Saint Lucia Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Saint Lucia in 2024
Welcome to Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

The gorgeous Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Saint Lucia draws visitors worldwide due to its breathtaking natural settings, hospitable residents, and vibrant culture. Here is a little travel guide to introduce you to this fascinating place:


Document checklist for Saint Lucia

  • Valid Passport
  • A valid visa
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Proof of Funds
  • Health Certificates and Vaccinations

Essential Saint Lucia travel information

Currency – The currency of Saint Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$).

Daily budget for one person:  $150 to $250.

Languages: The official language of Saint Lucia is English.

Socket type – type G. The electrical system of Saint Lucia runs at 240 volts and 50 Hz.

Time zone – Atlantic Standard Time (AST). AST is UTC-4:00.

The top 3 cities/islands to visit are Castries, Gros Islet, and Vieux Fort.

Top 3 landmarks/monuments – Pigeon Island National Landmark, Morne Fortune, Pitons

Typical costs and budget for Saint Lucia

Daily spending –:  $150 to $250 per person.

Meals – $10 to $20 per person

Transport: Depending on how you wish to go, daily costs for local transportation run from $1 to $5 for each trip.

Hotel: $50 to $100 per night

Travel options in Saint Lucia and the finest modes of transportation

An easy way to explore Saint Lucia at your leisure is to rent a car. It allows travelers to explore the island’s many attractions, beaches, and picturesque areas. There are rental vehicle agencies in airports and other tourist destinations.

In Saint Lucia, taxis are widely accessible, especially in and around popular tourist destinations and airports.

Given Saint Lucia’s coastline topography, water taxis offer a distinctive and beautiful method to get about the island. They primarily run along the western shore and are especially helpful for getting to places like Soufrière and the Pitons.

Safety in Saint Lucia

Visitors may usually feel comfortable visiting Saint Lucia, a stunning island nation in the eastern Caribbean. However, to guarantee a comfortable and secure stay, it is crucial to use caution and adhere to fundamental safety procedures. The following safety advice will help you while in Saint Lucia:

  • Avoid going alone into strange or secluded places, especially in distant areas.
  • Passports, money, and technological gadgets should all be kept in hotel safes or concealed within your lodging.
  • Keep valuable jewelry and significant sums of cash hidden from view.
  • Always keep your car locked and in well-lit, safe parking lots.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid going alone at night while taking public transit.

Weather in Saint Lucia

The tropical climate of Saint Lucia has two primary seasons: the dry one and the rainy one.

From December through May occurs, the dry season. The peak travel season in Saint Lucia mainly occurs during this time. The dry season is distinguished by moderate temperatures, decreasing humidity levels, and little or no rainfall. On the other hand, tourists may anticipate plenty of sunshine since the sky is often clear. The typical temperature ranges from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. However, it’s crucial to remember that little showers or passing rainstorms might happen even during the dry season.

The Atlantic hurricane season and Saint Lucia’s rainy season are related. The island sees greater humidity levels and more rain during this period. Although they occur more often, showers and thunderstorms typically don’t continue all day. Also, hurricanes and tropical storms can occur between August and October. During the rainy season, temperatures usually vary from about 26°C to 31°C.

Must do and see in Saint Lucia

Pigeon Island National Park: Situated on a tiny islet close to Saint Lucia’s northernmost point, this historic park provides lovely beaches, hiking paths, and expansive views from Fort Rodney. It’s a fantastic location for picnics, snorkeling, and discovering the island’s past.

Discover Sulphur Springs, the only drive-in volcano in the world. First, you may go on a guided trip to see the hot volcanic vents and boiling mud pools. Then, take the chance to relax in the healing mud baths abundant in minerals.

Marigot Bay: Regarded as one of the Caribbean’s most stunning bays, Marigot Bay offers a lovely setting encircled by verdant hills. Enjoy watersports, unwind on the sand beaches, or indulge at one of the bay’s eateries or bars.

Typical Saint Lucia food to try

A typical Caribbean cuisine, callaloo is prepared from leafy greens, usually dasheen or taro leaves, and is cooked with okra, coconut milk, onions, garlic, and different seasonings.

Saint Lucia’s national dish is green fig with saltfish. Unripe bananas are boiled and served with salted codfish prepared with onions, peppers, and spices as “green fig.” Fried plantains and an avocado side dish are frequently filled with it.

The delectable appetizer or snack known as “accra” is prepared with salted codfish combined with flour, onions, peppers, and herbs. A ball of the mixture is made and deep-fried until golden and crispy.

Vaccine information for Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has been running a COVID-19 vaccine program to safeguard its populace from the virus. In Saint Lucia, only vaccinations certified by strict regulatory bodies or by the WHO are given.

It’s important to use official sources to get the most recent information, as the specific vaccinations offered and the eligibility requirements may change over time. Information about the vaccine rollout, such as facts on priority groups, vaccination facilities, and appointment scheduling, may be found in the Saint Lucia Ministry of Health and Wellness.

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Indian nationals who want to go to Saint Lucia for pleasure, business, or education must have a current passport and get a current visa for Saint Lucia.

The earliest time to apply for a Saint Lucia visa is two months before the intended travel date. It is advised to submit all visa applications two weeks before departure to give enough time for processing.

Indian citizens may obtain a single entrance or multiple entry visa through the Saint Lucia Embassy. A multiple-entry visa is valid for a year, but a single-entry visa is only suitable for three months.

The bearer of a visa with a single entrance restriction can only enter and exit Saint Lucia once; however, a visa with multiple entry restrictions may allow repeated entries.

Typically, processing a visa takes three to five working days. However, expedited visas are available within one day at a higher cost.