Guam Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Guam in 2024
Welcome to Guam


Even though Guam isn’t typically at the top of travelers’ must-see lists, there are still many amazing things to do on this tiny island! Guam is grouped with the other islands of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. It is renowned for its sand beaches, warm, muggy weather, and regular rainfall. Yet, even though it rains a lot, this island offers some gorgeous climbs, distinctive natural features, and a vibrant Chamorro culture that needs to be seen to be believed. This guide summarizes everything you need to know about visiting Guam, including what to do, where to stay, what to eat, and more, if you’re considering a trip there.

Document checklist for Guam

  • A valid passport.
  • Travel bookings.
  • Accommodation bookings.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Travel itinerary.

Essential Guam travel information

Currency – Guam uses the US dollar as its official currency.

Daily budget for one person – 155 USD

Language – While French is used for administrative purposes, English is the official language.

Top 3 cities to visit – Agat, Yigo, Santa Rita

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Two Lovers Point, Plaza de Espana, Asan Bay Overlook

Socket type – Guam has type A and type B power plug outlets. Guam’s electrical outlets’ standard voltage and frequency are 110V and 60Hz.

Time zone – (GMT +10)

Visa information for Guam

Indian nationals traveling to Guam must have a visa stamped in their passports before setting out.

Typical costs and budget for Guam

Daily spending – $155

Meals – $40 per person

Transport – $50 per person

Hotel – $80 per person per night

Transport and best ways to travel around Guam

At all hotels and significant shopping malls, taxis are easily accessible. The meters in all cabs are compliant.

Bus routes provide transportation to a few specific locations as well. For example, most significant shopping malls and hotels in Tumon and Hagatna are accessible via the line’s transportation. Check for the bus signage to find the specified pick-up and drop-off locations.

At all hotels, significant shopping malls, and along Pale San Vitores Road, trolleys are easily accessible.

Safety in Guam

Guam experiences minor crimes. Protect your belongings by exercising common sense; avoid leaving them in your automobile or bringing them to the beach. Tropical storms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunamis can all occur in Guam. For updates, watch the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System.

Weather in Guam

Since the weather is mild and the amount of rainfall is lower, late winter and early spring, from January through May, is the ideal time to visit Guam. You may go snorkeling, diving, hiking, climbing, exploring, and shopping at this time without worrying about the oppressive summer heat or severe rains. Furthermore, you may enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about the heat because the average temperature from January through May ranges between 74 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, Guam is now experiencing its dry season, with monthly precipitation averages between 3.9 and 4.2 inches. Therefore, a jump in the ocean feels pleasant even if the water is warm, with an average temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Famous Cities and Towns in Guam

Agat: Agat is the commercial hub of the south, even though many see it as the western entrance to the south. The once-quiet beach community has seen much economic growth in the last 25 years, from shops and restaurants to the 70-room Inn on the Bay.

Yigo: With a total area of 35 square miles, it is the island’s most significant and northernmost settlement.

Must do and see in Guam

Tumon Beach: This beach in Guam is undoubtedly the most well-known and iconic. After all, it is situated directly in the heart of Tumon, the island’s administrative hub.

Fort Apugan: Hagta’s remaining Spanish fort offers breathtaking views of the Philippine Sea and other northern cliff formations.

Guam Museum: This is the most excellent location to visit if you want to experience some of Guam’s history, and it is located just in front of the Plaza De Espana.

Typical Guam food to try

Kadon Pika: The flavor of a boiling stew created with chicken marinated in vinegar, pepper, soy sauce, garlic, and onion will linger in your mind for a long time. Coconut milk is usually used to make the meal, which enhances its flavor.

Red rice: Red rice is the most often consumed food in Guam. Due to its powerful perfume and spicy flavor, it is similar to a Mexican meal.

Although you won’t be able to taste fina’denne as a stand-alone dish, it is still one of the most favored and frequently used all-purpose sauces that can be added to a wide variety of regional dishes.

Vaccine information for Guam

Every new guest must have a COVID-19 vaccination and pass a PCR test with a negative outcome within 72 hours.

Fun facts about Guam

Spanish colonists ruled Guam for more than 300 years.

Guam, which has 160,000 residents, attracts around 10 times as many tourists annually.

Although it frequently comes in substantial quantities, Chamorro food is delicious.

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Depending on the consulate we need to send the application to, the processing time for a visa at the Guam Embassy or Consulate might range from 2 to 15 days. Various factors influence how long it takes to complete a visa, and the consulate may alter this timeline at any time.

A passport is an official government document that attests to a person’s identification and citizenship. An official government document known as a Guam visa permits you to enter the nation for a specific period. To enter many countries, you need a visa.

All US citizens need a visa and a US passport to travel to Guam, whether for business or pleasure. In addition, various foreign nationals need visas. We can assist you in getting a visa.