Hungary Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Hungary in 2024
Welcome to Hungary


For tourists, Hungary conjures up various imagery, from the metropolitan lights of Budapest to the little, rural towns nestled into the hillside. It is a nation home to several charming little villages and cities with ancient ruins, antique architecture, and other delights.

Document checklist for Hungary 

  • Valid passport
  • Hungary visa
  • Confirmation of a return ticket
  • Information about your contacts in Hungary—family, friends, or business
  • Confirmed hotel reservations

Essential Hungary travel information

Currency – The Hungarian Forint (HUF) is the official currency of Hungary.

Daily budget for one person – Ft30,341 ($89)

Language – Most people in Hungary speak Hungarian, which is the language’s official status.

Top 3 cities to visit – Tapolca, Lillafured, Tihany

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Buda Castle, Esztergom Basilica, Aquincum

Socket type – 50Hz and 230V supply voltage are used in Hungary. Sockets are of type C, and type F are both type C.

Time zone – (GMT +2)

Visa information for Hungary 

To go to Hungary, you’ll require a 90-day short-term visa. Another name for this transitory visa is the Schengen visa. You may already know that all European nations parties to the Schengen Agreement accept the Schengen visa. Per the Schengen consent, Hungary constitutes one of the nations.

Typical costs and budget for Hungary 

Daily spending – Ft30,341 ($89) per person

Meals – Ft8,018 ($23)

Transport – Ft4,312 ($13)

Hotel – Ft30,366 ($89)

Transport and best ways to travel around Hungary 

The shortest way to travel between large cities is by intercity train. However, seat reservations are required for services indicated on schedules and cost an additional 480Ft. Seat bookings require a different numbered piece of card accessible at any MAV office.

Most of Hungary’s buses, which are frequently the quickest means of transportation connecting the smaller towns, are operated by Volánbusz.

Preferably request your hotel, restaurant, or bar to decide for you a cab because private cabs are known for taking advantage of visitors. Use cabs with side markings that display a local taxi company, its logo, and its number if you have to hail one on the street.

Safety in Hungary 

There is petty crime in Hungary, particularly in tourist locations and public transportation. Additionally, car thefts and highway robberies happen. Therefore, be careful of strategies used to get drivers to stop. For example, keep your cabin closed if you take a train at night.

Weather in Hungary 

One can experience all four of the main seasons in Hungary because of its moderate climate. The summers are sunny and warm, making them ideal for strolling through and exploring cities. Conversely, the winters are perfect for individuals who want to experience snowfall and engage in outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

The typical high temperature in the spring can reach 220C in May, while the steady low temperature in March can be as low as 40C. Throughout the season, one can feel a constant cool breeze. In Hungary, the springtime temperature ranges from 4 to 220C.

Famous Cities and Towns in Hungary 

Eger: Among the best sites for a visit in Hungary is Eger, a town with a terrible past and blood-red wine situated on the Eger River. The Turkish invasion’s relics affect the town’s architecture, which is visible to visitors. The Valley of Beautiful Women, known as Bull’s Blood, is noted for producing attractive red wine.

Budapest: To comprehend Hungary’s history and present growth, Budapest is one of the must-see locations in the country. Ancient and historic structures coexist majestically with contemporary masterpieces of architecture. Therefore, why the Royal Castle Quarter, Andrassy Avenue, and the Danube River have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites is understandable.

Szentendre: A charming Hungarian village near Budapest that is a haven for artists. The lovely town is popular among visitors and appears fantastic, with cobblestone alleys flanked with vibrant Baroque mansions. Several art galleries, museums, and businesses entertain tourists.

Must do and see in Hungary

Cave Bath: For anybody who appreciates tranquility and lavish treatment, the Cave Bath in Miskolc-Tapolca is a must-see site. The only way to access the natural cave system where this thermal spa bath is located is by treading through it.

Lake Balaton: Central Europe’s biggest lake, Lake Balaton, is one of Hungary’s most popular tourist destinations. Most Hungarian families will attempt to travel to the lake throughout the summer to enjoy a few days taking advantage of the hot summer sun on its shoreline.

Typical Hungary food to try

Chicken Paprikash: You’ll fall in love with several classic Hungarian dishes, but none will make you feel that way as quickly as chicken paprikash. Every dinner table will include this meal, made with chicken cooked in a rich, creamy paprikash sauce.

Fisherman’s Soup: A substantial, comforting, and full soup that Hungarian fishermen historically made, Fisherman’s Soup constitutes one of the most incredible meals in Hungary. The fisherman would generally include the heads and tails while stewing their leftover catch in kettles or pots over an open fire.

Pörkölt: Pörkölt is a typical dish in Hungary. It will undoubtedly warm you up on a freezing winter day or give you the energy you need for summertime sightseeing because it is hearty, nutritious, and complete. Like numerous Hungarian recipes, pörkölt is a thick stew made with a foundation of meat, vegetables, and paprika.

Fun facts about Hungary

  1. One of Europe’s oldest nations is Hungary.
  2. Budapest was formed via the union of three cities.
  3. In Hungary, communism was opposed.
  4. Budapest is home to Europe’s biggest synagogue.
  5. Hungary is where you’ll find the largest lake in central Europe.
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No, not every Schengen visa will necessarily be issued for 90 days. Only the days listed in your travel itinerary and the dates of your reserved flights and accommodations are eligible for a Schengen Visa.

If your application for a Schengen Visa was previously rejected, you can submit another one.

Except in exceptional circumstances, you are not permitted to extend your Hungary short-stay while you are there, and going over your allotted time there is illegal or criminal. Instead, you must depart from Hungary within the allotted time frame and reapply for a visa if necessary.

A Hungary visa must typically be processed in the Hungary Embassy or Consulate for 10 to 15 days. However, the time it takes to process a visa for Hungary varies on various factors and is subject to change at the consulate’s discretion without prior notice.

Yes, submissions submitted by mail won’t be considered. Because biometric information must be recorded, the Schengen visa application must be presented in person.