Starting June 17, 2024, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will enforce a new policy requiring all supporting documents for visitor visa applications to be in English. Applicants must submit certified translations for any documents originally written in a foreign language. This initiative aims to expedite the application process by minimizing the time spent reviewing non-English documents.

Streamlining Visa Processing

In the past, submitting documents in languages other than English without translations often led to delays in visa processing. The new mandate for English translations is intended to help INZ process applications more efficiently and reduce wait times for applicants.

Types of Required Documents

– Proof of funds : Bank statements and pay records

– Flight itineraries : Including return tickets

– Proof of employment : Documentation from the applicant’s home country

  Leave of absence documentation

– Identity documents : Such as the Hukou for Chinese nationals

It’s important to note that English translations for medical and police certificates have already been a standard requirement for visitor visa applications.

Certified Translation Guidelines

Certified translations can be obtained from :

  1. Reputable private or official translation businesses
  2. Community members known for accurate translations, excluding the applicant, their family members, or their immigration adviser
  3. Licensed immigration advisers (LIA) recognized for their translation accuracy, provided they are not advising on the same application

Applications missing the required English translations are likely to be rejected. This new policy underscores the importance of proper document translation to prevent processing delays or possible rejections.

Advantages of the New Policy

The changes introduced by INZ aim to make the visa application process smoother and more efficient by removing language barriers. Applicants are advised to ensure all their documents are accurately translated to comply with the new requirements, thereby facilitating a quicker visa approval process.


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