Paraguay Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Paraguay in 2024
Welcome to Paraguay

Welcome to Paraguay

It is a magnificent country with lush landscapes, wide rivers, unique mythology, and indigenous culture. Paraguay is landlocked, with Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay as its borders. Since there are fewer tourists in Paraguay than in its neighbors, tourists have the country’s various attractions primarily to themselves. We provide helpful advice and suggestions in this comprehensive Paraguay travel guide to make your preparations more straightforward and pleasurable.

Document checklist for Paraguay

  • Visa
  • Valid passport
  • Sufficient funds
  • Return ticket

Essential Paraguay travel information

Currency – Paraguayan guaraní (₲ or Gs). USD 1 is equivalent to approx. ₲ 7.306.

Daily budget for 1 person – ₲ 448.341 (USD 62).

Languages – Paraguayan Guaraní and Spanish

Socket type – Type C. Paraguay operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Time zone – GMT-3.

The top 3 cities to visit are Asunción, Ciudad del Este, and Encarnacion.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Jesuit Missions of La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue, National Pantheon of The Heroes, and the Itaipú Dam

Visa information for Paraguay

Among the 59 nations exempt from the visa requirements for Paraguay are the majority of EU residents and those from Central and South America.

Typical costs and budget for Paraguay

Daily spending per person – Around ₲ 448.341 (USD 62).

Meals – ₲ 101.324 (USD 14)

Transport – ₲ 51.861 (USD 7)

Hotel – ₲ 263.295 (USD 36) per night for a double room.

A one-week budget vacation can cost up to ₲ 3.138.388 (USD 428) per person.

Transport and best ways to travel around Paraguay

Taxi fares are typically more expensive than other forms of transportation. In Asunción, the fare is set by the meter. Still, in different cities and regions, it works differently, and you must haggle and agree on the price beforehand to avoid overpaying. It’s a good idea to ask your hotel’s concierge for advice on how much the fare will cost.

Ciudad del Este, Encarnación, and Asunción are connected by a few important routes. Self-driving is not suggested, though. Road signs are frequently lacking, and vehicles generally need to obey traffic restrictions. In addition, rural roads are typically unpaved, and driving during the wet season can be hazardous.

Safety in Paraguay

Although Paraguay is generally a peaceful country, there are a few concerns, primarily related to small-time crime, smuggling, and dishonest police, so taking some simple safety precautions is advised.

Keep your stuff in a secure location and avoid carrying valuables while sightseeing because street crime is frequent, especially in big cities.

There have been allegations of thefts occurring on cabs and buses. Therefore, be cautious when riding buses, and try to avoid stopping taxis on the street in favor of making a phone call to a licensed provider.

Scams are common in Paraguay, so always be careful with suspicious individuals like unauthorized bus ticket vendors in the Asunción bus terminal or people offering to play card games with you to make some easy money.

Weather in Paraguay

The hottest months are November to February, when temperatures reach 45°C, especially in Northwestern Paraguay, which has a tropical climate. The hot season lasts from October to April and averages a temperature of 35°C.

The cold season, which lasts from May to September, brings winds from Antarctica, bringing temperatures down to an average range of 6°C and 21°C. July is the most incredible month, with a low temperature of 9°C.

Paraguay has no distinct rainy season, but storms are more common in October and November, making travel more challenging. Therefore, September, when the weather is more temperate and pleasant, is the best season to travel to Paraguay.

Must do and see in Paraguay

Ciudad del Este – It is the country’s second-largest city and a well-liked entry point from Iguaz Falls. Due to its stellar reputation for low prices, Argentinians and Paraguayians frequently cross the border searching for the best offers.

Encarnación – At the border with Argentina, and an excellent spot to start exploring the country’s Southeast since it is close to some beautiful small towns.

Concepción – Located by the Paraguay River in the center of the country, used as a gateway to the river’s beaches.

Typical Paraguayan food to try

The “Soup” of Paraguay, Sopa Paraguaya, is a solid cornmeal soup that is perhaps the only reliable but is worth eating.

Payagua Mascada, which in the local tongue translates to “chewing gum for dogs,” is much better than it sounds. It is a tortilla prepared from meat and cassava.

Among the most well-known street foods in South America is empanadas. The empanada from Paraguay is a fried, breaded pastry filled with either meat or eggs.

Vaccine information for Paraguay

The government advises travelers to get vaccinated against hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, and COVID-19, even though they are not required to enter Paraguay. In addition, no detailed entry requirements for COVID-19 exist, regardless of your immunization status.

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Yes. To enter Paraguay, nationals of India must apply for a visa. Depending on the reason for a visit, an Indian may need a private, tourist, business, or work visa for Paraguay.

Brief stay Visas for Paraguay are often provided for travel-related purposes such as tourism, business, and single, double, or multiple entry. The visa type you need to travel to Paraguay may vary depending on your nationality and how long you expect to stay.

The earliest time to submit a Paraguay visa application is one month before the intended travel date. Ensure to request at least ten days prior to your planned departure date.

In Paraguay, visitors are permitted to remain for 90 days. Therefore, multiple submissions are allowed throughout this time frame.

Yes. Upon request to the federal government of Paraguay, the visa may be extended for an extra 90 days.