Nicaragua Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Nicaragua in 2024
Welcome to Nicaragua

Welcome to Nicaragua

Given the country’s stunning coastlines, multiple volcanoes, attractive colonial cities, abundant animals, rich culture, and mouthwatering cuisine, it will not be difficult to convince you to place Nicaragua at the top of your travel bucket list. Utilize our comprehensive travel guide to establish how to enjoy much on your trip to Nicaragua.

Document checklist for Nicaragua

  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Valid passport
  • Adequate funds to cater for your trip
  • Return or onward ticket

Essential Nicaragua travel information

Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba (C$). $1 equals roughly 36 Canadian dollars (C$ 36).

Daily budget for one person- Approximately C$ 1,579 ($44).

Languages– Nicaragua’s official language is Spanish.

Socket type – 60Hz, 120V supply voltage, type A and B.

Time zone– (GMT–6) Central Standard Time.

The top three cities to visit are San Juan del Sur, León, and Granada.

The top three landmarks/monuments are Corn Islands, Masaya Volcano National Park, and Laguna de Apoyo.

Visa Information for Nicaragua

Many tourists can enter Nicaragua without a visa or obtain one upon arrival. However, visitors from other nations that want a paper visa should contact the embassy or consulate of Nicaragua that is closest to them.

Typical costs and budget for Nicaragua

Daily spending- Approximately C$ 1,579 ($44) per person

Meals – Rough expenditure could add up to a day’s meals.

Transport – The cost of daily public transportation might go up to C$292 ($8), depending on your travel plans.

Accommodation– A private room is approximately C$730 ($20) per night per individual.

The typical cost of a week’s trip for two persons to Nicaragua is around C$22,482 ($616).

Best ways to travel around Nicaragua

Although taxis occasionally go large distances, they are primarily found in urban areas. You can save money on a long journey if you travel in a group. Always bargain over the fare in advance because scams are widespread.

Off the coast of Peninsular Nicaragua, ferries run to the islands of Langkawi, Penang, the Perhentians, Tioman, and the Pangkor. The boats tend to be speedboats or small-motorized fishing boats. Although buying your ticket in advance is generally recommended, you can occasionally pay for the ship.

Driving at night is not advised since, like in other countries in Central America, the roadways need to be better-lit.

Safety in Nicaragua 

Nicaragua is a secure tourist destination if you take safety precautions and adhere to safety advice to the latter. The biggest concerns are the recent political instability and occasional crimes. Here are some safety suggestions:

  • Pay close attention to tourist destinations where theft and pickpocketing may be widespread, the Corn Islands, Granada, Managua, and San Juan del Sur.
  • Be cautious when walking through marketplaces, bus stops, and less privileged places. When walking, always go in groups and stay indoors after dusk.
  • To avoid being duped, ask hotel personnel and local authorities for recommendations of trustworthy tour operators.
  • Due to the prevalence of verbal abuse and harassment, women travelers should exercise extra caution when traveling alone.
  • Acquire travel insurance.
  • The political situation in Nicaragua is still unstable. Demonstrations, civic disturbances, and violent outbursts frequently occur in Managua. Some advice:
  • Stay away from rallies and massive crowds.
  • Observe rules and regulations provided by local authorities.

Weather in Nicaragua

The appropriate period to travel to Nicaragua is from November through April during the dry season. During this time, most places have temperatures ranging from 25 to 28°C. Along the Caribbean coast, tropical showers are possible since nature blooms with the arrival of rainfall. This shoulder seasons in June and July are also fantastic times to visit Nicaragua.

There is typically one downpour each day in August and September, but like in other tropical climates, these are generally brief, sharp, and dry up soon enough.

Must do and see in Nicaragua

The largest crater lake in Nicaragua is called Laguna Apoyo. Interruption of the subsurface water table was caused by a massive volcanic outburst 23,000 years ago. The fantastic lake currently has a four-kilometer circle and a 180-meter depth.

Rio San Juan: A charmingly unique gem tucked away from the country’s gringo boom. This tiny village, which has some of the most gorgeous beaches in Nicaragua, offers a calm retreat from the bustling colonial towns.

Typical Nicaragua food to try

Quesillo: All around the nation, street carts are used to sell these cheesy snacks. These tortillas are stuffed with handmade white cheese, cream, and pickled onion that has been coarsely diced.

Indio Viejo: Shredded meat, onion, and maize bread make up this hearty soup—a typical Nicaraguan meal with curd cheese and fried green plantains.

Vaccine information for Nicaragua

Examining the COVID-19 needed precautions and any additional vaccinations are essential before making travel plans to Nicaragua. Therefore, it is crucial to contact your practitioner or consult the CDC website.

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Yes. To travel to and enter Nicaragua, Indians require a visa. Before coming to Nicaragua, you must get a visa from the Nicaraguan Embassy in your nation.

It is a legal document that permits Indian nationals to visit Nicaragua for a specific time.

Two months before the trip’s anticipated departure date is the earliest that applications can be submitted.

Except when a visa is given for numerous entrances or departures, valid for three to six months, a Nicaraguan visa is only suitable for one trip. Furthermore, it must be valid within 30 days of the date of issuance.

The intended stay may be extended for an additional fee each day of the visit.