Libya Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Libya in 2024
Welcome to Libya

Welcome to Libya

Travel to Libya for leisure purposes is not advised at the moment. Travelers are reluctant to visit Libya in North Africa due to recent efforts to resolve an armed conflict there. If you must, research safe travel methods to this nation. People who want to travel to Libya are primarily concerned about safety. This comprehensive reference to traveling to Libya provides advice, information on obtaining visas, and intriguing facts about the nation.

Document checklist for Libya

  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Valid passport
  • Return or onward ticket

Essential Libya travel information

Currency – The dinar (LYD) serves as Libya’s national currency. Around LYD 0.21 is what $1 is converted to.

Daily budget for one person – LYD 720 ($150).

Languages – Libya uses Modern Standard Arabic as its official language.

Socket type – 50Hz, 230V supply voltage, types C and L.

Time zone – (GMT+2), Eastern European Standard Time

Top 3 cities – Benghazi, Misrata, and Tripoli.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Cyrene, Leptis Magna, and the Marcus Aurelius Arch

Visa information for Libya

Under severe restrictions, the Libya Business Visa enables visitors to enter the nation for business purposes.

Typical costs and budget for Libya

Daily spending – LYD 720 ($150) per person

Meals – LYD 96 ($20) per meal in a restaurant.

Transport – LYD 10 ($2) per kilometer.

Hotel – LYD 480 ($100) per night.

A weeklong vacation in Libya may cost LYD 17,640 ($3700).

Transport and best ways to travel around Libya

Avoid planning to drive yourself around and get advice from security professionals before attempting to bring it about.

Road travel is quite risky. Routes to and from large cities and towns will probably be blocked if tensions increase, and airports could be restricted or unavailable.

Safety in Libya

Due to the civil turmoil associated with the Libyan civil war, the security situation makes travel dangerous. The following are some specific safety advice for visitors to the nation:

There are still a lot of unexploded ordnances in Libya, especially in places where there was a lot of fighting during the conflict. These put travelers at risk, especially those who go off the beaten path.

Avoid risky locations like those along the borders with Sudan, Niger, Algeria, and Chad.

Weather in Libya

Libya experiences low annual precipitation and a hot, arid desert environment. The Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert influence the nation’s weather.

Temperatures are generally mild in coastal regions, such as the capital city of Tripoli, with average highs ranging from 17 °C in the winter to 31 °C in the summer.

Inland regions, such as the Sahara Desert, frequently reach temperatures above 40 °C during the day, and they drastically drop off at night.

Typical Libyan food

Shakshuka: Shakshuka is a typical breakfast dish in Libya and other nations in North Africa and the Middle East. It is made by cooking eggs in a tomato-based sauce with onions, garlic, and spices like cumin and paprika. Often, it is served with bread for dipping.

Bazeen: It is a traditional Libyan dish made by mixing water and wheat flour to form a dough that is then cooked in a cave. It is typically served with a stew made of lamb or chickpeas, other meats or vegetables, and a spicy tomato sauce.

Vaccine information for Libya

The CDC website should be checked often for the most recent information on all immunization requirements, COVID-19 precautions, and suggested medications and certifications for Libya.

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Whether they visit Libya for business or pleasure, all US citizens need a US passport and a visa. Likewise, most foreign nationals require a visa. We can help you apply for a visa.

An official stamp or endorsement on a passport granting permission to enter Libya is a Libya visa.

The application procedure might take up to 10 days if you fulfill all the standards set forth by the Libyan government.

After sending in a passport and application, there will be a 20-working-day waiting period before a visa can be issued to a resident of the country where the application is made.