The income benchmark has been raised from £18,600 to £29,000, marking a substantial increase of over 55 percent.

New Delhi: The United Kingdom revealed on Thursday a rise in the minimum income threshold essential for sponsoring a family member’s visa, aligning with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s strategy to reduce immigration levels. Effective immediately, the income requirement has surged from £18,600 to £29,000, marking a significant increase of over 55%. Additionally, a further increase to £38,700 is scheduled for early next year.

Today, the UK government announced a significant alteration as the Home Secretary fulfills a pledge to implement a comprehensive set of reforms to the immigration system, shortly after their announcement. This commitment follows the introduction of measures aimed at strengthening the student visa pathway in May 2023.”

Immigration stands out as a pivotal topic in the upcoming UK general elections, with polls suggesting that Mr. Sunak’s Conservative party may face a significant setback. The proposed regulations form a crucial component of Mr. Sunak’s strategy is to reduce what he sees as unsustainable and inequitable levels of migration, aiming to guarantee that newcomers do not place undue strain on taxpayers.

In elucidating the reasoning behind the latest policy adjustment, UK’s Interior Minister James Cleverly emphasized the necessity of addressing the challenges posed by mass migration. “At present, the topic of mass migration carries substantial weight,” he observed. “Finding equilibrium that mirrors the desires of the British populace demands meticulous tactics and intentional decisions, steering clear of mere quick fixes or impulsive measures.”

The UK government has underlined its dedication to protecting British workers and wages, while simultaneously ensuring that individuals relocating to the UK are not overly reliant on public funds.

The updated income requirement aims to guarantee that families reuniting in the UK can demonstrate self-sufficiency. This can be achieved through multiple avenues, such as savings or income from employment, ensuring flexibility in meeting the threshold.

“We’ve promptly honored our commitment through decisive measures. Our actions aim to curb unsustainable figures, protect British workers and their wages, and ensure that migrants do not strain taxpayers when sponsoring family members.” to the UK, and establish an immigration system that’s both forward-looking and inspires public confidence.”

The UK government not only adjusted income thresholds but also imposed strict regulations on student visas. Additionally, they significantly increased the health surcharge by 66% for foreign nationals utilizing the National Health Service (NHS).

The UK government aims to reduce current immigration figures from 745,000 to 300,000.

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