The United States is expanding its diplomatic presence in India by enhancing staff numbers and establishing new consulates, including in Ahmedabad, to expedite visa processing, as stated by US Ambassador Eric Garcetti. A recent development includes the inauguration of a consulate in Hyderabad, and locations in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad are being considered for additional consulates. This was shared by the ambassador during a session hosted by the Observer Research Foundation.

Ambassador Garcetti mentioned that he had recently visited the proposed site for a new consulate in Ahmedabad. The Hyderabad consulate has welcomed additional staff as part of this expansion, and efforts are underway to establish consulates in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.

The ambassador also noted a significant increase in US visa issuances in India, with a recent surge of one-third and an anticipated rise of 10-15% more than usual for this calendar year. He attributed the delays in visa processing to the high volume of applicants, a challenge also faced by other populous countries like Brazil and Mexico.


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