MUSCAT: The Gulf Cooperation Council’s interior ministers have reached a consensus on initiating a single tourist visa for the region.

Convening for their 40th session in Muscat, the Omani capital, the ministers also endorsed the start of a digital platform to monitor traffic offenses across the region.

GCC Secretary-General Jasem Albudaiwi highlighted the agreement on the tourist visa initiative, which is to be rolled out according to a set timeline, as evidence of the member states’ deepening collaboration.

In addition, they called for the development of a unified strategy to counteract drug-related issues and examined ongoing security awareness initiatives.

Albudaiwi acknowledged the GCC’s achievements in maintaining security, which have garnered regional and international praise.

Achieving these milestones, he asserted, hinges on maintaining a robust level of national security to fend off any threats that could hinder regional growth.

He also addressed the escalating challenge of illegal narcotics within the GCC, commending various national efforts to combat this issue.

“To effectively deal with drug-related concerns, it’s imperative for all parties to unite and tackle its prevalence amongst the GCC’s youth through a comprehensive strategy that encompasses prevention, enforcement, and rehabilitation,” Albudaiwi further stated.

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