Guadeloupe Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Guadeloupe in 2024
Welcome to Guadeloupe


One of the Caribbean’s undiscovered beauties is Guadeloupe. Although it has recently grown in popularity, this French overseas territory has benefited from being a less well-known vacation destination. As a result, both the islands’ extraordinary biodiversity and culture have been maintained. Continue reading to get some fundamental travel ideas and explore tools that might assist you in organizing a vacation to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

Document checklist for Guadeloupe 

  • Valid passport.
  • Travel bookings.
  • Accommodation bookings.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Travel itinerary.

Essential Guadeloupe travel information

Currency – The Euro is used as the native currency in Guadeloupe.

Daily budget for one person – €248 ($271)

Language – French is the official language, although Antillean Creole is also used.

Top 3 cities to visit – Les Abymes, Baie‑Mahault, Le Gosier

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Vanibel, Fort Delgres, Les Marches des Esclaves

Socket type – Guadeloupe’s power plug socket types are C, D, and E. 230 V and 50 Hz are the standard voltage and frequency, respectively.

Time zone – (GMT -4)

Visa information for Guadeloupe

For entry into Guadeloupe, one of the French overseas territories included in the Schengen Area, Indian nationals must get a Schengen visa. Indian residents can visit Guadeloupe and other Schengen nations for up to 90 days within a 180-day window with a Schengen visa. India’s French Embassy or consulate is where Indian nationals may apply for a Schengen visa.

Typical costs and budget for Guadeloupe

Daily spending – 248 EUR per person

Meals – 40 EUR per person

Transport -70 EUR per person

Hotel – 90 EUR per person per night

Transport and best ways to travel around Guadeloupe

To readily access off-the-beaten-path sights and distant spots, renting a car is the most practical and flexible method to explore Guadeloupe. In Guadeloupe, several national and local automobile rental agencies are operating, and most roads are in decent shape.

A network of public buses connects the major cities and tourist destinations of Guadeloupe. The buses are inexpensive, but they can be few and unreliable, particularly in remote places.

There are frequent ferry services between the islands of Guadeloupe, such as Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, Grand-Terre, and Basse-Terre. This is a beautiful and fun way to discover the islands and their beaches.

Guadeloupe has plenty of taxis suitable for quick journeys or transfers between the airport and your accommodation. However, it’s crucial to haggle the rate in advance because they might be pricey, and there is no regulation on the charges.

Safety in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe has a distinctive set of dangers and security issues like any other holiday location. Guadeloupe is, however, generally regarded as a safe place to vacation. Nevertheless, be careful with your possessions and avoid leaving them unattended in tourist locations because petty theft might happen there. Also, pay attention to your surroundings, particularly at night.

Guadeloupe is in the hurricane belt and experiences hurricanes from June to November, so anyone traveling there should know the dangers. However, Guadeloupe also boasts a lower crime rate than other Caribbean nations.

Weather in Guadeloupe

Visit Guadeloupe between December and May for the ideal weather, often dry, sunny, and low in humidity. The daytime high during these months is between 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, while the nighttime low is roughly 20 to 23 degrees Celsius. In Guadeloupe, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November. But this is also the time of year when fewer visitors to the island, and you can find great travel and lodging rates.

Guadeloupe’s typically warm and sunny climate makes it a fantastic vacation spot for tourists who want to take advantage of the island’s stunning beaches, tropical scenery, and outdoor pursuits like hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. However, when traveling during hurricane season, it is advised to pay attention to weather reports and travel advisories and to take the necessary safety precautions.

Famous Cities and Towns in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe’s capital and the commercial and economic hub of the islands is Pointe-à-Pitre, the city with the most significant population.

Located on Basse-Terre Island’s western shore, Basse-Terre serves as Guadeloupe’s administrative center.

Sainte-Anne is a little coastal community in Grande-Terre well renowned for its stunning beaches and lively market.

Must do and see in Guadeloupe

Discover the Guadeloupe National Park, which spans over 74,000 acres and is home to waterfalls, tropical rainforests, and hiking trails.

Explore Les Saintes, a collection of little islands in Guadeloupe with beautiful beaches, clean seas, and a quaint Creole settlement.

Visit the Memorial ACTe – This museum is devoted to the history and culture of Guadeloupe and the Caribbean, and it hosts exhibitions and activities that highlight the island’s complicated past.

Trek to La Soufriere: This active volcano is the highest point on the island of Guadeloupe and provides a strenuous but rewarding walk with breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Typical Guadeloupe food to try

Colombo: This is a savory stew cooked with beef and a mixture of spices, such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander, and turmeric. It frequently comes with rice.

Accras: These are tiny, deep-fried dough balls usually combined with salt cod and seasoned with thyme, garlic, and chili pepper. They are a well-liked snack or starter in Guadeloupe.

Bokit: Unlike bread, fried dough is used to make this typical sandwich. Fish, poultry, veggies, or cheese are some of the contents that can be put into the dough.

Vaccine information for Guadeloupe

Before visiting Guadeloupe, visitors are urged to acquire all recommended vaccines, including hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, and other illnesses.

Fun facts about Guadeloupe

  1. French is Guadeloupe’s official language, although many of the population also speak Antillean Creole, a Creole based on French with African linguistic elements.
  2. Guadeloupe is one of the few Caribbean islands that utilize the Euro as its primary form of payment.
  3. The Guadeloupe National Park, located in Guadeloupe and occupies more than 40% of the island of Basse-Terre, is renowned for its lush rainforests, waterfalls, and hiking routes.
  4. Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, and La Désirade are only a few of the Caribbean islands that make up Guadeloupe, a French overseas territory.
  5. The island of Marie-Galante is famous for its rum production, with several distilleries offering tours and tastings for visitors.
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Yes, Guadeloupe requires a visa for all Indian passport holders. The type of visa required for entry into Guadeloupe will vary depending on your country, the intended use of your trip, and the length of your stay. Visitors must also have a current passport, documentation showing enough money to cover their stay, proof of lodging, and return tickets.

Applications should be submitted three to one month before departure.

One can stay in Guadeloupe for up to 90 days for each visit, and the visa is valid for up to 6 months.

The type of entry that is allowed must be carefully considered. For example, the bearer of a visa with a single entrance restriction may only enter and exit Guadeloupe once; however, a visa with multiple entry restrictions may permit repeated entries and exits.

Yes, the Embassy will stamp the original passport with the visa. Therefore, the passport must have two blank pages. Furthermore, your passport must remain valuable for at least six months.