Jersey Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Jersey in 2024
Welcome to Jersey


Exploring Jersey, the greatest of the Channel Islands, is possible at your own speed. Charming villages and historical sites, with expansive coasts and gorgeous landscapes, may be found throughout this island. Despite being governed by the British, the French coast is where Jersey is most closely located. Many tourists travel to Jersey to see its diverse landscapes, which range from lush, rolling meadows to rocky, hidden beaches. Before your trip, look over our Jersey travel guide.


Document checklist for Jersey 

Original passport with at least two visa pages free of marks and at least six months of validity on the travel date.

Travel Bookings.

Bookings for lodging.

Trip schedule


Essential Jersey travel information

Currency – Jersey uses the Jersey Sterling pound as its national currency. 1.25 US dollars are equal to 1.00 Jersey Sterling pounds.

Daily budget for one person -.$200

Language – Jersey’s primary language is English.

Top 3 cities to visit – Paterson, Newark, and Jersey City

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – La Croix de la Reine, Sir George Don, and Les Jongleurs Statues

Socket type – The power plug outlets in Jersey are of type C and G. 230 V, and 50 Hz are the standard voltage and frequency, respectively.

Time zone – (GMT +1)

Visa information for Jersey

Any national wishing to work, study, or settle in Jersey must first obtain a visa. The Jersey visa requirements are similar to those of the UK.

Typical costs and budget for Jersey

Daily spending – $200

Meals – $42

Transport – $94 per person per day

Hotel – $64 per night

Transport and best ways to travel around Jersey

All of the main Jersey tourist attractions are serviced by island-wide bus services centered in the parish of St. Helier. A bus is the only kind of Jersey transportation you’ll require if you’re organizing a trip to the city. The new Liberation bus station in St. Helier, where the Jersey buses begin and end their journeys, is the island’s extensive bus network hub.

Use one of the dependable local taxi services on the territory to eliminate stress and preparation for your trip. However, be aware that varying fees apply to reserved cabs and public rank taxis contingent upon the time of day, the day of the week, and public holidays.

Safety in Jersey

With a lot of criminal activity generally non-violent, Jersey has a few of the lowest crime rates in the British Isles. All of the parishes have high levels of security for the community.

Weather in Jersey

Jersey experiences its most excellent weather from May through October. The most significant months for sunbathing are July and August, but for sightseeing and value in general, May, June, and September through early October are the finest times to travel. Temperatures are in the 60s F during daytime and 50 F at night, with fewer visitors. Jersey’s typical temperatures vary a little. When humidity is considered, temperatures appear chilly for approximately half of the year and are generally pleasant, with barely any chance of rain or snow all year. Compared to other tourist locations worldwide, the region is relatively temperate, scoring in the 60th percentile for warm temperatures.

Famous Cities and Towns in Jersey

Montclair: Located 30 minutes west of Manhattan, this charming hillside hamlet is a well-liked area to settle down and have a family. A rich and multicultural town, its neat districts are home to lovely older homes with intriguing art galleries and theaters strewn throughout.

Ocean City is brimming with thrilling activities. The lively boardwalk and extensive beach of this vacation destination, which is in the center of the Jersey Shore, provide a variety of attractions that appeal to tourists of all ages.

New Brunswick is a New York City commuter town and a central New Jersey business center. It is located alongside the south bank of the Raritan River. Even though its real estate market, educational institutions, and even street safety have much to be desired, it is a sought-after place to relocate because of its excellent public transit and short commute times.

Must do and see in Jersey

Dive into the surf; Jersey has several excellent swimming sites, and you’re only 10 minutes from the ocean, no matter where you are on the island. There are always places to swim, from thrilling waters for skilled swimmers to protected areas well-liked by couples.

Using an EVieBike, tour Jersey by pedaling: The whole length and breadth of the island is covered in well-maintained bike lanes and paths.

Visit Jersey National Park to see Jersey’s wild side: The Jersey National Park, which spans around 30 miles, combines Jersey’s distinctive characteristics of land and sea, coast, and countryside.

Go for yoga to reset your spirit: You may choose from various yoga experiences, such as on sand beaches and at sunset.

Typical Jersey food to try

Taylor Ham: Like bologna or spam, Taylor Ham is a processed meat that is salty and greasy. It is traditionally consumed as an element of a healthy Jersey breakfast: fried pork roll, eggs, and cheese served on Kaiser roll bread.

Sloppy Joe: A Dagwood sandwich rather than a burger is more comparable to the North Jersey sloppy Joe. It’s a sandwich made of cold cuts. With coleslaw, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese, thin slices of pastrami or corned beef are sandwiched between rye bread pieces in a double-decker manner.

Fat Sandwich: A whole fast food menu may be found inside the enormous sandwich.

Fun facts about Jersey

  1. The finance sector was not traditionally associated with Jersey.
  2. The cider from the island was well-known.
  3. Despite being so widespread, knitting was prohibited.
  4. One of the biggest tides in the world may be found in Jersey.
  5. The southernmost lighthouse on the British Isles is located in Jersey.
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Yes, visas are necessary for Indian nationals.

Indian nationals must have a visa to enter Jersey.

Indian nationals may apply for a Jersey tourist visa provided they satisfy the criteria set out by the government of Jersey. The requirements include:

  • Not having a criminal record.
  • Possessing a current Indian passport with at least six months of remaining validity.
  • Going for leisure or visiting friends or family.

No, a Jersey tourist visa cannot be used for employment. Any citizen of India who wants to work in Jersey must apply for a work visa.

If visa holders overstay it in Jersey, they may incur fines, penalties, and even a lifetime entry restriction. Therefore, it’s crucial to adhere to the permitted stay on a tourist visa and to depart the country on schedule.