Singapore Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Singapore in 2024
Welcome to Singapore

Welcome to Singapore

Singapore is a small but formidable city-state with stunning architecture, mouthwatering food, lush greenery, world-class shopping, a varied population, and cutting-edge innovation. It attracts tourists and business travelers alike.

With helpful advice, this comprehensive Singapore travel guide will help you.

Document checklist for Singapore

  • Visa (if applicable)
  • At least 6 months valid passport from entry date with two blank pages
  • Sufficient funds to cover your trip
  • Return or onward ticket

Essential Singapore travel information

Currency – Singapore dollar(S$). It costs about S$1.30 for the equivalent of one dollar.

Daily budget for 1 person – S$ 168 ($124).

Languages – Tamil, Mandarin, Malay, and English are Singapore’s four official languages.

Socket type – 50Hz, 230V supply voltage, and Types C, G, and M.

Time zone – Singapore Standard Time (GMT+8).

The top 3 landmarks/monuments are Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and Buddha’s Tooth Relic Temple.

Visa information for Singapore

Most visitors don’t need a visa to visit Singapore. However, the Singapore visa application process has been made more straightforward overall thanks to e-visa.

Typical costs and budget for Singapore

Daily spending – S$ 168 ($124) per person.

Meals – S$ 30 ($22) for three meals daily.

Transport – local transportation may cost up to S$ 11 ($9) per day.

Hotel – For a pair, a hotel in Singapore costs an average of S$106 ($80).

The typical cost of a weeklong trip for two persons to Singapore is S$1725 ($2300).

Transport and best ways to travel around Singapore

Singapore’s public transportation system is quick and effective, making it simple to reach notable sights. Most attractions are accessible by foot from a bus or railway station because of the extensive network of routes provided by the MRT train and bus systems (Mass Rapid Transit).

Safety in Singapore

Despite being one of the safest nations in Asia, Singapore, standard measures should be taken. For example, keep your belongings handy or in a safe place at your lodging because petty theft is a prevalent type of crime. In addition, any journey should always be preceded by purchasing travel insurance.

Singapore’s red-light district is called Geylang. While not dangerous, most women stay away from this neighborhood at night to avoid unwanted attention. However, as it is also well-known for its neighborhood eateries and affordable street food, it is a safe location to explore in a group.

Weather in Singapore

Singapore is a year-round vacation destination, although the ideal months are December through June. Singapore’s dry season, which lasts from February to April, often features the slightest rain, the lowest humidity, and the most incredible sunlight.

Carry an umbrella during the monsoon season, which lasts from November to January, in case of unexpected tropical downpours.

Must do and see in Singapore

Jewel Changi Airport: Before leaving Singapore, it is advisable to be at the airport early. A seven-story indoor waterfall and forest called The Jewel are a Rain Vortex was created to make layovers more pleasant.

The recognizable, ship-shaped Marina Bay Sands structure has a Michelin-starred restaurant, a hotel, a SkyPark, an ArtScience Museum, and a mall.

Gardens by the Bay is a well-known tourist destination in Singapore with a beautiful collection of plants, a treetop walk, a 114-foot indoor waterfall, and the Cloud Forest Conservatory, which uses cutting-edge technology to replicate the ecosystem of the tropical highlands.

Typical Singapore food to try

Poached chicken and seasoned rice make up Hainanese chicken rice, garnished with cucumber slices and chili sauce. There are several options you might attempt when traveling. Immigrants from Hainan in southern China invented it and introduced it to Singapore.

Chili crab is a favorite seafood dish in Singapore among locals and visitors. Mud crabs are deep-fried in gravy, which is sweet, delicious, and hot. It is often regarded as Singapore’s national dish.

Laksa: This delicious native noodle soup is ideal for gloomy days. It contains spices and coconut milk.

Vaccine information for Singapore

Before making travel plans, it’s critical to understand which regular vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions are needed to enter Singapore. To find out more about the suggested vaccine schedule and travel advice, we advise you to visit the CDC website.

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If you aren’t a citizen of a country that doesn’t require visas, you’ll need a Singapore visit visa to visit Singapore. The Singaporean government has made applying for a Singapore visa online simple and hassle-free, enabling you to do it comfortably. For example, get an Indian visa to Singapore in about 4 days with our help.

It takes approximately three or four days to process a visa for Singapore. This does not include the submission day, weekends, or legal holidays. Some applications, however, can require more time to process. Therefore, submitting an online Singapore visa application at least two weeks before the anticipated departure date is advised.

Yes. Due to the hassle-free computerized system that has simplified the visa process, obtaining a Singapore tourist visa from India is straightforward. Application candidates receive their Singapore visas online, which they must print out, passports, and other required documentation to accompany them.

No. Obtaining a visit visa for Singapore is a relatively simple process. To get a visa, you must apply to one of the authorized agencies, which will process it online.