Mexico Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Mexico in 2024
Welcome to Mexico

Welcome to Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic location with plenty to offer tourists worldwide. Due to the rich diversity of Mexican culture, making friends with other travelers is simple. You may learn about their way of life, sample their cuisine and beverages, and practice your Spanish all at once. You can find essential details to keep in mind before traveling to Mexico in our comprehensive travel guide.

Document checklist for Mexico

  • Visa
  • Valid passport
  • Sufficient funds
  • Return airline ticket

Essential Mexico travel information

Currency – Mexican peso(MXN). A peso is about equal to $0.050 in USD.

Daily budget for 1 person – MXN615 ($31), up to MXN1,734 ($86)

Languages – Spanish.

Socket type – There are two plugs: A and B. 127V supply voltage and 60Hz are used in Mexico.

Time zone – The time in Mexico is UTC −8 to −5, and in summer, UTC−7 to −5.

The top 3 cities to visit are Mexico City, Oaxaca, and San Miguel de Allende.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Chichen Itza, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Chapultepec Castle

Typical costs and budget to travel to Mexico

Daily spending per person: MXN1,734 ($86).

Meals: MXN 403 (USD 20).

Transport: MXN $276($USD 14).

Hotel: For a couple, a hotel in Mexico costs about MXN 1,350 ($67).

Typically, a weeklong vacation in Mexico costs M$12,137 for one person. Thus, a weeklong vacation to Mexico for two individuals will set you back at about M$24,274.

Transport and ways to travel around Mexico

Public transportation is the easiest and most economical way to get around Mexico’s cities and towns. You may use the metro system in Mexico City to go quickly and efficiently throughout the city. Other cities like Guadalajara and Monterrey have modest metro systems as well.

If a city doesn’t have a metro system, some buses will transport you there for a fair fee and let you practice moving about like a resident. Although their costs are more significant and more upscale, there are also Uber and taxi drivers.

Buses are a great alternative because they’re affordable for travel to other big cities. In addition, long-distance buses that will carry you to the towns are widely available in Mexico.

You can take inexpensive domestic flights if you prefer to travel more comfortably and avoid time-consuming detours.

Safety in Mexico

Even though Mexico has a high crime rate, you shouldn’t allow that to deter you from traveling there because certain cities are safer than others, and you could still have a fantastic experience there.

Don’t flaunt your possessions; bring the cash you plan to use that day.

It would help if you respected Mexican law, Mexican citizens, and Mexican culture.

Weather in Mexico

Mexico experiences many weather seasons. Travel is best done between November and March, the dry season. You could also participate in the Day of the Dead festivities at this time of year, an annual magical event when death plays a significant role in Mexican beliefs’ symbolic and spiritual expression.

Popular Cities and Towns in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, with its cobblestone lanes and elaborate structures, is a gem of Mexico. The antique homes are lovely. Take strolls in the districts and be astounded by this renowned American city’s artwork and serene atmosphere.

Mexico City’s magnificent architecture will wow you. If you want to understand more about Mexican culture and history, going to the Zócalo or Plaza de la Constitución in the Historical Center is preferable. Along with these vibrant and well-liked locations, you may also check out the Cathedral, Chapultepec Castle, and Condesa and Roma colonies.

Among the most significant cities in Mexico is Guadalajara. However, because of the blend of contemporary and historic buildings, it may still have the sense of a pleasant town. Go to the San Juan de Dios market to dine and sample classic quesadillas and other delectable meals.

Must do and see in Mexico

Find out about Frida Kahlo, an icon of Mexican culture through art. You may locate her art and life in this museum.

One of the world’s most crucial underwater art attractions is the Cancun Underwater Museum. There are more than 500 aquatic sculptures can be found.

Typical Mexican food to try

A breakfast meal known as “chilaquiles” has extremely classic corn tortillas that have been lightly cooked and are then topped with chicken, eggs, cheese, cream, and green or red sauce (a spicy condiment). Some people pair chilaquiles with little beans.

Al pastor tacos is one of the most well-liked tacos is it. Meat, onions, cilantro, and pineapple are included in the ingredient list. Tacos come in various varieties and appeal to a wide range of palates.

Enchiladas: Corn tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese, fish, beans, or vegetables are a traditional meal. Adding a chili sauce to the tortillas creates a filling and substantial Mexican breakfast.

Vaccine information for Mexico

Before flying to Mexico, you must be fully aware of the Covid-19 vaccination requirements and any other vaccinations you might need to obtain. The CDC or even the Mexican Government can provide you with all the most recent facts you want.

Fun facts about Mexico

  1. The Day of the Dead is honored as a national holiday: A memorial event commemorating the deceased. Altars dedicated to deceased loved ones are used to celebrate this and support the departed on their spiritual journey.
  2. Mexico receives the most foreign tourists of any nation in Latin America.
  3. Traditional Mexican gastronomy has certain distinctive dishes, such as tacos and enchiladas.
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For citizens of India with regular passports, a visa is required to enter Mexico. The Mexican Embassy in India must receive all requests for tourist and business visas for travel to Mexico. The interview and biometric procedure both need the candidate to be physically present.

A 180-day Mexico visa may be obtained. However, travelers may only enter once because it is a single entry.

The type of admission that is allowed must be carefully considered. For example, the bearer of a visa with a single-entry designation can only enter and exit Mexico once. In contrast, a visa with multiple entry designations may do so several times.

The earliest date to apply is two months before the intended date of travel to Mexico. However, all visa applications should be filed at least ten days before departure to enable enough time for processing.

If the applicant satisfies all criteria, the processing of visas takes two business days.