them and others from contracting the virus.

Fun facts about Gibraltar

One of the most well-known sites in Gibraltar is the renowned Rock of Gibraltar, constructed of Jurassic limestone. It is 426 meters tall and the habitat of the well-known Barbary macaques.

Due to its location at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar has long been a significant strategic point. Although it has been a British territory since 1713, it was previously governed by the Moors, the Spanish, and other nations.

One of the rare sites in Europe to witness wild dolphins in their native environment is Gibraltar. The common dolphin, striped dolphin, and bottlenose dolphin are three dolphin species that may be found in the seas of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a well-liked place to shop tax-free. Gibraltar has several malls and boutiques where you can get anything from luxury clothing and jewelry to electronics and cosmetics.

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Yes, a visa is required for Indian residents to visit Gibraltar.

We accept online applications for Gibraltar visas from Indian citizens.

Indian citizens need a short-term Schengen visa, which allows them to visit Gibraltar for up to 90 days within a 180-day timeframe.

A current passport, two passport-sized photos, a travel itinerary, proof of lodging, evidence of financial capability, proof of travel insurance, and a filled visa application form are needed to apply for a Gibraltar visa.

The processing time for an Indian visa to Gibraltar might take up to 15 calendar days from the day the application is filed.