Saint Barthelemy Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Saint Barthelemy in 2024
Welcome to Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy

This French-speaking island provides a fantastic fusion of refinement and unsurpassed natural beauty. It is famous for its magnificent beaches, opulent resorts, and dynamic culture. Saint Barthélemy, often known as St. Barts or St. Barths, has become a popular vacation spot thanks to its perfect weather, blue waters, and pleasant ambiance.

Document checklist for Saint Barthelemy

  • Valid Passport
  • A valid visa
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Proof of Funds
  • Health Certificates and Vaccinations

Essential Saint Barthelemy travel information

Currency – The currency of Saint Barthélemy is the Euro (€).

Daily budget for one person:  $600

Languages: The official language of Saint Barthélemy is French.

Socket type – Types C and E. In Saint Barthélemy, the voltage ranges from 220-240 volts and operates at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Time zone – Atlantic Standard Time (AST). (UTC-4).

The top 3 cities/islands to visit are Lorient, Saint-Jean, and Gustavia.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Colombier Beach, Wall House Museum, Gustavia Harbor

Typical costs and budget for Saint Barthelemy

Daily spending –:  $600

Meals – $30 to $80 per person

Transport: Depending on how you plan to travel, a day’s worth of local transit can cost anywhere from $20 to $50.

Hotel: $150 to $500 per night

Travel options in Saint Barthelemy and the finest modes of transportation

Renting a car is a key option for independent exploration of St. Barts. There are several vehicle rental companies on the island, and having a car offers you the flexibility to explore various beaches, eateries, and sights whenever you choose. Remember that the right side of the road is used for driving in St. Barts.

If you don’t want to drive, taxis are easily accessible on the island and offer a simple method to get about. Although taxis in St. Barts are often pricey, they provide a hassle-free mode of transportation. Either agree on the fare upfront or make sure the meter is running.

Exploring the island on a scooter or motorbike rental may be exciting and entertaining. It enables you to go through congested areas and get to remote locations that could be difficult to reach by automobile. However, it’s essential to exercise caution while riding and wear the proper safety gear.

Given the island position of St. Barts, water taxis are a unique and practical means of transportation. They provide transportation between various beaches, nearby islands, and well-known locations along the coast. The Caribbean Sea may be explored, and beautiful sights are enjoyed by taking a water taxi.

Safety in Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy is regarded as a secure travel location. However, to guarantee a trouble-free vacation, it’s crucial to use caution and implement essential safety precautions, just as in any other area. In Saint Barthelemy, keep in mind the following safety advice:

Use hotel safes to keep valuables and vital papers to avoid leaving anything of value unattended.

As the island is known to have dengue fever instances, stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and avoid mosquito bites.

Weather in Saint Barthelemy

A tropical environment with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine permeates Saint Barthelemy’s weather all year.

All year long, St. Barts has pleasant temps. The daily high averages around 28 °C in the winter months, while it rises to about 31 °C in warmer months. The typical low temperature ranges from 23 to 26 degrees Celsius all year round.

There are dry and rainy seasons in St. Barts. The Atlantic hurricane season and the rainy season stretches from May through November. The island receives more rain during this time, and thunderstorms and heavy showers are occasionally possible. Usually, from December to April is the dry season, which has much lesser rainfall.

Must do and see in Saint Barthelemy

Find out about Anse de Colombier, reached by boat or a 30-minute trek. It offers a serene and natural location that is ideal for picnics, swimming, and snorkeling.

Visit St. Jean Beach, one of the island’s most well-known and beautiful beaches. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, turquoise sea, and white beach. The neighboring Gustaf III Airport is where you may see airplanes landing and taking off.

Discover Gustavia: Gustavia is the capital of St. Barts and a quaint harbor town with a blend of French and Caribbean influences. Explore chic shops, stroll along the port, and eat at fine dining establishments.

Typical Saint Barthelemy food to try

Mahi-Mahi: it is a typical fish dish served in St. Barts. Various sauces and salsas made from tropical fruits are frequently filled with it when it is grilled or pan-seared.

These mouthwatering fish fritters, called accras de Morue in St. Barts, are a favorite starter dish. They are deep-fried to a beautifully crisp and made with flour, salted codfish, herbs, and spices.

Lobster: The cuisine of St. Barts is well known for its lobster dishes. A lobster thermidor is a dish in which the lobster is cooked with cheese and a creamy sauce. You may also eat lobster on the grill or in a salad.

Vaccine information for Saint Barthelemy 

Saint Barthelemy adheres to France’s immunization recommendations and requirements as a French overseas territory. Therefore, the Saint Barthelemy COVID-19 immunization program aligns with the French government policy.

The vaccinations given in Saint Barthelemy are manufactured by companies like Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson that have received approval from the European Medicines Agency and the French health authorities.

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In order to go to Saint Barthelemy, all Indian citizens must get a short-stay visa. The kind of visa needed for entry into Saint Barthelemy will vary depending on your country, the intended use of your trip, and the length of your stay.

Applicants are urged to submit their applications three to one month before departure. Three months before the trip is when you may apply.

The maximum time a visitor can stay in Saint Barthelemy is 30 days. A visitor is only permitted to stay in Saint Barthelemy for 180 days each year.

The bearer of a visa with a single entry restriction can only enter and exit Saint Barthelemy once; however, a visa with multiple entry restrictions may permit many entries and exits.

The Saint Barthelemy visa may be used for a trip for leisure and recreation, sports, health reasons, family obligations, educational pursuits, religious travel, or business. Visitors to Saint Barthelemy are not permitted to work while they are there.