In a big announcement on December 12, Kenyan President William Ruto shared that starting January 2024, people from around the world can visit Kenya without needing a visa. This decision is part of a plan to make the entry process smoother, thanks to a new digital platform.

President Ruto, who first mentioned the idea in October at a conference in the Republic of Congo, wants to make it easier for people to travel and boost tourism. The new digital platform will make it simpler to get electronic travel authorization, doing away with the hassle of applying for a visa.

Speaking at an event in Nairobi celebrating Kenya’s 60 years of independence, President Ruto highlighted his commitment to making travel procedures easier. He announced that people worldwide won’t have to worry about getting a visa to visit Kenya. This move supports Ruto’s long-held belief in making travel within Africa visa-free.

Kenya, famous for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, relies a lot on tourism for its economy. Removing visa requirements is a strategic move to attract more international visitors, giving them a chance to explore Kenya’s stunning coastline along the Indian Ocean and enjoy exciting wildlife safaris.

President Ruto warmly welcomed everyone, saying, “Kenya has a simple message to humanity: Welcome Home!” This shows Kenya’s dedication to being a welcoming place for global travelers and is a big step in making Kenya a top destination for tourism and cultural experiences.

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