Myanmar [Burma] Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Myanmar [Burma] in 2024
Welcome to Myanmar [Burma]

Welcome to Myanmar

Any visitor searching for an adventure must visit Myanmar. We’ll provide you with the most remarkable travel tips and tactics in our comprehensive Myanmar travel guide to help you have a more pleasant and pleasurable vacation there.

Document checklist for Myanmar

  • A valid passport
  • A Myanmar eVisa
  • Myanmar Travel Insurance
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • A return airline ticket or onward travel itinerary.

Essential Myanmar travel information

Currency – Kyat (MMK) is the currency accepted in Myanmar. For example, 1,600 MMK is about equal to $1.

Daily budget for one person – $30-50 USD per person

Languages – The official language of Myanmar is Burmese.

Socket type – Type C, D, F, and G electrical outlets are available in Myanmar. Both the standard voltage and frequency are 230V and 50Hz, respectively.

Time zone – The time difference between Coordinated Universal Time and Myanmar Standard Time is 6.5 hours. (UTC+6.5).

Top 3 cities to visit – Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Shwedagon Pagoda, Bagan Archaeological Zone, and Inle Lake

Visa information for Myanmar

Most visitors need to get a visa before coming to Myanmar. US and EU nationals must obtain a visa to visit Myanmar, which calls for a current passport, a recent color picture, and payment by credit card.

Typical costs and budget for Myanmar

Daily budget: around $35 to $50 per person

Meals – Expect to spend around $3 to $10 per meal

Transport – around $5 to $10.

Hotel – around $10 to $20 per night

In Myanmar, a weekly trip for two individuals can go from $500 to $700 on average, including lodging, travel, meals, and some activities.

Transport and ways to travel around Myanmar

Buses are the most widely used and cost-effective means of transportation in Myanmar and are the most incredible way to go across the nation. Most cities and towns have access to buses, which are provided in various grades, from budget to luxury. Cash payments are accepted when booking the buses in advance or at the bus terminal. Buses are an excellent option for longer trips since they often offer comfy seats and air conditioning.

A picturesque way to travel across Myanmar is by train, another transportation method. Although trains are slower than buses, they offer a more laid-back mode of transportation, allowing passengers to take in stunning scenery. You may purchase train tickets in advance using cash at the railroad station. Getting your tickets in advance during the busiest seasons of the year is appropriate because they frequently sell out. In addition, you can often travel short distances in a taxi, tuk-tuk, or motorcycle in most cities and towns.

Safety in Myanmar

Typically, few violent crimes are committed in Myanmar, making it a safe place to go. However, local officials encourage visitors to use caution and always to be aware of their surroundings, just as they would in any other area. Consider the following advice to remain safe:

  • Crowded regions and tourist destinations can be the scene of minor crimes like stealing and pickpocketing.
  • It’s essential to watch your possessions and refrain from flashing your treasures or wearing expensive jewelry in public.
  • Respect all local laws, traditions, and customs. When visiting holy or auspicious locations, seek local guidance, and keep a careful eye on local media for any political unrest or other problems during your visit.
  • Criminal sanctions, such as significant jail terms or even the death penalty, may be imposed for drug possession or trafficking.

Weather in Myanmar

The incredible, dry season and busiest travel period is the ideal time to visit Myanmar. This time of year has temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, and the weather is often bright and comfortable.

In some regions of the nation, temperatures during the summer may rise as high as 40°C. In addition, high humidity and regular downpours throughout the rainy season can occasionally cause floods and landslides in more isolated places.


Must do and see when you visit Myanmar

One of Myanmar’s most well-known and breathtaking locations is Bagan, home to hundreds of historic temples and pagodas. Take a hot air balloon flight before sunrise to see Bagan’s temples come alive and to get the whole Bagan beauty experience. November through February, when the weather is temperate and dry, is the ideal time to explore Bagan.

A gorgeous freshwater lake flanked by sloping hills and floating gardens, Inle Lake, is found in the northern Shan State. Tourists may take a boat ride to explore the lake and the adjacent villages and get a taste of the locals’ culture, cuisine, and crafts. The appropriate period to visit Inle Lake is between September and February when the weather is nice and dry.

The Royal Palace, Mandalay Hill, and the Mahamuni Buddha Temple are just a few of the historical and cultural landmarks of Mandalay, which is regarded as the country’s cultural hub. Visitors may also enjoy the lively local markets and savor mouthwatering regional cuisines, such as Mandalay mohinga and Mandalay mont pyit tha.

Typical Myanmar food to try

The morning soup known as “mohinga” is made with rice noodles, fish broth, and various herbs and spices. It is regarded as the national cuisine of Myanmar.

“Shan Noodles” are thin, round rice noodles in a flavorful chicken or pork broth and are the main component of the popular lunchtime favorite Shan Noodles, which are also commonly served with various garnishes and a large amount of crispy fried garlic on top.

Tomatoes, peanuts, tomatoes fermented with tea leaves, and other crunchy and sour ingredients make up the distinctive and savory dish known as tea leaf salad. Anyone who wants to experience Myanmar’s cuisine should give it a try.

Vaccine information for Myanmar

Visitors are advised to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination before visiting Myanmar, as it is now possible.

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Travelers may now obtain their Myanmar visa online thanks to the inauguration of the eVisa system by the Ministry of Immigration and Population. eVisa is only currently used for travel and business.

With this eVisa system, you can only apply for tourist and business visas. In addition, a unique 24-hour Tourist Visa Express Service is offered for quicker processing of tourist visas.

Within the period your tourist e-visa is valid, you may stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days. You can remain for up to 70 days if you have a business e-visa.

Ninety days after its issuance, the approval letter is still in effect.

The inviting registered firm must have a minimum of 3 months of remaining registration validity and 6 months of registration.