Israel Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Israel in 2024
Welcome to Israel

Welcome to Israel

Israel is a place of contradictions where the old and new cohabit together. The government has a distinguished past; several locations are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also offers some of the most amazing beaches and well-known cuisine in the whole globe. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea are Israel’s neighbors. It is situated between Europe and Asia. Over 8 million people reside in this little country, with Jews making up most of the population. You can discover all the information you need before visiting this stunning nation in our comprehensive travel guide to Israel.

Document Checklist for Israel


Valid passport

Sufficient funds

Return airline ticket

Essential Israel Travel Information

Currency – The new shekel (ILS). ILS 3,54 is about what $1 is worth.

Daily budget for one person – ILS 347 (USD 98) is the daily budget for one person.

Languages – Hebrew is the official language. However, Arabic is also acknowledged.

Socket type – Three plug kinds are related to Israel: C, H, and M. 50Hz and 230V supply voltage are used in Israel.

Time zone – (GMT+02:00), Israel Standard Time.

Top 3 cities to visit – Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – The Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and the Baha’i Gardens.

eVisa Information for Israel

According to Israel’s visa policy, citizens of more than 140 countries and territories must travel there. The Israel eVisa system will soon allow visitors to get an eVisa online. Israeli tourist visas have a three-month maximum stay limit.

Typical Costs and Budget for Israel

Daily spending per person – The daily budget for one individual is around ILS 347 (USD 98).

Meals – You should expect to spend around ILS 99 (USD 28) daily on food.

Transport – Getting about locally might cost about ILS 24 (USD 6.90).

Hotel – The cost of lodging is around ILS 197 (USD 55.14) for a single person and approximately ILS 394 (USD 110.28) for a pair.

A one-person trip to Israel for a week typically costs ILS 2,431 ($686). Therefore, a weeklong journey for two people to Israel will cost about ILS 4,862 ($1,371). Therefore, ILS 9,724 ($2743) is the price of a two-week trip for two individuals in Israel.

Transport and Ways to Travel Around Israel

There are many routes that buses link customers with throughout Israel’s extensive bus network. Do not be alarmed; you may go calmly within the same city or to others utilizing this means of transportation. You can travel both short and large distances.

The majority of buses accept the Rav-Kav card for payment. It is available in tourist information offices, train or Rav-Kav stations, and airports. In addition, you may add more money toward your trip expenses using the Rav-Kav app.

Israel’s Mediterranean coast coastal districts are accessible by train. The trains are roomy and relaxed and offer free WiFi. You may reload the Rav-Kav card or buy tickets directly at the railway station.

Renting a bike or scooter might be an excellent option if you need to go short distances to explore. Even for residents, this mode of transportation is popular in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. You may make reservations and payments using the applications at Jerufun in Jerusalem and Tel-O-Fun in Tel Aviv.

The conventional method of taking a cab off the street is to use an app like Gett or Yango, where you may order the service and view the prices.

It is a shared transportation system that has lately grown in popularity since it is less expensive and better for reducing carbon emissions than taking a cab.

Safety in Israel

Israel’s low crime level makes it a safe place to visit. The act of exploring is safe for tourists. However, it would help if you exercise caution, especially when using public transportation since Palestinian terrorist organizations have been known to target buses and bus stations for assault. Of course, when there is no threat of unrest or clashes between Israeli forces and terrorist Palestinians, visiting Israel is often secure. If you’re in Israel, take into account the following safety advice:

  1. For overseas travel, purchase quality health insurance.
  2. To avoid any issues, learn about local legislation.
  3. Don’t go near Israel’s borders, please. Avoid the regions surrounding Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt since there may be terrorist strikes there.
  4. Ask your local government or the police for assistance if you need it.
  5. To stay current with the news, keep an eye on local media.

Weather in Israel

With long stretches of sunshine from May to September, Israel’s summers are renowned for being hot and sunny. However, from November to March, it will rain often. Israel’s west coast has a Mediterranean climate with moderate, wet winters and bright, sunny summers.

Popular Cities and Towns in Israel

Since King Solomon’s reign, Eilat has been a port city on the Red Sea. Its beaches will completely captivate you, and if you enjoy diving, they make it the ideal location; it boasts a coral reef and a diversity of aquatic life.

The largest city and old city in Galilee is Nazareth. Because the Bible claims that it was Joseph and Mary’s house and where Jesus spent his formative years, Christians travel there as part of their pilgrimage. The Annunciation Church, the most prominent Catholic church in the Middle East, is nearby, and you can trek through the charming neighborhoods and check out the local markets.

The financial hub of Israel and the country’s second-largest metropolis is Tel Aviv. It is among the cities with the most vibrant nightlife. Its Mediterranean beaches are great for strolling, and its markets sell delicious local cuisine that will introduce you to new flavors.

Among the oldest cities in the world and a sacred city is Jerusalem. It draws tens of thousands of devout Islam, Christianity, and Judaism followers. To learn more about this city, explore its historical alleyways.

The third-largest city in Israel is Haifa. You can explore the port and its bustling beaches while enjoying the stunning scenery. On the slopes of Mount Carmel, there are also the Baha’i Gardens.

Must Do and See in Israel

The Dead Sea, which lies below sea level and has a salinity of 34%, is one of the most famous natural wonders in Israel and the rest of the world. This makes it almost ten times more salt-rich than the ocean. Unfortunately, due to your inability to prevent floating, this trait makes swimming nearly impossible.

Judea’s desert, Masada, is a lovely plateau of rocks—a crucial fortification in Jewish history. There are still some traces of a lavish palace constructed in the traditional Roman style inside the Masada complex.

The Wailing Wall is situated near the Western Wall, which is in Jerusalem’s Old City. Each year, it draws hundreds of tourists who come to pray or write their prayers on paper and tuck them into the cracks in the wall. It is not a requirement to be religious to visit the wall. Consider what people experienced in the past with curiosity!

The Dome of the Rock is the most well-known Islamic landmark in Jerusalem’s ancient city, and it is visible from every part of the city. a gathering place for people of faith as well as others who appreciate historic buildings.

Typical Israel Food to Try

Israel serves shakshuka for breakfast. Poached eggs are used in a skillet with tomato sauce, chile, and garlic. The meal is served with tahini, bread, and an Israeli salad. In Israel, hummus is considered one of the most amazing foods. It is a complete supper alongside whole chickpeas, a little pepper, and olive oil. It is served with warm pita bread, and if you wish to appear more local, drink ice-cold lemonade along.

A falafel sandwich’s ingredients are chop salad, hummus, tahini, pickles, and amba sauce. Remember to taste it; it’s one of Israel’s most well-known and tasty meals.

Vaccine Information for Israel

Read the Covid vaccination requirements and other health recommendations before traveling to Israel. To examine all the information you want, it is essential to visit the CDC website.

Fun Facts about Israel

  1. The fourth-largest air force in the world is the Israeli air force.
  2. Israel is the Middle East’s lone liberal democracy.
  3. The Dead Sea is devoid of both flora and fish.
  4. Israel consumes more than one million pounds of hummus annually.
  5. The famous vegetable and salad garnish known as the cherry tomato first appeared in Israel.
  6. The Judaean Desert, the smallest desert in the world, is found in Israel.
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The earliest a visa to Israel may be requested is two months before the anticipated date of the trip. Therefore, all visa applications should be filed ten days before departure to give enough time for processing.

Indian nationals can renew the 3-month validity of their Israel visa as soon as it is about to expire. Depending on the kind of visa and length of stay, an entrance can be made as either single or multiple.

The actual passport will be stamped with the visa by the embassy. The passport must thus include two blank pages. Additionally, the validity of your passport should extend at least six months beyond the desired stay.

The minimum processing period for all categories will be five working days, excluding the day when the application is submitted to Israel Visa Services.

On your passport, the visa will be stamped.