On Saturday, the US Embassy in New Delhi conducted interviews for more than 1,000 visitor visa applicants, with Ambassador Garcetti actively participating in the proceedings. Garcetti underscored the significance of strengthening US-India ties and streamlining visa processes. In 2023, US missions in India handled a record-breaking 1.4 million visas, indicating a 60% surge in demand from the previous year. Indians constituted one-tenth of the total global applicants.

During the ‘Super Saturday’ drive, the US Embassy in New Delhi conducted interviews for over 1,000 visitor visa applicants.

According to an embassy press release, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti joined the embassy team to aid in the surge and assist with fingerprint verification.

‘Super Saturday’ initiatives, launched sporadically since 2022, are poised to become a quarterly occurrence in the future.

Ambassador Garcetti emphasized, “The cornerstone of our US-India partnership lies in the personal connections forged through work, travel, and study in the United States. We’re committed to streamlining the visa process and fostering vital people-to-people ties. The US mission in India has bolstered staffing and embraced technological advancements to accommodate the surging demand and expedite visa processing like never before.”

In 2023, the US Embassy and Consulates in India processed an astounding 1.4 million US visas,

Visa demand across all categories soared to unprecedented levels, witnessing a remarkable 60 percent surge in applications compared to 2022. Indians now constitute one-tenth of all global visa applicants to the United States.

The inaugural “Super Saturday” visa processing event for 2024 saw the US Embassy in Delhi handing over 1,000 visa applications. Additionally, on March 9, Consulate Mumbai extended its visa processing hours, accommodating 1,500 visa applicants.

The applicant pool was diverse, ranging from elderly parents visiting their children to students pursuing education abroad, temporary workers, tourists, and businessmen, with a significant portion being first-time visitors.

The consulate urges individuals to apply directly rather than through agents, highlighting the significance of regularly checking the consulate’s website for visa appointment availability.

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