Qatar Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Qatar in 2024
Welcome to Qatar

Welcome to Qatar

Qatar is a country that provides a distinctive experience with modern buildings, traditional marketplaces, and beautiful beaches. This location offers the chance to explore Arab customs and culture in ultra-modern cities.

Document checklist for Qatar

  • Valid passport
  • Qatar ETA or Hayya Card
  • Return ticket
  • Sufficient funds

Essential Qatar travel information

Official currency – Qatari Riyal (QAR). $1 is equivalent to approximately QR 3,77.

Daily budget for 1 person – QAR 633 ($174).

Official language – Arabic.

Socket type – 50Hz, 240V supply voltage, types D and G.

Time zone – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (GMT+03:00).

Top 3 cities to visit – Al Khor, Al Rayyan, and Doha.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, and Al Zubarah Fort.

Visa information to visit Qatar

Most tourists can only enter Qatar if they apply for a consular visa. If not, visa-free nations must show a Qatar ETA, an electronic travel permit, upon arrival at the Doha or Hamad International Airports.

Typical costs and budget for Qatar

Daily spending – Around QAR 633 ($174) per person

Meals – QAR 179 ($49)

Transport – QAR 67 ($18)

Hotel – QAR 695 ($191) for two people.

A one-week vacation for two will typically cost QAR 8,862 ($2,434).

The top modes of transportation in Qatar

Even though the residents like driving their pricey sports vehicles, traveling by public transportation in Qatar is simple; the Karwa bus system is cutting-edge and effective. It links Doha with every town; the only drawback is that while buses are allowed to go slower on major highways, they may often need to be more active.

Safety in Qatar

The Global Terrorism Index 2022 ranks Qatar as the safest Arab and Middle Eastern nation. In 2021 and 2022, the Numbeo Crime Index recognized the nation as the safest in the world due to its low crime rates. Petty theft happens occasionally but is not prevalent, and violent crimes are uncommon.

The LGBT+ community, however, is not well-liked in the nation. Being gay is against the law, and sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage is prohibited. In addition, according to local legislation, engaging in sodomy between males is punishable by one to three years in jail and, if you’re a foreigner, deportation.

It is improper to consume alcohol in public, and you cannot import alcohol into the nation. Additionally, there is zero tolerance for crimes involving drugs.

Weather in Qatar

Given that Qatar has a desert environment, you may count on experiencing scorching weather during your vacation when the weather is good and with brighter days. It’s the best time to travel since it seems like spring. This period is from December to February. The season’s typical low and high temperatures range from 14 to 25 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature in the summer, however, is only about 43°C. It is undoubtedly hot and sunny during this season, which lasts from June through August. However, it could be challenging to engage in outdoor activities.

While still hot, spring and autumn are much more bearable than summer. However, it is a nation where you never have to worry about bad weather delaying your plans. On your vacation, you’ll encounter days with a clear sky!

Popular Cities and Towns to Visit in Qatar

Al Wakrah is a typical Arabian town where you may get a sense of traditional culture and Qatar’s medieval past.

Doha – The capital city offers beach and water sports enthusiasts, dunes, and a blue ocean. In addition, you may shop, visit historical museums, and sample local cuisine at restaurants in the city center.

Al Khor was well-known for its pearl-diving industry. It’s an excellent location for leisurely beach days and mangrove exploration.

Must do and see in Qatar

Visit the Al Thakira Mangroves to see how the gray and white mangrove trees have adapted to life in the salty sea.

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art to view its collection, which includes artifacts with a 1,300-year history.

See a performance in the Katara Cultural Village in the Katara Opera House. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra calls it home and performs about 40 concerts yearly.

Typical Qatari food to try

Thareed: This meal is one of the most popular alternatives for breaking the fast during Ramadan. It is a spicy, long-cooked stew with both meat and vegetables.

Majboos is a classic meal made with spiced rice and meat, whether lamb, chicken, or another animal.

Baleelat: This dish has a distinctive flavor that combines sweet and savory elements. It is made of fried vermicelli sweetened with rose water, saffron, and cardamom. A pistachio-topped egg omelet is frequently placed on top of it.

Vaccine information for Qatar

Understanding the necessary regular vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions is critical before departing for Qatar. To learn about all the vaccination needs for traveling to Doha and other cities in Qatar, visit the CDC website.

Fun facts about Qatar

Khor Al Adaid is among the few places on Earth where the sea and the desert collide. As a result, there was a natural reserve established in 2007.

Even the world’s 40,320-foot-long most extended oil well was dug in Qatar. The nation dug its first well in 1939 and began to export crude oil in 1949.

With a GNI of $56,210 per person, it ranks as the ninth-richest nation in the world.

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Yes. For travel to Qatar, all citizens of India need a visa.

A Qatar Tourist and Business e-visa may be applied online.

At least six days and up to ninety days before the day you travel to Qatar is perfect for applying for a visa. To avoid last-minute delays, we advise you to submit your application as soon as possible.

A 3-month validity period applies to both tourist and business e-visas. A tourist e-visa allows for a 30-day stay and a 90-day stay for business travelers.

No. It is not mandatory to visit the consulate or embassy. We will handle your application online because Indian people can receive a Qatar e-visa.