Guernsey Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Guernsey in 2024
Welcome to Guernsey


Guernsey, the second-largest of the Channel Islands, has made significant efforts to shed its reputation as a quiet outpost, which is paying off. Guernsey, which is flatter and less visually striking than Jersey, has some beautiful beaches, especially along its northern shore and rocky cliffs in the south, and St. Peter Port, its vibrant and condensed port. But beyond offshore banking and cream teas, Guernsey offers much more. For more information, continue reading our trip guide.

Document checklist for Guernsey

  • Current valid passport
  • Valid transit visa
  • Sufficient funds

Essential Guernsey travel information

Currency – Guernsey’s official currency is the pound.

Daily budget for one person – $140

Language – While French is used for administrative purposes, English is the official language.

Top 3 cities to visit – Castel, Vale, Saint Anne

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – La Valette Underground Military Museum, Pleimont Observation Tower, Castle Cornet

Socket type – The electrical outlets in Guernsey are of type C and G. The standard frequency is 50 Hz, and the voltage is 230 V.

Time zone – (GMT +1)

Visa information for Guernsey

Before departing for Guernsey, Indian nationals must get a visa. Indian nationals must obtain a Guernsey tourist visa. The stay is often brief. A Guernsey tourist visa application does not need the applicant to be present.

Typical costs and budget for Guernsey

Daily spending – $140 per person

Meals – $40 per person

Transport – $40 per person

Hotel – $50 per person per night

Transport and best ways to travel around Guernsey

If you’re arriving by ferry to Guernsey, driving across the island is straightforward, and you are welcome to bring your vehicle.

You must drive extremely cautiously since many of the roads have blind turns and are narrow. Horses and bikers should also be avoided at all costs.

Guernsey’s bus system is up-to-date and practical, covering most of the island’s attractions, beaches, cities, and villages.

Safety in Guernsey

Traveling to Guernsey is relatively safe.

Weather in Guernsey

Guernsey and the other Channel Islands have a warmer climate compared to the UK. Despite this, there are a few differences. You may also anticipate mild summers that occasionally get hot with some rain. In the winter, temperatures seldom drop below freezing, and when they do, they typically don’t result in snow that settles.

Famous Cities and Towns in Guernsey

St. Sampson’s: St. Sampson’s is home to Guernsey’s second-largest port, and the neighborhood is rich in maritime traditions. This lovely parish has a population of about 9,000 people and has a laid-back way of life.

St. Peter Port: Located on Guernsey’s east coast with views of Herm and Sark, two nearby islands, St. Peter Port is a lovely town with cobblestone alleys that mix history with top-notch eateries and independent stores.

Must do and see in Guernsey

Kayaking and coasteering: The coastline of Guernsey is ideal for water-based exploration, and kayaking is one of the most significant ways to accomplish so. You can hire one and travel at your leisure if you know what you’re doing.

Boat safari: You may go on a safari on a rigid inflatable boat if you’d like something a bit less demanding but still on the water. They will lead you through the island’s cliffs and coastal caverns and to the little islets of Les Écréhous and Les Minquiers. You could even be fortunate enough to observe dolphins and other marine creatures.

Typical Guernsey food to try

Guernsey bean jar: An enjoyable delight prepared with haricot beans, beef shin, and vegetables, the Guernsey bean jar is another regional specialty.

Crab dishes: Most cafés, tea shops, and restaurants provide delectable crab salads and sandwiches.

Rocquette cider blends the island’s rich history of cider production with a sustainable philosophy to produce delectable and energizing beverages.

Vaccine information for Guernsey

Adults who have completed their vaccinations can travel to Guernsey without isolating or undergoing coronavirus testing.

Fun facts about Guernsey

  1. One of the first post boxes in the British Isles may be found there.
  2. Witches have designated seats in their homes.
  3. Fairies once occupied Guernsey.
  4. Previously, the island was connected to continental Europe.
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Given that Guernsey is a part of the British Isles and not a separate nation, Indian nationals must obtain a visa to visit. Whether you are visiting Guernsey as a tourist or on business will affect the visa application procedure.

Indian nationals can apply for a Guernsey tourist visa at the British consulate. You may also apply with us. The visa application procedure is completing an online application form, paying the visa cost, and providing supporting documentation, including a passport, evidence of trip plans, and proof of lodging and financial capability. Apply far enough before your anticipated trip to allow for possible variations in visa processing times.

Filling up an online application form, paying the visa cost, and providing supporting papers such as a passport, a letter from the employer verifying the trip’s purpose, a confirmation of lodging and financial means, and a travel itinerary are all part of the visa application procedure. Apply far enough before your anticipated trip to allow for possible variations in visa processing times.

If you have authorization to stay or are currently in the UK with a valid visa, you may be fit to apply for a Guernsey visa through the British embassy or with us. However, confirming the most recent visa specifications and turnaround times is crucial before applying.