Panama Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Panama in 2024
Welcome to Panama

Welcome to Panama

With a population of 4 million, Panama is a nation in Central America between Colombia and Costa Rica. Panama City, the nation’s largest city, serves as its capital. Panama is renowned for its stunning beaches, fantastic wildlife, welcoming locals, and delectable cuisine. This is a joyful, colorful country. From metropolitan life to tropical beach paradises full of diversity you must experience on your vacation, the old and the new coexist. This comprehensive travel guide to Panama will help you organize your trip.

Document checklist for Panama

  • Visa
  • Health Declaration
  • Valid passport
  • Sufficient funds
  • Return airline ticket

Essential Panama travel information

Currency – Balboa (PAB). $1 is equivalent to approx. PAB 1.01.

Daily budget for 1 person – around PAB 64.

Languages – Spanish.

Socket type – Types A and B of plugs are related to Panama. Panama uses a 120V and 60Hz electrical supply.

Time zone – Eastern Standard Time (GMT -05:00).

Top 3 cities to visit – Chitré, Panama City, and Santiago.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – The Panama Canal, Casco Viejo, and Darién National Park

Typical costs and budget for Panama

Daily spending per person – PAB 64/USD 64

Meals – PAB 18/USD 18

Transport – Local transportation can be around PAB 9.09/USD 9.09

Hotel – A one-person room is around PAB 28 and PAB 55 for a couple

A vacation to Panama for one week usually costs around PAB 438 for one person. Consequently, a two-person trip to Panama costs around PAB 876 for one week.

Transport and ways to travel around Panama

Buses, taxis, and boats are the modes of transportation that tourists in Panama utilize the most.

Since there are taxis all across Panama, getting one will be simple.

Buses are the most locally-focused mode of transportation in cities and are convenient and affordable. Buses are another option for getting to Panama after leaving Panama City.

Boats are common transportation since they can take passengers to archipelagos.

Safety in Panama

Panama is a secure nation, but you should exercise caution because pickpockets operate there. Here are a few travel hints to make your time in Panama easier.

Always have the phone number for the emergency services on hand.

Try to engage the community. As a consequence, your journey will be more unforgettable.

Review the laws of Panama.

Weather in Panama

This tropical nation’s driest time of year is between January and mid-April, making this the ideal travel period.

The festival season is when there are the most events. Locals enjoy themselves outside. Panama has a mild climate all year, although December through March is the warmest, with highs of up to 32 degrees Celsius.

Popular Cities and Towns in Panama

Panama metropolis, also known as Ciudad de Panamá, is the country’s capital and most populous metropolis. It is a modern, thriving city. There are also historical sites, shopping centers, restaurants, and nightlife.

You will be astounded by Chitré’s juxtaposition of the ancient and the contemporary, and the city’s outstanding cultural variety is made possible by the presence of numerous foreigners.

The provincial capital of Veraguas is Santiago, which has a population of over 100,000. In addition, the most well-known mall outside of Panama City is located here. Thus, if you enjoy shopping, this location is ideal for you.

Must do and see in Panama

Since 1981, the Dariénn National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a wide variety of species here, including birds, monkeys, and sloths. Additionally, the Colombia-Panama border includes the well-known Darién Gap.

The historic section of the city of Panama is known as Casco Viejo. This site was established in 1673 and is a World Heritage Site. You can view this area’s charming buildings, cobblestone streets, and charming squares.

In Bocas del Toro, you may surf, dive, and enjoy the beaches. It is among the most well-known locations in Panama due to its azure seas and laid-back vibe. It also stands out tremendously since it is less expensive than other areas in Panama.

Must try foods in Panama

Sancocho – It is a meal that is highly popular in Panama. It is a broth made with rice, veggies, chicken, and cilantro spice, which gives the dish its mouthwatering flavor.

Ron Ponche: This is a famous cocktail among Panamanians. It is a rum cocktail made with egg yolks, evaporated milk, vanilla essence, cinnamon, and nutmeg. During Christmas, this cocktail is a must-have among the populace.

Ropa Vieja is a meat stew with herbs and spices, including oregano, cumin, and pepper. When visiting Panama, you should try this fashionable cuisine.

Vaccine information for Panama

The most updated details on the COVID vaccine and other required immunizations, such as the yellow fever injection, are available and updated on government information sources. To prepare for this trip based on vaccination information, visit the CDC website.

Fun facts about Panama

  1. Panama was the first nation to consider the US dollar its official currency in Latin America.
  2. Panama observes not just one but two days of independence. The first came from Spain in 1821, and the second, marking Panama’s independence from Colombia in 1903, occurred 82 years later.
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Yes. Panama requires a visa for Indian nationals. Before coming to Panama, you must get a visa from the Panamanian consulate in your nation.

A maximum of one month can be spent in Panama as a visitor.

The Panama visa is a stamp or sticker that must be correctly attached to a continuously valid passport possessing at least two blank pages.

Entry is limited to one per person. At most, one entry into the country may be made with a single-entry visa.

Without it, issues can arise as it is a legal document that grants entry to foreigners into Panama. Therefore, the passport and visa should be kept in a safe place.