Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s economic powerhouse, is set to reshape its tourism landscape with a groundbreaking visa policy. Departing from the traditional 30-day tourist visa, the country now offers a five-year multiple-entry option, allowing visitors to stay for up to 60 days per entry. This move, effective from December 20, is strategically aimed at not only accommodating traveler preferences but also stimulating economic growth. The new policy introduces online applications with credit card payment options, streamlining the entry process for international tourists. Indonesia’s proactive approach reflects its ambition to compete with neighboring destinations and surpass a target of 40 million foreign tourists by 2025. In a competitive global tourism arena, this visa policy positions Indonesia as an accessible and attractive destination for travelers worldwide. 

Indonesia Unveils Transformative Five-Year Multiple Entry Visas to Boost Tourism

In a strategic move to elevate its tourism sector, Indonesia has announced a significant shift in its visa policy, introducing a revolutionary five-year multiple-entry visa. Departing from the conventional 30-day tourist visa, the new policy allows visitors to stay for up to 60 days per entry, catering to the preferences of those seeking prolonged stays and multiple visits.

Effective from December 20, this move positions Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, to become more appealing to global travelers. The extended duration is part of the government’s comprehensive efforts to stimulate economic growth, according to Immigration Chief Silmy Karim. A notable feature of the policy is the facilitation of online applications, including the convenience of credit card payments, streamlining the entry process for foreigners.

Indonesia’s decision to extend visa durations and enhance accessibility is aimed at competing more effectively with neighboring tourist destinations. The country, despite already welcoming nearly 10 million foreign tourists by December 8, seeks to address the gap compared to nations like Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. With an ambitious target of attracting 40 million foreign tourists by 2025, Indonesia’s proactive approach aligns with the competitive strategies of neighboring countries in revising visa policies to attract visitors from emerging markets.

In the dynamic landscape of global tourism, Indonesia’s recent visa policy marks a bold step towards fostering economic growth. By providing flexibility, extending visa durations, and simplifying entry procedures through online applications, the country positions itself as a desirable and accessible destination on the global tourism map.

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