Russia Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Russia in 2024
Welcome to Russia

Welcome to Russia

Moscow and Saint Petersburg, two historic Russian capitals, are popular tourist destinations thanks to their stunning architecture and quaint atmosphere. But this vast nation, which spans eleven time zones and is only 85 kilometers from North America, is much more than that.

With its own culture and spectacular landscapes, including towering mountains, flowing rivers, breathtaking woods, and lovely cities, Russia is a must-see country. This comprehensive guide to traveling in Russia has all the information you require to simplify your vacation preparation, including recommendations, techniques, and advice.

Document checklist to travel to Russia

  • Letter inviting visitors
  • Valid visa for Russia
  • Valid Passport
  • A bank statement demonstrating enough money for the trip
  • Your employer’s statement about your employment and compensation
  • Your birth certificate and marriage license
  • A round-trip flight ticket

Essential Russia travel information

Currency – Russian ruble (₽). $1 is equivalent to approximately ₽62.07.

Daily budget for one person – $76.

Languages – Russian.

Socket type – Types C and F. Russia operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Time zone – Due to its enormous size, Russia has eleven time zones: Moscow Standard Time (GMT +3), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka Standard Time (GMT+12), Magadan Standard Time (GMT+11), Yekaterinburg Standard Time (GMT+5), Vladivostok Standard Time (GMT+10), Yakutsk Standard Time (GMT+9), Irkutsk Standard Time (GMT+8), Krasnoyarsk Standard Time (GMT+7), Samara Standard Time (GMT+4), Kaliningrad Standard Time (GMT+2), Omsk Standard Time (GMT+6).

Top 3 cities to visit – Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kazan.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Visa information for Russia

Local authorities mandate that all nationalities requiring a tourist or business visa submit an invitation letter application before obtaining the standard travel papers required to enter Russia. A health insurance policy is also needed before crossing the Russian border.

Typical costs and budget for Russia

Daily spending per person – $76

Meals – $17

Transport – $6

Entertainment – $18

Hotel – A hotel or hostel room costs around $36 for one person; as a result, a hotel room for a couple costs about $71.

The average cost of a week is $535 for an individual and $1,070 for a pair.

Transport and ways to travel around Russia

Among the most popular ways to tour Russia is by train.

Nicholas began building Russia’s railroad system in 1837, which is now well-advanced. One of the world’s largest rail networks makes nine railway stations available in Moscow. In Russia, trains are the most practical and economical form of transportation.

Due to the nation’s size, flying may be more convenient; moreover, booking a trip to a smaller city may take a lot of work, particularly in Siberia, the North Caucasus, and the Far East. Cruises, the metro, buses, and hydrofoils are additional modes of transportation besides trains and flights.

Safety in Russia

Tourists find Russia to be mostly safe, but small-time crime does occur. Travelers are encouraged to maintain personal security and exercise caution, just as they would in any other nation. Local and Russian authorities advise the following safety measures:

  • Because pickpockets and criminals are known to frequent tourist areas, be on the lookout and never leave your things unattended.
  • Avoid donning anything that will make you stand out as a tourist, such as showy or costly clothing.
  • Avoid going for an alone late-night stroll.
  • Watch out for groups of women and kids who are begging.
  • Never agree to take care of someone else’s belongings for them.
  • Never accept an invitation to a bar or club from someone you just met.
  • Purchase your beverages and keep them close at hand at all times. Drink adulteration is a serious issue.
  • Obey all applicable local laws.

Weather in Russia

The ideal season to visit Russia is in the summer, from June to August when the temperature ranges from 11°C to 23°C and is generally comfortable and not too chilly. On the other side, Russia becomes a winter paradise during the cold season, which lasts from December to February. Unfortunately, the bitter cold discourages tourists.

Popular Cities and Towns in Russia

Russia’s capital is Moscow. The Kremlin and the Red Square are in Moscow, renowned for their luxury and beautiful beauty. Your trip will only be complete with seeing the city’s performing arts, such as opera, ballet, and circus shows.

In the past, Saint Petersburg served as the USSR’s capital and was essential to the Russian government. It now features magnificent cathedrals and exquisite palaces near lovely green gardens. Numerous rivers and canals in the city have gorgeous bridges that are fun to explore and take pictures of.

The Tatars’ capital is Kazan, located on the Volga River. It is one of Russia’s most distinctive tourist destinations. Tall minarets, complex church spires, street signs printed in two languages, and other architectural features can all be found in this city, a melting pot of cultures. Explore places like the magnificent Kazan Kremlin and indulge in the delicious local cuisine.

Must do and see in Russia

Explore the Moscow Kremlin, which houses the Russian government’s buildings, four churches from the 15th and 16th centuries, and several renowned museums. The Armory and the Diamond Fund Exhibition are located on its enormous 250 acres of land.

Discover Saint Petersburg’s beautiful canals by going on a canal tour. With more than 800 bridges and more than 300 kilometers of artificial canals, there is a lot to see, and this is the perfect way to do it.

Eat at Moscow’s Twin Stars Diner, a unique eatery where all the staff members are identical twins. Each set of twins plays out all of their roles while dressing identically. A 1964 Soviet movie served as inspiration for the restaurant’s owner, Alexei Khodorkovsky.

Typical Russian foods to try

Blini are skinny, unsweetened pancakes that can add any filling of your choosing. They are a traditional Russian dish that dates back to the pagan era. Classic pancakes are topped with sour cream, salmon, caviar, or mushrooms. For a sweeter option, try them with condensed milk or berries.

The traditional dumplings known as pelmeni, stuffed with minced meat, onion, and garlic before being cooked, are frequently regarded as a national meal. The dish’s ancestry is fiercely contested because it exists in many nations.

Another classic Russian must-have is sirniki. The tvorog (quark) foundation is combined with flour, eggs, sugar, and vanilla essence to make these fried pancakes. They are soft, creamy in the center, and crisp on the exterior. Jam, honey, sour cream, and other toppings are frequently offered with them.

Vaccine information for Russia

The CDC and local Russian officials encourage all tourists to be fully immunized.

Fun facts about Russia

  1. For the Electronika 60 computer, Alexey Pajitnov created the Tetris game in Russia in 1984.
  2. One of the world’s most hazardous walkways is the 439-meter-long Sochi Skybridge in Russia. It is a pedestrian suspension bridge.
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Yes. Indian citizens require a visa to enter Russia. Indian citizens can seek a visa for Russia at a Russian embassy or consulate. An invitation to Russia is one of the required papers that must be submitted together with other prerequisites to obtain a visa to Russia from India.

You may apply for the visa up to 90 days before your travel.

Yes, a passport original with two blank pages is needed.

We apologize, but visas for tourists or businesses cannot be renewed. A visa extension is a complicated and almost impossible process.

It is not feasible for Indians to obtain a Russian visa while already present in the nation.