Guyana Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Guyana in 2024
Welcome to Guyana


With its remnants of ancient civilizations, millions of square kilometers of dense rainforest that releases oxygen into the atmosphere, and diverse cultures that have withstood invasions and diseases, the South American continent has become much more accessible to tourists from across the world. Despite its abundant virgin jungle, enormous fauna, and cultural legacy with roots worldwide, Guyana is one of them. This travel guide provides all the information you want for your trip to Guyana.

Document checklist for Guyana 

  • A valid passport
  • A passport with a minimum of six months of validity left.

Essential Guyana travel information

Currency – Guyana’s national currency is the Guyanese Dollar. 210.704 GYD is equal to 1 USD.

Daily budget for one person – $124

Language – Guyana’s official language is English.

Top 3 cities to visit – Georgetown, Linden, New Amsterdam

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – St. George’s Cathedral, Demerara Harbour Bridge, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Socket type – Guyana’s power plug socket types are A, B, D, and G. The standard frequency is 60 Hz, and the voltage is 240 V.

Time zone – (GMT -4)

Visa information for Guyana 

To enter and leave Guyana, all visitors must have a current passport. Before traveling to Guyana, confirm your passport is valid for another six months. An onward flight ticket is necessary for those arriving by air. For a visa to go to Guyana, you may apply with us or contact the embassy in New Delhi.

Typical costs and budget for Guyana 

Daily spending – $124 per person

Meals – 43 per person

Transport – $ 41 per person

Hotel – $ 14 per person per night

The top modes of transportation in Guyana 

The simplest method of transportation is to use a taxi or private car. The most effective public transportation system in Guyana is the minibus system because there are no regular commuter trains. Through a well-managed fare system, they run in designated areas. The most affordable form of transportation is the private minibus.

Safety in Guyana 

You should be aware that this nation still has hazards to be aware of, despite its reputation for having kind people. Therefore, apply all feasible safety precautions before entering this lovely nation since, aside from small-time thieving, there is a major violent crime to be aware of.

In Guyana, especially in the busiest parts of the country like Georgetown, pickpocketing and purse snatching are common. Apply extra caution when near Stabroek Market’s general area and the area behind Bourda Market because these areas have been the scene of reported small-time crimes.

Because minor crimes can occasionally escalate to violence, the most effective course toward resolution is simply turning over everything you own as soon as possible. The issue is that murder rates in this nation are three times greater than in the United States, making violent crime, in general, a severe problem. In addition, robberies with weapons, muggings, break-ins, assaults, and rapes happen often.

Weather in Guyana 

With a typical yearly temperature of 27.5 C and 912 inches of precipitation, Guyana’s climate is equatorial, which means it is warm all year round. Although humidity is high throughout the year, it is noticeably worse during the rainy seasons when saturation levels are frequently high. The coastal belt and the interior, however, have quite different climates. Temperatures along the seaside range from 18 to 34 C and are moderated by sea breezes. From mid-November to mid-January, followed by May to mid-July, is when it rains.

Famous Cities and Towns in Guyana 

Linden: The capital of the Upper Demerara-Berbice area and Guyana’s second-largest city is Linden. In 1970, Linden gained the status of a town. The Demerara River’s banks serve as the city’s foundation. Bauxite mining is the most significant industry in Linden and the primary energy source in Guyana.

New Amsterdam: The third-largest and most beautiful city in Guyana is New Amsterdam. It is situated in the nation’s East Berbice-Corentyne Region. This lovely city is located close to the Berbice River’s mouth, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side of the river. The city functions as an important port for the nation.

Georgetown: Georgetown is Guyana’s most prominent capital city. This is where the nation’s parliamentary and legislative structures are located. Guyana is also home to the country’s legislative and parliamentary buildings. A significant international airport is located in this lovely city, and the distance between the two is only one hour.

Must do and see in Guyana

Visit Guyana and go piranha fishing: It is undoubtedly it if you seek an exhilarating activity. Pirana is present in a sizable number of rivers and lakes in South American nations, and fishing for them is not just a sport but also a way of life.

Experience bird watching: Guyana has more than 800 species of these flying beauties, which come in all different forms, sizes, and colors. This makes bird watching one of the top things to do in Guyana.

Start the challenging Awarmie Mountain journey at the base, where most visitors come by boat. This is a multi-day, overnight trek through a tropical jungle. The hike’s first fifteen minutes are spent strolling.

Typical Guyana food to try

Metamgee: The ingredient list for Metamgee includes cornflour, yams, plantains, eddos root, and cassava. These ingredients are boiled in coconut milk and given shredded coconut flavoring.

Pepperpot: Originally from the Amerindians, the pepperpot is a stew dish. It is prepared using spicy peppers, spices, and cassareep.

Curry: Chicken, fish, goat, lamb, and duck are among the different curries that the people of Guyana enjoy cooking.

Vaccine information for Guyana

Getting a COVID immunization certificate to go to Guyana is optional.

Fun facts about Guyana

  1. After Suriname and Uruguay, Guyana is the third-smallest sovereign nation in South America.
  2. The capital Georgetown is the biggest city in Guyana.
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You may acquire an arrival visa for up to 90 days with a current passport and confirmed airline tickets. In addition, a citizen of India may apply for a visa at the airport if they have a letter of invitation from a resident of the nation.

Indian nationals have access to various visa categories for international travel. A pre-approved or embassy visa, a visa on arrival, an electronic visa, and occasionally a visa waiver are all options for Indian nationals. In addition, you can obtain a visa on arrival and an official travel document at a foreign country’s international port of entry.

Yes, a visa is required for Indian citizens to enter Guyana.

All visitors, except for citizens of the excluded nations, require visas.