A Filipino woman triumphantly secured a Schengen visa, overcoming an initial rejection by convincing authorities of her intent to depart before its expiration. Her persuasive case centered around possessing tickets to an upcoming Taylor Swift concert in Singapore.

Following the initial rejection of her Schengen visa application, a Filipino woman successfully obtained it by convincing the authorities that she would leave the Schengen territory before the visa expiration. Her persuasive argument centered around possessing tickets to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore scheduled for March.

In a Reddit post, the woman shared her entire experience, expressing, “I want to share that my initial attempt for a visa was rejected. The reason given was their concern about my departure from the Schengen territory before the visa expiration.”

“When I submitted my second application, I mentioned my plan to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore as the reason for my departure and attached the email confirmation,” she explained.

A user on X (previously known as Twitter) shared a screenshot of the Reddit post, causing it to go viral.

Subsequently mentioning the Taylor Swift concert, she provided an update, revealing that she had received an email confirming the processing of her visa within an astonishing three business days.

“I submitted the application on December 21, with the processing days being December 22, 27, and 28. Yesterday, on January 4, I received a request to visit the embassy to sign a document. Initially anticipating a denial letter, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was a letter instructing me to report back to the embassy 10 days after the visa expiration. It seems Mother Taylor’s magic worked its charm!” she enthusiastically shared.

Since its posting, the screenshots of the Reddit post have sparked numerous reactions on the microblogging site. One user remarked, “This is a perfect example for studying #SchengenVisa applications. Justifying the purpose is key when seeking approval. As a tourist, her initial application faced rejection, potentially for various reasons. However, a Taylor Swift concert ticket serves as proof of a committed investment, likely influencing the decision positively.”

Expressing disbelief, another user commented, “Hold on, what? I’ve never encountered an embassy asking for a ‘report back’ after the visa expires. Sounds like a pursuit of karma.” 

A third person contributed, “This incident serves as an exemplary case study for Schengen Visa applications. Clearly articulating the purpose is crucial, and her initial rejection as a tourist is not uncommon. However, presenting a Taylor Swift show ticket as evidence of an investment in a planned activity probably played a positive role in the decision-making process.”

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