The USCIS is anticipated to officially release details regarding the availability of organizational accounts and the dates for H-1B registration by the end of January.

The USCIS has declared the commencement of the online application filing phase for H-1B applications for Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25), set to initiate in February. To streamline the H-1B registration process, the USCIS is introducing organizational accounts.

According to information provided on its website, the USCIS has announced that the introduction of organizational accounts will facilitate collaboration among various individuals within an organization, including company representatives and legal advisors. This collaboration extends to jointly preparing H-1B registrations, Form I-129 (petition for a nonimmigrant worker), and the associated Form I-907 (request for premium processing service).

“Continuous improvement and streamlining of our processes are at the forefront of USCIS efforts,” stated Ur M. Jaddou, the Director of USCIS. “As we prepare to introduce organizational accounts and initiate online filing for I-129 H-1B petitions, we are making substantial strides toward a completely electronic H-1B lifecycle.” This encompasses the entire process, from registration, if applicable, to our ultimate decision and transmission to the Department of State.”

There are three distinct methods for submitting H-1B visa petitions.

The USCIS is expected to officially release details regarding the availability of organizational accounts and H-1B registration dates by the end of January.

There are three alternative approaches for submitting H-1B visa petitions utilizing the petitioner’s organizational account online, engaging the petitioner’s legal representation, or opting for the conventional paper-based method.

USCIS is set to conduct two national engagement sessions on organizational accounts, 

Preceding the commencement of the H-1B registration process. These sessions, scheduled for January 23 and January 24, aim to assist organizations and legal counsel.

Participants in these sessions will have the opportunity to pose questions regarding organizational accounts, aligning with the preparations for the FY 2025 H-1B electronic registration process and the introduction of online filing for Form I-129 concerning H-1B petitions.

This initiative follows changes implemented by the Biden administration to enhance the effectiveness of the H-1B system, while maintaining the annual cap of 60,000 visas. The proposed modifications focus on simplifying qualifying requirements and providing increased flexibility for F-1 students, business owners, and individuals associated with nonprofit organizations. Additionally, the proposed regulations include provisions preventing linked companies from submitting multiple registrations for the same beneficiary, addressing concerns related to fraud and misuse and reinforcing the integrity procedures of the program.

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