Indian students have once again achieved a remarkable milestone by securing an unprecedented number of US visas for the third consecutive year. The US Embassy in India announced on Monday that it had issued an impressive tally of over 90,000 student visas during the summer months of June, July, and August. Notably, this statistic signifies that nearly one in every four student visas issued worldwide was granted to Indian students.

This achievement builds upon last summer’s remarkable milestone when 82,000 Indian students secured visas, making it the highest number globally during the 2022 admission season for the United States.

Despite facing a backlog for visitor B1/B2 visa interviews, the US Embassy ensured that the processing of student visas remained efficient and timely. The embassy expressed its commitment to this effort, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and innovation in ensuring that all qualified applicants could commence their academic programs without delay. This commitment was publicly shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by the US embassy on Monday.

An official from the United States embassy had earlier informed TOI (Times of India) that the mission was on track to achieve the highest number of student visas issued in a single year since FY 2016.

“In FY 2022, our Embassy and Consulates in India shattered the all-time record for the most student and exchange visitor visas issued in a year, surpassing 125,000 visas. Consequently, India now stands as the second largest source country for US international students, following China,” the official proudly stated. It is noteworthy that China continues to hold the top position as the largest contributor of international students to the United States for higher education.

Moreover, the recent tensions in India-Canada relations are likely to prompt more Indian students to explore educational opportunities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Nonetheless, China remains the primary source of international students seeking higher education in the United States.

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