New Zealand Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit New Zealand in 2024
Welcome to New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand

The finest destination to embark on a journey and have excellent encounters in New Zealand. Visitors may see the country’s magnificence in its natural landscapes and National Parks in the Southern Hemisphere. Our thorough guide will provide you with travel recommendations, insider knowledge, and all the details you want while in New Zealand.

Document checklist for New Zealand

  • New Zealand ETA or Visa
  • Valid passport
  • Sufficient funds to cater for your stay
  • Return plane ticket

Essential New Zealand travel information

Currency- New Zealand dollar (NZD). 1.62 NZD is about equal to 1 USD.

Daily budget for one person- Approximately NZ$185 ($110).

Languages-  the native language is Maori and English

Socket type – Type I 230V supply voltage and 50Hz

Time zone– GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): GMT+13:00 and GMT+13:45.

Top three cities to visit-Wellington, Queenstown, and Auckland.

The top three landmarks/monuments are Milford Sound, Tongariro, and Abel Tasman National Parks.

Visa information for New Zealand

To enter New Zealand, visitors must have a visa or ETA that is currently valid.

Typical costs and budget for New Zealand for a moderate-budget traveler

Daily spending – Approximately NZ$185 ($110) per person.

Meals- NZ$41 ($24)

Transport – NZ$27 ($16)

Hotel – NZ$192 ($114) for a two people room.

The average cost-effective price for a one-week trip to New Zealand for two people is about NZ$2,591 ($1,535).

Transportation and best ways to travel around New Zealand

Although renting a car is an option, you should consider rental companies for a road trip to have the means of transportation and lodging to go wherever you like.

Three train lines exist in the country (Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific, and Trans Alpine). However, they are pricey since they are mainly for viewing scenery rather than public transportation.

Buses are an affordable option for transportation; they link all cities and towns.

If you plan to have a brief visit, flying is the fastest mode of transportation. However, be ready as it might be costly; therefore, inexpensive research flights in advance.

Safety in New Zealand

The second-safest even nation in the world is New Zealand! Violent crime is relatively low here, although this country still has little risk of petty theft. You don’t need to be concerned about flora like box jellyfish, taipan snakes, stonefish, or funnel web spiders because this country has no hazardous creatures.

Weather in New Zealand

Spring (September to November) is bustling with activity in the country, but there will be some wet days. Spring rains have caused waterfalls to erupt and colorful flowers to blossom. There are lovely views; however, remember to bring a raincoat. Nevertheless, traveling in the summer (December to February) is the appropriate option if you want sunny days. The North Island and South Island beaches are best enjoyed during the high season when the weather is warm.

Autumn (March to May)-This is usually the best time to visit this wonderful country for an adventure. There are long, bright days for hiking, bike rides, or kayaking excursions in a national park or another natural location. Participating in outdoor activities is an excellent opportunity to explore New Zealand’s natural beauty.

Winter (June to August) -Winter sports and winter festivals can be delightful during the months. The range of temperatures is 35°F to 60°F (1.5°C to 15.5°C).

Towns and Cities to Visit in New Zealand

Auckland – It is the largest city in the nation and one of the locations with the best quality of life in the world. Beaches, rainforest preserves, incredible restaurants, and wineries are among the places you can enjoy visiting and having fun.

Queenstown – The mountains and Lake Wakatipu that surround this city provide a stunning view. Using the restaurants, vineyards, and art scene is another excellent suggestion.

Rotorua is located in The Taupo Volcanic Zone, an active volcano. Here, you will discover numerous hot springs and geysers to enjoy.

Must do and See in New Zealand

Visit the Franz Josef Glacier on the West Coast by taking a supervised ice walk. It’s the ideal location for people who enjoy adventurous activities.

Take a boat tour around Milford Sound’s fjords. Then, on the Milford trail, you can go hiking if you are up for some adventure.

Explore Aoraki National Park. The tallest peak in New Zealand is in the park, and you may even do multi-day hikes there.

Typical food to try in New Zealand

Hāngī – This Maori food is typically offered at celebrations. It consists of slow-cooked beef and veggies cooked in an underground oven.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream-This kind of ice cream, which is more than just ice cream, contains bits of caramelized honeycomb.

 Meat Pie – You may purchase this typical Kiwi pie from any convenience store. A hearty blend of meat and gravy often inside the hand-sized pastry packet.

Vaccine information for New Zealand

Before traveling, it is crucial to understand what standard vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions are needed to enter New Zealand. Therefore, please visit the CDC website for complete information on all immunization requirements.

Fun facts about New Zealand

  1. Nelson’s Blue Lake, located in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, is the cleanest in the world. Up to 80 meters of the lake can be seen.
  2. In terms of women’s rights, New Zealand is a pioneer. In 1893, the nation became the first to provide women the right to vote.
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A New Zealand visa, sometimes known as a “visitor’s visa” for New Zealand, is a piece of paper that you keep in your passport and use to enter or reenter the country. The visa is a legitimate authorization to enter New Zealand for travel, business, or transit.

Any Indian who is neither a citizen of New Zealand nor a permanent resident of that country needs a visa to enter that country. In addition, visitors passing through New Zealand on their way somewhere else must also have a visiting visa.

A New Zealand visa can be requested up to three months before the intended travel date.

The most prolonged stay permitted on a visiting visa is nine months. The visa is typically good for three months but occasionally extends to six months. Multiple-entry visitor visas with a three-year maximum validity can be awarded to business people who often visit New Zealand for business purposes. However, the embassy has the last say about the validity of the visa.

The original airline ticket is optional to be supplied with the visa application. However, we would need a copy of your actual ticket if you wanted to apply for a transit visa.