Kosovo Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Kosovo in 2024
Welcome to Kosovo

Welcome to Kosovo

After a challenging past, Kosovo has been re-establishing itself over the past few years. It’s an essential visit on any Balkans journey because of the friendly locals, breathtaking scenery, and charming villages. This comprehensive Kosovo travel guide gives helpful advice and the top attractions.



Document checklist for Kosovo

Valid passport

Visa (if applicable)

Return or onward ticket

Essential Kosovo travel information

Currency – The Euro (€) is used in Kosovo. $1 is about comparable to €1.05.

Daily budget for one person – €40 ($42).

Languages – Kosovo’s most frequently spoken language is the Indo-European language of Albanian.

Socket type – 50Hz, 230V supply voltage, and Types F.

Time zone – (GMT+1), Central European Standard Time

Top 3 cities to visit – Gjakova, Prizren, and Pristina.

The top 3 landmarks/monuments are Brezovica, the Rugova Mountains, and the Kalaja Fortress.

Visa information for Kosovo

Kosovo is located in Europe but is not a member of the EU or the Schengen region. This makes getting to Kosovo a little more complicated. Nevertheless, although Serbia has some entry requirements, many visitors do not need a visa.

Typical costs and budget for Kosovo

Daily spending – €40 ($42) per person.

Meals – Everybody pays €10 ($11). The usual price per person in midrange restaurants is €20 ($22).

Transport – Kosovo has reasonably priced taxis, with short trips costing around €3 ($4). Bus fare is similarly reasonably priced, with most trips costing less than €5 ($7).

Hotel – a nightly rate of as little as €20 ($22).

The average cost of a weeklong journey for two individuals to Kosovo is €560 ($600).

The top modes of transportation in Kosovo

In metropolitan regions, taxis are an affordable means to get through Kosovo. Before beginning the trip, locate certified taxis with a yellow license plate and haggle the fee.

Buses are a standard transit means in Kosovo, particularly for longer journeys. They run on a regular schedule and are reasonably priced. Be sure you use a bus from a reliable company, and be ready for delays.

You can hire a car in Kosovo if you feel confident driving there. Because of this, you have a greater capacity and autonomy to explore at your own speed. Driving in Kosovo may be difficult, especially in metropolitan areas, so be mindful of that. Due to landmines left over from the Serbia-Kosovo conflict, stay off the roads.

Safety in Kosovo

Tourists may feel comfortable traveling to Kosovo. Nevertheless, just like in every other nation, there are specific security protocols that visitors should follow.

Here are a few recommendations for visitors to Kosovo:

Kosovo is a politically heated nation. Thus there could be protesters or riots that go violent. Therefore, it is better to remain detached from these occasions to minimize potential tensions and watch local media for the most recent news.

Look for certified taxis with a yellow license plate while taking a cab. Unlicensed taxis could not trustworthy or safe.

It’s crucial to respect regional customs and practices and to dress correctly because Kosovo is a conservative country.

Weather in Kosovo

Winters in Kosovo are chilly, while summers are scorching. The seasons of spring (April to May) and fall (September to October) are ideal for traveling to Kosovo because of the temperate temperatures and pleasant weather. As in most European cities, as long as you don’t mind scorching temperatures, the peak summer months (June to August) can also be an excellent opportunity to visit.

Must do and see in Kosovo

The magnificent Rugova Canyon is an inherent beauty in western Kosovo that is worth experiencing. Visitors may take advantage of hiking, rock climbing, and breathtaking canyon vistas.

Visit Pristina: the capital of Kosovo is a lively and busy place with a blend of contemporary architecture and historic sites.

Visit the National Museum of Kosovo, the Modernist National Library of Kosovo, and the Ethnographic Museum.

Skiing in Brezovica: Brezovica offers some of the best skiing in the Balkans, with over 20 kilometers of slopes and breathtaking views of the Ar Mountains. It is a fantastic winter getaway because the ski season lasts from December to March.

Typical Kosovo food to try

Tava e Prizrenit: This substantial stew of beef and vegetables is made in a clay pot. With paprika and other spices, it frequently has beef, peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Flija: To make the traditional flija, thin crepes are layered with sour cream and butter. A wood-fired oven is used to bake it, after which it is served hot with honey or yogurt.

Pite: A pite is a savory pie with cheese, meat, or veggies. It is a well-liked street snack in Kosovo, offered at bakeries and marketplaces everywhere.

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Before traveling to Kosovo, Indian nationals must get a visa.

The maximum stay allowed in Kosovo with a tourist visa is 90 days; short stays are the norm. Therefore people of India must depart the country within 90 days of arrival.

The authorization is suitable for 180 days.

Applicants seeking a Kosovo tourist visa must be nationals of India and must fulfill the criteria established by the Kosovo government. The prerequisites include the following:

  • Holding a valid passport for at least six months that India issues.
  • Being clear of any felony convictions.
  • The purpose of the visit is either tourism or visiting friends or relatives.

The tourist visa for Kosovo is not acceptable for employment. Therefore, applicants for work visas must be citizens of India if they intend to work in Kosovo.