Big news for students wanting to study in Canada! The country has just made some important changes. Now, if you’re from another country and want to study in Canada, you’ll need to show more money to cover your expenses. The government is being serious about this, telling provinces and schools that if they don’t act before the fall term, there might be fewer visas available.

But it’s not all strict news. The government is also letting international students work more hours off-campus – over 20 hours a week – until April 30, 2024.

In a recent meeting, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, expressed worry about certain schools acting like “puppy mills,” just giving out diplomas without giving students a real learning experience. He wants to stop fraud and protect international students from being taken advantage of.

Minister Miller made it clear that if provinces don’t do what they need to, the federal government will step in and take charge. “Enough is enough. If provinces and territories cannot do this, we will do it for them, and they will not like the direct actions we take,” he said.

The money students need to show has gone up a lot – now it’s $20,635, double what it used to be. This change is meant to make sure students can pay for living, travel, and school expenses. The amount will change each year based on how much it costs to live in Canada.

Minister Miller also talked about schools being responsible for how many international students they accept. He mentioned that some schools might need to be closed down if they can’t provide proper housing or help students find a place to live off-campus.

All these changes are happening to make sure international students have a good experience in Canada, without facing problems finding a place to live or being forced into bad jobs. This is part of a bigger plan to make things better for everyone, as reported by CBC.

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