Iraq Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Iraq in 2024
Welcome to Iraq

Welcome to Iraq

Iraq is a member of the Middle Eastern Arab nations, bordering Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. Moreover, the country is situated in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. Therefore, even though it is now not advisable to visit Iraq for tourism, we’ll give some insightful information in this comprehensive guide to visiting Iraq.

Document checklist for Iraq


Health declaration

Valid passport

Sufficient funds

Return airline ticket

Essential Iraq travel information

Currency – The Iraqi dinar (IQD). $1 is equivalent to approx. IQD 1435.

Languages – Kurdish and Arabic are the official languages of Iraq. In the nation, standard Arabic is spoken on official occasions. The majority of Iraqis nonetheless speak Mesopotamian Arabic. In cities, English is frequently spoken.

Socket type – Three plug kinds are related to Iraq: C, D, and G. 50Hz and 230V supply voltage are used in Iraq.

Time zone – (GMT +3), Arabian Standard Time.

Top 3 cities – Karbala, Basra, and Baghdad.

The top 3 landmarks/monuments are Babylon, Imam Hussain’s Shrine, and the Abbasid Palace.

Visa information for Iraq

You could require a visa to enter Iraq per your country of origin. However, on arrival, certain nationals might be able to get an Iraqi tourist visa.

Typical costs and budget for Iraq

Daily spending per person – One person’s daily budget is IQD 43826,28 (about $30).

Meals – The average daily meal may cost $6 or IQD 9320.

Transport – Daily charges for local transit are around IQD 628 ($0.43).

Hotel – A hotel night typically costs the utmost IQD 33,766 ($23) for one individual.

The top modes of transportation in Iraq

Small buses are a cost-effective and safe method to go around big cities like Baghdad and Kurdistan. Negotiate the price before you travel so you won’t be caught off guard when you get there.

Independent international visitors can travel considerably more swiftly by renting a car, although security and military checkpoints may provide challenges along the route. In addition, you might find it easier to travel quietly and safely if you hire a car with a driver who is highly familiar with the area.

Buses are one of the least expensive ways to travel between cities and suburbs.

Safety in Iraq

Iraq’s political environment is tumultuous and complicated right now. This is why it’s crucial to exercise constant caution and vigilance and keep up with local news from reputable sources.

Military conflict and terrorist strikes are significant concern. As a result, Iraq is currently not recommended as a tourist destination.

For tourists of both genders, there are better options than wandering alone at night or in urban or even rural regions. Take into account the following advice both before and during travel to Iraq:

  • Keep your foreign travel insurance handy if you require medical treatment or a medical report.
  • An Islamic nation is Iraq. Always be mindful of the regional traditions and customs. Although covering your legs and dressing modestly are not required for women, covering your legs is recommended.
  • Read the news and pay attention to what is happening in the country.
  • If you must travel to Iraq, always be mindful of your surroundings, and check with your embassy before departing.
  • While traveling, refrain from sharing your thoughts about the past, religion, or present state of the conflict in Iraq. Don’t discuss politics or religion with others.
  • Iraq is a nation at war, and minefields are still a problem throughout the whole country. Stay on the routes that the Iraqi government has designated. The best choice is to take a local driver who is familiar with secure locations and routes.
  • There are a lot of security checks for armed groups along the route. Always abide by the federal Iraqi police’s directives.
  • As the Iraqi authorities recommend, a visa for Iraq, any required permissions, and other papers should be available.

Weather in Iraq

Winter and summer extreme weather are both possible. Iraq experiences a wide variety of average temperatures, from July and August’s highs of over 48°C to January’s lows of below zero. The ideal times to travel to Iraq are thus in the spring and fall when the climate is more agreeable.

The mountains in the northeast and east are your most effective options in the summer since they are more relaxed. However, it might rain heavily in mountainous areas, particularly during December and April.

Popular Cities and Towns in Iraq

Baghdad: Every street in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital and largest city, is steeped in history as it was established in the eighth century. Baghdad is divided into two sections by the Tigris River. 40% of Iraq’s GDP is attributed to this sacred city.

Basra: The city of Basra is situated along the Shatt al-Arab River, which divides Kuwait from Iraq. It is the second-largest city in Iraq and is regarded as one of its most picturesque. Its location in a critical agricultural region also makes it home to the nation’s principal port.

Karbala: Over 30 million pilgrims travel to Karbala each year, one of Iraq’s holiest towns.

Must do and see in Iraq

The Abbasid Palace, a historic two-story structure with a view of the Tigris River, is Baghdad’s sole surviving Abbasid palace. The Abbasid dynasty controlled the Islamic empire in modern-day Baghdad from the eighth until the thirteenth century.

Shrine Of Imam Hussain: whether you’re religious or not, the Shrine of Imam Hussain is a location where visitors and travelers may renew their spirituality. It is a unique place of attraction due to its vivid and serene architecture and environment.

Babylon: The most significant and most well-known city in antiquity, Babylon served as Mesopotamia’s capital for two millennia. This city, 52 miles south of Baghdad, is a landmark in and of itself. Since around 2300 BC, it has been regarded as one of the birthplaces of civilization. The cultural hub of science, literature, and art is said to be Babylon. You must visit this historical location because it was once the most famous and influential metropolis.

Typical Iraqi food to try

Kubba Bil Burghur: Due to its popularity in the Iraqi city of Mosul, a meal called kubba bil burghur—also known as Kubbah Mosul—is cooked with nuts, cheese, rice, and minced beef.

Bagila Bil Dihin: Eggs and dried broad beans are combined to make the famous morning meal Bagila Bil Dihin.

Dolma: Likely to be mistaken with the stuffed grape-leaf utilized in the more popular variations of this meal, Iraqis use boiled chard wrapped in finger-length stuffings of ground beef, rice, nuts, and spices, all of which are topped with lemon zest.

Vaccine information for Iraq

Passengers are required to provide foreign vaccination records that include QR codes to verify their immunization status. If, for medical reasons, you are unable to receive the vaccination, you must submit a medical report and evidence of a PCR test performed within 72 hours.

Fun facts about Iraq

  1. Between 2150 and 1400 BC, the ancient Mesopotamian poet Gilgamesh composed The Epic of Gilgamesh. It is sometimes cited as the earliest lengthy poem ever written.
  2. One of the significant producers of oil and the owner of some of the largest oil reserves in the world is Iraq.
  3. Some of the world’s first civilizations were born in Mesopotamia, including the Sumer (about 4500 BC), Akkad (around 2300 BC), Babylon (circa 1894 BC), and Assyria (circa 1363 BC).
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Yes. Indian nationals must get a visa to enter the Republic of Iraq. The Iraqi Embassy in India is the place to go for visas. However, the embassy does not provide visas for tourists. Therefore, applicants are only permitted to visit Iraq for business.

Single-entry visas with a three-month validity period will be given to approved applicants. However, multiple entrance visas with validity for six months or a year may occasionally be issued.

Three months before the planned travel date is the earliest a visa can be applied for Iraq. To give ample time for processing, it is suggested that all visa applications be submitted at least fifteen days before travel.

Taxes are not included in the cost of the Iraq visa, which is subject to modification upon notice by the embassy.

Typically, it takes 12 working days to process an application for an Iraq visa.