Australia changed its visa rules to plan for a better future. The government is making visa rules stricter for international students and low-skilled workers, trying to reduce the number of people moving to Australia by half in the next two years.

Under the new rules, international students will need higher scores on English tests, and their second visa applications will be checked more closely, which might make their stay longer. Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil says it’s not just about numbers but about deciding what Australia’s future will look like.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also said it’s important to reduce migration to a more sustainable level because the current system is not working well. Minister O’Neil mentioned that the changes are already making fewer people move to Australia and will likely lead to fewer migrants.

This decision follows a peak in people moving to Australia in 2022-23, mostly because of international students. Predictions show that the number of people coming to Australia will go back to the levels before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shares of IDP Education, a company helping international students, went down more than 3% because of these changes.

After increasing migration numbers last year to fill job shortages, Australia is now facing problems like a crowded rental market and more people experiencing homelessness due to the sudden increase in foreign workers and students.

A recent survey found that 62% of Australian voters think there are too many people coming to the country.

Recognizing how important immigration is for the job market, Australia’s government wants to make it faster for highly skilled workers to come in. They are introducing a new visa for these workers, and it will only take one week to process, making it easier for businesses to attract talented people, especially when competing with other developed countries.

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