Pakistan Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Pakistan in 2024
Welcome to Pakistan

Welcome to Pakistan

Multicultural, multireligious, and multilingual Pakistan is a country. Additionally, the country is home to the most magnificent natural landscapes on the planet. Pakistan has a mysterious aspect due to its various natural colors. These shades span from its deserts to its tropical forests and incredibly diverse range of creatures, including the vicious Tibetan wolf and the diverse spectrum of migratory birds from Europe, Central Asia, and India. Prepare for your vacation to this breathtaking country.

Document checklist for Pakistan Visa

  • Medical report
  • Valid passport
  • Sufficient funds
  • Travel itinerary
  • Tickets

Essential Pakistan travel information

Currency – Pakistani rupee (₨) (PKR). It is equivalent to approximately USD 0,0046

Daily budget for 1 person – Around P₨ 4,622 ($21-50).

Languages – Urdu and English.

Socket type – The corresponding plug types for Pakistan are C and D. 50Hz, and 230V supply voltage are used in Pakistan.

Time zone – Pakistan Standard Time (GMT+5).

Top 3 cities to visit – Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, and The Noor Mahal

Visa information for Pakistan

Tourist visas are only issued by the Pakistani government and consular organizations for travel-related purposes.

Typical costs and budget for Pakistan

Daily expenditures per person: PRs 4,622 ($21) to PRs 11,661 ($53)

Meals – P₨ 2,975 ($14).

Transport – P₨ 1,701 ($7.80) on local transportation.

Hotel – A couple’s average hotel price in Pakistan is P₨ 10,619 ($49).

For one individual on a moderate budget, a week in Pakistan typically costs roughly PRs 81,630. Therefore, a weeklong vacation to Pakistan for two people will set you back about PRs 163,261.

Transport and ways to travel around Pakistan

Trains link significant towns in Pakistan, including Quetta, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Multan. Various rates are available, including for business and economy class, depending on how much comfort you like.

For city-to-region carpooling, minivans are widely employed since they are significantly less expensive than a cab. Air Blue and Pakistan International Airlines are national airlines you might choose if you wish to travel faster.

Safety in Pakistan

In Pakistan, street crime is a severe and regular issue. As a result, you should constantly keep an eye on your possessions at all times to avoid being a pickpocket victim. Terrorist strikes are conceivable given the huge illicit market for valuables, particularly fake or stolen passports. Pakistan is a stunning nation, but the big cities still have high crime rates, so you must exercise extreme caution when traveling there.

Weather in Pakistan

Visiting Pakistan in the spring and summer with sunny weather is recommended to get the most out of its forests and mountain peaks. Generally speaking, the north has a cold climate. The temperature hits 49 °C during the day. On the other hand, winter is the most fantastic time to travel to the South because many cultural events are happening then.

Popular cities and towns in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, is a fascinating location brimming with history and culture. In Lahore, classic and modern architectural styles coexist. Lahore is known for its walled city or its central area.

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is one with a western flair. It boasts outstanding natural beauty and the spectacular Faisal Mosque with a city view.

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest populated and significant economic center. By visiting this cosmopolitan metropolis, you may already see Pakistan’s future. The legendary restaurants in the “city of lights” stay up until three in the morning, so you can always savor the regional fare.

Must do and see in Pakistan

Visit Sheikhupura’s Hiran Minar to see a compound of 17th-century residents. In honor of his pet antelope Mansraj, Emperor Jahangir built it.

Visitors are drawn away from the Noor Mahal by its delicious flavor, which can be observed in Bahawalpur. It has a beautiful appearance both inside and out. There are five domes, six terraces, and 32 rooms total, 14 of which are in the basement.

Explore the Minar-e-Pakistan: Nationalism and patriotism are symbolized by the monument. Located in the center of Lahore, it keeps its Islamic and modern architectural style.

Typical Pakistani food to try

Gol Gappay (Pani Puri) is prepared with fried potatoes and chickpeas. They should be fried before mixed with sweet tamarind sauce and chile water.

Summertime favorites include lassi. It is a Punjabi drink made from yogurt, cream, water, and ice. Lassi became well-known among Punjabi farmers because they would drink it after a long labor day.

A beef dish called nihari is cooked in vegetable and animal oil and contains spices. It has a pretty unsettling, vivid red hue.

Vaccine information for Pakistan

Understanding the Pakistani government’s vaccination requirements, particularly those for polio and the Covid-19 illness, is critical. You may get information on this and other vaccine requirements on any CDC or World Health Organization website.

Fun facts about Pakistan

  1. On the western bank of the Arabian Sea, in Balochistan, Pakistan, sits Gwadar, the biggest deep-sea port in the world.
  2. According to the UN, Pakistan has the world’s most extensive continuous irrigation system.
  3. K-2 is Pakistan’s highest mountain peak and the second-highest mountain peak in the world. K2 is located in the Great Himalayas, a mountain range stretching beyond China and India.
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Yes. Pakistan requires a visa for visitors from India. The prerequisites for obtaining a visa from India for Pakistan must be met, and the relevant paperwork must be submitted. Depending on the reason for a visit, an Indian may need a private, tourist, business, or work visa for Pakistan.

Taxes are excluded from the cost of the Pakistani visa, which fluctuates depending on the High Commission’s circulars.

The Pakistani visa vignette or sticker has to be provided to be placed on a blank passport page. Therefore, the original passport must include two consecutive blank pages.

No, an Indian national’s visa to Pakistan cannot be renewed.

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi reserves the right to reject or approve applications for Pakistani visas. You are not permitted to contest the judgment or ask for a return.