Guatemala Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Guatemala in 2024
Welcome to Guatemala

Welcome to Guatemala

Many different types of tourists enjoy traveling to Guatemala in Central America. The options include adventure, historical wonder, or simply unwinding by the stunning Lake Atitlan. It’s a magnificent nation with a rich culture and breathtaking environment, making it the perfect location for a fantastic holiday. Our in-depth guide to Guatemala will give you all the details you require for the ideal vacation there.

Document checklist for Guatemala

  • Visa
  • A passport that is up to date and valid for or beyond six months past the desired stay
  • Ample resources
  • Airline tickets for the return journey

Essential Guatemala travel information

Currency – Guatemalan quetzal (Q). Approximately Q7.91 is equal to $1.

Daily budget for one person – Allow Q304 ($39) daily.

Languages – Spanish.

Socket type – 60Hz, 120V supply voltage, and Types A and B.

Time zone – (GMT-6).

The top 3 cities to visit are Antigua, Guatemala, Flores, and Guatemala City.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Tikal, Semuc Champey, and Lake Atitlán

Visa information for Guatemala

Most tourists can visit Guatemala without needing to apply beforehand for a visa. As many as 83 nations fall under “Category A,” allowing them entry without a visa upon arrival. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and most European countries are among them.

Most tourists require a passport from one of these nations and evidence of further travel, including a round-trip airline ticket, to enter Guatemala.

Typical costs and budget for Guatemala

Daily spending – Approximately Q304 ($39) per person daily when traveling on a budget.

Meals – Q87 ($11)

Transport – Q55 ($7.05)

Hotel – Q203 ($26) for two people.

The average cost of a weeklong trip for two is Q4,259 ($546).

Getting around Guatemala’s best by transportation

In Guatemala, the chicken bus is the most affordable mode of transportation. Now serving as countrywide public transportation, the vehicles were once U.S. school buses. In addition, they run interstate services, such as the three-hour trip from Antigua to Lake Atitlan. Despite being somewhat cozy, chicken buses in this Central American nation can be helpful for quick trips.

Using a collective van is another choice to balance time, cost, and security.

You might travel the nation leisurely with a rented car, but be advised that the roads are in poor shape.

Safety in Guatemala

A few safety measures are needed when visiting Guatemala. However, the capital city of San Marcos is secure. Similarly, due to low crime levels, the Huehuetenango Department and the municipality of Huehuetenango are both deemed safe. However, Zone 18 and Villa Nueva in Guatemala City should be shied away from due to elevated criminal activity.

Pickpocketing is a frequent kind of minor crime. Therefore, exercise caution in tourist areas and protect your personal belongings.

Weather in Guatemala

With a typical yearly temperature of 25°C, Guatemala has chilly weather all year round. Of course, it’s neither too hot nor too cold, but the weather is the deciding factor in the duration of your vacation.

However, the summer season, which lasts from November to March, is the most suitable period to go to Guatemala. Furthermore, since it’s the dry season, now is the ideal time to take advantage of the great outdoors and the stunning beaches. Nevertheless, be informed that it’s the peak season for tourism, and there will be masses along with more expensive amenities for travelers.

However, the Eternal Spring Land should not be visited during the rainy season. From June through September, the nation receives a lot of rain. In August and September, the country also experiences hurricane season. Since nobody requires to be stranded in a hotel while traveling, these are the worst months to refrain from.

Popular Cities and Towns in Guatemala

A popular destination is Guatemala City, the country’s capital. In this contemporary metropolis, you may experience the nightlife, eat delicious street cuisine, and visit some top-notch museums.

Antigua Guatemala served as one of the more significant colonial cities throughout the Spanish Empire. Due to the city’s location in a stunning valley, you may enjoy the Baroque architecture and wonderful natural surroundings.

People seeking days at the beach should travel to Monterrico. In addition to being the most fantastic industrialized beach city in the nation, it also offers a beach with black volcanic sand. In addition, there are several hotel choices for your leisure.

The Mayan ruins of Tikal, the animals in ARCAS, and the neighboring cave of the serpent may all be explored from Flores, a great starting point.

Must do and see in Guatemala

Check out Lake Atitlan: The volcanoes Atitlán, Tolimán, and San Pedro enclose the 130 km2 lake, which has shades that range from dark blue to green and provide a stunning picture.

Visit the Cuchumatanes Mountains by hiking—Discover Guatemala’s lush landscape in this lovely location.

Take pleasure in the Dia de los Muertos festivities. The initial and second days of November are observed as a holiday in Latin America. Guatemalans are known to throw a wonderful celebration in honor of their departed loved ones; they rejoice because they are still a part of their family.

Typical Guatemalan food to try

Since 8,000 to 5,000 B.C., tamales have been a popular dish in Guatemala. Sauteed in young plantain leaves or kernels of corn, it is prepared with corn masa or rice flour. The inhabitants stuffed the tamales with meat, cheeses, fruits, maize, tomatoes, bell peppers, roasted chiles, or other tastes.

Among the foods from the nation’s intangible cultural legacy is the Mayan cuisine kak’ik, also known as kakak. It comprises a soup made with local turkeys, tomatoes, cilantro, chiles, and achiote, which provides the soup with brilliant color. The stew cooks in a light red broth with a hint of spiciness.

Vaccine information for traveling to Guatemala

It’s crucial to be aware of the standard vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions needed for travel to Guatemala, particularly when visiting rural locations. It is essential to visit the CDC website to learn more about the necessary vaccinations and any suggested advice or medication listings.

Even though travel insurance is not required, planning for medical care coverage is an excellent decision if you travel.

Fun facts about Guatemala

The longest civil war in Latin American history happened in Guatemala. From 1960 through 1996, this conflict occurred in Guatemala.

The volcano in Guatemala that is most active is Fuego. It erupts 5 to 9 times an hour. However, these explosions are often modest and leave behind large ash clouds. Therefore, the residents needed to prepare for the most recent significant eruption in June 2018.

The world consumes Guatemalan coffee. Coffee, which is famous for having outstanding flavor, is the most significant industry in the country.

The city of Tikal, the Quirigua Ruins, and the cobblestoned streets of Antigua Guatemala are three of the nation’s Unesco World Heritage Sites. They are fantastic locations to study the history of the Mayan culture and take in charming colonial buildings.

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Yes. Guatemala requires a visa for visitors from India. Indian citizens can seek a visa for Guatemala through the Guatemalan embassy or consulate. The prerequisites for obtaining a visa must be met, and the relevant paperwork must be submitted to obtain a visa for Guatemala from India. Depending on the reason for a visit, an Indian may need a private, tourist, business, or labor visa for Guatemala.

A sticker placed on a passport known as a Guatemala visa enables the bearer to enter, depart from, or remain in Guatemala for some time.

Yes. Indian citizens who want to go to Guatemala must apply for a current visa.

Indian citizens visiting Guatemala are eligible for a 90-day tourist or business visa, depending on what best suits their needs.

Only one entry is permitted per typical Guatemalan visa.