Oman Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Oman in 2024
Welcome to Oman

Welcome to Oman

Oman borders Yemen to the east and Saudi Arabia to the north. With a population of 3,8 million, it covers an area of around 1,200 square kilometers. The capital of Oman is Muscat, which is situated close to the southernmost point of the Gulf of Oman.

Document checklist for Oman

  • Visa
  • Health declaration
  • Valid passport
  • Enough money

Essential Oman travel information

Currency – Omani rial (OMR). USD 1 is equivalent to approximately OMR 0,38

Daily budget per person– OMR 75 (USD195)

Languages – Arabic.

Socket type – For Oman, the associated plug kind is G. Oman operates on a 240V voltage and 50Hz.

Time zone – Gulf general Time (GMT+4)

The top three cities to go to – are Muscat, Nizwa, and Bahla.

3 landmarks/monuments – Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Royal Opera residence Muscat, and Jabrin castle

Visa information for Oman

Foreigners must obtain an Oman traveler visa, according to the local administration. E-visas come in a variety of forms.

Typical costs and budget for Oman

Daily spending per person – around OMR 75 (USD 195).

Meals – OMR 26 (USD 67).

Transport – In local transportation OMR 21 (USD 54).

Hotel – The cost of lodging for a single person is OMR 19 (USD 49.42), and for a couple, it is OMR 38 (USD 98.84).

Oman typically costs around OMR 535 (USD 1360,29) for a weeklong holiday for one person. Thus, a weeklong vacation to Oman for two people would cost around OMR 1,047 (USD 27,23,19).

Transportation and ways to travel around Oman

There are convenient transportation choices and great roads for exploring Oman. However, you can hire a car to visit the most isolated places without worry. In contrast, taking a tiny bus across America is the most cost-effective way to travel if you need the necessary cash. Remember that Oman has a stunning coastline, making riding a ferry an excellent substitute.

Safety in Oman

Oman is a safe country. You may travel securely and covertly as long as you abide by local laws because it is also widely renowned for tourism. Despite the fact that there are misdemeanors, there aren’t many crimes, so you shouldn’t worry.

Remember that terrorist attacks are a possibility in Oman, thus you must be very aware of this risk and constantly vigilant of your surroundings because these attacks might take place in tourist-friendly regions.

You shouldn’t be worried if you are a girl traveling to Oman. It is both easy and secure. But bear in mind that respecting regional traditions is essential, so it’s a good idea to dress accordingly.

Weather in Oman

It is stunning for outdoor galas and events held throughout the busiest season, from October to March. Its temperature ranges from 15 °C to 30 °C. Since there is barely any rain, it is a terrific time of year for individuals who wish to go on adventures.

April to May is also often suggested for people with minimal resources. Due to the warmer weather, less people are going, thus hotels and excursions could be less expensive.

When the season is off, from June to September, it is exceedingly hot and humid. So on the beach at Ras Al Jinz in September, when green sea turtles are laying their eggs on the sand, it is a great time to observe turtles.

Famous Towns and Cities in Oman

Between the sixth and seventh centuries, the village of Nizwa was designated as the capital of Oman. Today, it is well renowned for the beautiful citadel that was built there in the 17th century. To demonstrate to tourists what life was like at that time, this stronghold doubles as a museum. Additionally, you may go to the souk to purchase metal jewelry, vintage coffee makers, and other travel souvenirs.

Muscat: Explore the city’s palaces, museums, and marketplaces. Al Jalali and Al Mirani, two forts that have been transformed into museums, are also open to the public. The town’s first-rate infrastructure and its age-old whitewashed buildings will astound you.

Bahla is like an oasis and is a must-see destination for travelers. In addition, you may buy local pottery, which are common in the city.

Must do and see in Oman

The Jabrin fortress, which was built in 1675 AD, is one of Oman’s most beautiful castles. The structure was constructed by Imam Bil’arab Bin Sultan, a poet and artist who put his imprint on it with Koranic verses and poetry collections on the walls.

The Royal Opera House is a prominent center for the arts and culture. Due to the way that modern and traditional styles have been incorporated, this area is unique and remarkable. Also possible are outstanding performances.

Jebel Akhdar, also known as the Unexperienced Mountain, is one of Oman’s most beautiful sites and is located in the Hajar Mountains. Small cities can be found, along with those that are uninhabited.

Must try dishes in Oman

Omani Bread: This recipe is straightforward to prepare and is likely a home favorite in Omani communities. Its components are wheat, water, and salt. These are first cooked, followed by kneading, and then cheese, mayonnaise, or honey are sprinkled on top.

Shuwa is a typical food offered during celebratory events, such as galas. A variety of spices are marinated with lamb, goat, or camel throughout the lengthy cooking process.

Vaccine information for Oman

The CDC website has all the details you want about the Covid vaccine, other vaccination requirements, and the fitness recommendations you require prior to coming to Oman.

Fun facts about Oman.

  1. Oman is one of the biggest oil exporters. Significant oil exports come from Oman. It has a vast reserve has historically contributed significantly to the country’s GDP.
  2. Since Mountain Dew is Oman’s most popular soft drink, it is hard to find any other soda there.
  3. Only those with licenses may buy alcohol, and the majority of Muslims refrain from drinking. To purchase alcohol, police-issued authorization is required.
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Yes. To enter Oman, any citizen of India needs a visa.

The Oman eVisa is an electronic visa obtained from us online without having to go via the embassy, making it simple to get from anywhere in the globe. A travel authorization just for tourists is the e-Visa.

For a tourist e-Visa, you can only apply online.

Application processing takes six working days after it is submitted with the necessary information.

The Oman visa can only be renewed for an additional three months. Depending on the kind of visa, a person may stay in Oman for 10 or 30 days. You must first depart Oman before you may reapply for a new travel document online.

One month is the maximum stay permitted.