Australia has implemented stricter regulations on student visas in response to soaring migration from India, China, and the Philippines. The heightened measures are designed to prioritize genuine study intentions over work opportunities. These adjustments are projected to cut migrant intake by half within a span of two years.

Australia is set to implement the ‘Genuine Student Test’ as part of its student visa requirements. Additionally, immigrant students will face restrictions such as the inclusion of a ‘No Further Stay’ clause and limitations on their working opportunities within the country.

Australia has recently implemented stricter regulations for student visas, aimed at curbing the influx of foreign students and easing the pressure on the country’s housing market. Government statistics indicate a significant increase in migration to Australia, prompting these measures to manage the situation effectively.

Australia’s immigration intake experienced a notable surge driven by students primarily from India, China, and the Philippines. The Australian government is focused on ensuring that international students choose Australia primarily for educational purposes rather than solely for employment opportunities.

The government projects that the alterations will reduce the migrant intake by fifty percent within a span of two years.


The Australian government is set to implement the ‘Genuine Student Test’ alongside measures such as introducing a ‘No Further Stay’ clause and restricting employment opportunities for international students within the country.

Australia will increase the English Proficiency standards for immigrant students and for granting graduate visas.

Australia will suspend education providers and institutions that repeatedly breach visa regulations in their recruitment of international students.

The provision allowing international students unrestricted working hours will also be revoked.

These measures build upon previous efforts to revert the relaxed Covid-era regulations pertaining to student visas.


Reports indicate that the measures for Australian student visas are scheduled to take effect starting this Saturday, March 23rd.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, net immigration reached a record high of 548,800 in the year leading up to September 2023, marking a 60% surge.

The current count surpasses the previous estimate of 518,000 individuals for the period up to June 2023.

The substantial migration, led by students from India, China, and the Philippines, has alleviated wage pressures but exacerbated the housing crisis.

Reports indicate that Australia’s rental vacancy has hit an all-time low, while construction costs have soared to unprecedented heights. The nation’s population surged at a historic rate, reaching 26.8 million over the past year, marking a remarkable 2.5% increase, as per the latest data.

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